How to Renew an Expired Passport

4 months

Following the vaccination rollout, the State Department and many businesses began operations. As per the latest research by GBTA, business travel is slowly coming up. Particularly for service/installation-oriented, trips are booming in the US.

At the same time most, countries demand at least six months of US passport validity at the time of travel. So, keep a valid passport. Do not wait for tomorrow. Do it now! 

On our chat, we get more queries about the passport renewal. One among the common queries is, 

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Can I renew my expired passport?

Of course, you can. State Department has resumed their passport service, and you can apply for renewal if you fall under the below conditions.

Check the conditions and apply for the passport renewal right now. Click2Visas provides an easy and efficient way to apply for passport renewal. Are you curious to know How to renew an expired passport in Click2visas? Keep reading.

Eligibility for Passport Renewal:

It is good to check your eligibility before you proceed with the renewal. Not everyone is eligible for a passport renewal. Let’s first check the conditions to make sure you fit in the passport renewal eligibility group. 

  • Do you have your passport with you to submit with your application?
  • Is your passport undamaged other than normal tear?
  • Did you receive your passport when you were 16 or older?
  • Are you sure that the passport was issued within the last 15 years?
  • Does the passport hold your current name? 

You can apply for renewal online if your answer is ‘Yes’ to all the above conditions.

If your answer is ‘No’ to any one or all of the above conditions, you will not be able to apply for renewal by mail. Instead, you can visit the passport acceptance facility in person and apply for a new passport.

Here is the quickest way to renew Your Passport:

  • Fill the Passport Renewal Form (DS 82) Online
  • Add your Expired Passport and other documents
  • Attach a Passport Photo to the Application
  • Calculate the Passport Renewal Fee
  • Mail your Passport Renewal Application
  • Check passport renewal status

Fill the Passport Renewal Form (DS 82) Online:

One of the easiest ways to apply for passport renewal is to apply online. DS-82 is the passport application renewal form. You can find the form online. The form is downloadable but very time-consuming and hectic at the same time. So, apply for passport renewal online and save time. The wonder of this technology is that it is user-friendly and accessible from anywhere, from any device. 

Firstly, let me brief you on number of ways you can fill the form.

PDF Form:

Download the DS-82 PDF form from the State Department website and fill it manually.

State Department Online Form Filler: 

You can use the State Department Online form filler to fill your passport renewal application online. But the process will be pretty tricky as, based on your input, a different form will generate

Tips to fill the Online form filler:

  • Form filler will generate different forms as per your requirements.
  • It is mandatory to fill in your Social Security Number in the form.
  • If you fail to give your SSN, your application may be delayed or rejected. The State Department imposes 500$ fine.
  •  If the state government hasn’t issued an SSN yet, kindly make a note and sign it.
  • Submit the declaration to apply for the renewal.

Click2Visas Form: 

Customized and user-friendly passport application form. 

You may be surprised how Clik2visas online form can be different from others. Well, yes, we work to make things simple for you. In most sites, including State Department form filler, the form is very lengthy. Who likes to fill a long-form? I personally hate filling lengthy forms.  

In Click2visas, we have developed an automated technology to fill the form. Our forms are customized and user-friendly. You don’t have to spend your busy work time or quality time with family in filling your passport application forms. And, trust me, it is very user-friendly.

Add your Expired Passport and other documents:

You need to submit your most recent expired passport along with your application. You may need to submit additional documents in some instances, For example:

If you want to change the name in your new passport, you must submit the extra documents like

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Any Court order related to the name change

Attach the Passport Photo to the Application:

Staple your recent photograph to the passport expiry renewal application. If you don’t have any, please take one as per State department requirements. Check the detail of passport requirements here.

How do I staple my photo in the passport renewal form?

  • Use four staples vertically in the corners as close as possible to the outer edges.
  • Please do not fold your photograph.
  • Make sure your photo satisfies all the requirements.

Calculate the Passport Renewal Fee:

Based on the passport type and service you choose, the fee might vary. You cannot make cash payments. You can either pay your fee by checks and money orders in favor of the “US Department of State.”

Mail your Passport Renewal Application:

This is the final stage. Take an envelope, add the below documents and post it.

  • Your signed passport renewal form.
  • Your recently expired passport.
  • Money orders or checks.

Write the passport acceptance center/agency address in the envelope and post it. You must mail your renewal application and supporting documents via the United States Postal Service (USPS).

How does Click2visas work? 

Did you read how processing a renewal for an expired passport works? Now, let me explain how Click2Visas’ passport service works. 

Once you raise a request for passport expiry renewal with us, you will receive an envelope/package within a short time from Click2visas. The envelope will contain the following, 

  • Your passport renewal application form
  • An envelope addressed to the passport acceptance center/agencies.

Now all you need to do is,

  • Take the renewal application from the envelope, sign it.
  • Place the form, checks/money orders, your most recent expired passport, and other documents (if any) in the envelope. You need to add these to the envelope that has the passport acceptance center address.
  • Post the envelope via USPS.

Your job is to sign the form, add the documents to the envelope and send it. Our process is always simple; it will save most of your time. Visit Click2Visas and raise your passport renewal request. If you have any queries about the Click2Visas process and other details, ping us anytime. We have a 24/7 online chat service. Our response is rapid.

Check the status of your passport renewal:

To check the status, you must wait for 6 weeks. State Department mandates the waiting period. After 6 weeks, the status will be available. You can check the status online, or via phone, or chat. Click here to know, how to check the passport renewal status?

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