The best approach on where to get a Passport Photo

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Did you know? According to statistics, the passport photo is the main reason for applications to be denied. Are you trying to take a proper passport photo to avoid costly delays? The routine passport process takes 18 weeks (includes up to 12 weeks processing and 6 weeks mailing on front and back end). If your passport picture is rejected, it may take another few weeks before your passport is ready.

The Department of State does not provide details about what happens during the passport processing stage. But several travelers have reported being asked to resubmit images after State Department rejected their initial submissions. If photo is the only issue with your application, it’ll likely be put on hold until the NPIC receives a good photo.

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Applying for a passport renewal is often a lengthy and pricey method. The standard renewal processing takes 18 weeks (includes up to 12 weeks processing and 6 weeks mailing on front and back end) (or 12 weeks (includes up to 6 weeks processing and 6 weeks mailing on front and back end) if expedited). The price to renew your passport is quite $110 within the US. Please do not make the renewal process longer or even more expensive by breaking any passport photo rules.

Click2Visas can help you to make a good passport photo to avoid application errors and delays. Check our website today and chat with our team of passport advisors if you wish to have your passport photo quick.

Where is the best place to get passport photos taken?

There are many different places you can go to get passport photographs made. You can also do it without anyone’s help. The significant thing is to ensure your passport photograph meets the strict State Department rules. The passport office can dismiss your photograph for many reasons. Here are some places where you can take your passport photo.

Taking your photo

You can take your passport images with a smartphone and the proper APP. You have to make certain that you have a white background. Also, it’s generally best to have another person take the picture for you.


  • It is almost free of cost.
  • You can take as many pictures as you like.
  • You can also print multiple copies, for example, by visiting Walgreens.
  • Many free Passport Apps that are set to meet the State Department complex passport photo rules.


  • Taking your passport photo is certainly possible, but it can be pretty time-consuming.
  • There’s always the possibility that something won’t be done exactly right. You could make some minor mistakes without your knowledge which leads to rejection of passport applications.
  • Taking photos at home is most suitable for minor applicants.
  • There is no guarantee that the photos will be accepted. It is up to the passport officer who processes your application.

Passport Photo Online

You can get a passport photo online but do your homework first. Choose a renowned company because your application will be turned down if the resolution is too low or the poor quality print paper. It is simple to print a passport photo online. There is a high chance that the State Department may reject your passport application because your online print does not meet their requirements.

Passport photos are available at Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, and several other drugstore chains. For two prints, the cost is typically about $15. There is no promise that your picture will comply with the passport photo requirements. You may not like how it looks. Even so, the majority of people choose this choice.


  • The photographer has enough training and is aware of all the unique needs for passport photos.
  • Drug stores offer immediate gratification because the pictures will be ready few minutes.


  • This choice is more costly than doing it yourself; retakes cost additional, and picture quality varies.
  • To get pictures that match with US Passport Agency regulations, babies and toddlers can need several retakes, and the prices will add up quickly.
  • No options for home delivery.

Post Office Passport Photos

Several post offices around the country are also passport acceptance facilities. Some also have photo services.


  • Employees at the post office are familiar with the approval criteria for passport images.
  • You can have your picture taken and offer up your application all at once, which saves your time and money.


  • You need to book an appointment. It is sometimes difficult to get an appointment.
  • Some nearby post offices may not have passport photo options. You need to check before you call them.

Photos by Professional Photographers

Passport photo services are available at several professional photography studios.


  • Since the person on the other side of the camera is a full-time professional photographer, you’ll possibly get more precise and desirable passport images.
  • Professional photographers can achieve better results with babies because they have significant experience squeezing good photos from small children.


  • Fees differ by the studio; expect to pay much more than you will at the post office.

What Click2Visas say about Passport Photo Online?

So far, you have read about various places to take your passport photo. You also understand the benefits and drawbacks. We believe that this article has provided you with more information to help you make better decisions when printing passport images. Here are the good reasons for selecting Click2Visas for your passport photos.

  • At a low cost, you can get your passport photographs. We are punctual in our editing and delivery.
  • Government organizations have given it a 99.9% approval rating.
  • We give a guarantee like Face-to-photo ratio, eye orientation, head height, and other factors.
  • Before editing, we double-check your images and, if necessary, request you to upload a new one.
  • We retouch your picture and adjust the context to comply with the passport photo rules.
  • At 300 dpi, you can print high-resolution images, which is suitable for professional printing.
  • We ensure your privacy and protection with improved security tools and stringent policies.

what are the passport services you can avail with Click2visas?

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