How to Renew Child Passport?

3 years

Traveling with children is more fun and joy. Children love to explore the world, and yes! They learn a lot and teach us more. Have you planned on a family tour?
Traveling the globe starts with a single document: The passport.
First of all, did you know that a child’s passport has a five-year validity period? Whereas Adult passports have a ten-year validity period, it is quite normal for parents to fail to renew their child passports when they expire.
Check for the expiry date on your child passport. Has it passed its expiration date? Does it have a six-month expiration date? In such cases, you have to renew or apply for the child passport.
Secondly, where can you get a new or renew child passport? What is the procedure for obtaining their passport? You will be confronted with questions like these. Click2Visas explains everything about obtaining a new passport or renewing a child passport, including the application process, prices, and passport services.

Concept of application form to get a new american passport

Is it Possible to renew a child passport?

Renewing a child’s passport is the same as obtaining a new passport. And, you must apply for a new child passport. Do you know the conditions for a child to get a new passport?
Read the hints below,

  • Your child is under the age of 16 years.
  • Your child previously held a US passport.
  • A child whose passports have expired or are about to expire must appear with both parents at a passport acceptance office.

Click2Visas provides a renewal passport service now. In this blog, you will find details about “how to apply for a new passport”

How to apply for a child passport?

Don’t worry. Do you have to apply for a new passport? It’s easy. Follow the steps here:

  • Complete the DS-11 new children’s Passport Application Form (fill out the form but don’t sign it until you present it to a passport agency.)
  • Proof of Citizenship for Children (Birth Certificate issued by City, County, or State of birth).
  • Parental Relationship Evidence.
  • Both parents should appear with the child and have parental consent if only one parent is applying.

Photograph requirements for Child passport:

  • Two recent passport photos are needed.
  • 2 x 2 photo for passport
  • The photo should be taken within the past six months.
  • Color photograph is acceptable (black and white photos are no longer accepted)
  • Front view of the whole face with a simple white or off-white backdrop
  • The size of the head varies between 1 and 1-3/8 inches.
  • Your eyes must be no more than 1-3/8 inch from the photo’s bottom edge and no less than 1-1/8 inch from the edge.
  • If you’re printing a digital picture, it must have a resolution of at least 300 pixels per inch (PPI) and be 600 by 600 pixels in size.
  • Casual dressing photos are not accepted.

Do you match the above requirements with your Photograph? If no, don’t worry. You can mail your photo to us. Click2Visas will take care of your photograph process as per the requirements.

New Child Passport Fee:

Here’s what you’ll have to pay for a child under the age of 16:
• The processing fee for a child passport is 80 USD, and the execution fee is 35 USD.
• You’ll have to pay a USD 60 expedite fee if you need your passport in three weeks or less.

Submit Your Application:

You and your child must submit your completed form, including proof of citizenship, Photograph, identity card, and fee, in person at the Passport Acceptance Facility.
If you are traveling soon, your child may be eligible to apply in person at the Passport Agency.

Processing Time:

1.      Routine Time: 18 weeks.

2.      Expedited Time: 12 weeks.

  • Center or Agency: Minimum number of appointments: Must have international travel within the next 72 (seventy-two) hours.

If you choose the quick service, we recommend sending your application using USPS Preferred Mail Express.

Track Your Application Status:

You can check your application status online or by phone. You will need the following information:
• Last Name.
• Include suffixes (ex. Jones III, Patton Jr, etc.).
• Include hyphens as appropriate (ex. Jackson-Smith).
• Date of Birth (Month/Date/Year).
• Last Four Digits of Social Security Number.

Who is eligible to renew a passport?

Every citizen living in America with a valid passport is eligible for the online passport renewal service. However, it would be best if you met some additional conditions:

  • You must be at least 16 (sixteen) years old.
    • A valid passport is required.
    • Ensure that your passport is in good working order.
    • The expiration date of your passport should not be more than 15 (fifteen) years.
    • The name on the passport and the name on the ID must match.

When it comes to international travel, understanding what sorts of paperwork and passport you’ll need and how long it’ll take to get them is important. If you’re a first-time foreign traveler or a seasoned traveler, getting a new passport or renewing an expired one will take longer and entail more paperwork than you think. But Click2Visas provides a step-by-step guide to getting your passport on time. You don’t have to stress about the passport because we will take care of your passport renewal procedures.

How Click2Visas helps you to renew your passport?

Are you traveling for the first time? Wondering what a passport is? Are you wondering whether the country you want to travel to requires a passport? Can I get a passport online? These are just less amount of the questions that may be on your mind right now. Don’t worry. Click2Visas will help you. Let us clarify your queries and doubts regarding your passport and give you more insights into it.
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Apply for your passport as soon as possible before the trip. This will avoid headaches and save you money. So HURRY UP! We love to serve you and get to know you! We are fortunate to have so many amazing customers.

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