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How much does a usps passport photo costs at the post office?

2 months


If you get your US passport for the first time, at your local post office ads, you might have seen signs that they accept passport applications, with some even taking on-site passport pictures. When it comes to flying, leaving it until the last minute never pays. Much as the difference between booking a flight the day before departure and a few months before departure can be important, so can delay the application for your passport even if there is a post office from around the corner that really can approve your applications. If you know you’re going to fly abroad in the immediate or distant future, think about making sure all your travel information is up to date before stopping by a regional passport center; the USPS office can be a huge saver of money. Here are some of the usps passport photo costs at the Post Office associated with passport applications.

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How much do I need to pay to apply for a passport?

Passport applications approved through the post office are no different from those that you might do via the mail from home, with two differences: certain places will take passport pictures, and first-time applicants are required to apply by phone so that a USPS employee verifies their ID and witnesses them signing Form DS-11.

Regional US passport agencies normally collect 35 USD for first-time US passport applicants, and those seeking renewals need to apply in person, and they need to pay the execution fee. The post office is no different because this is called a “post office acceptance fee.” Two passport-sized portraits are available for $15 via the post office (at some locations).

What if I need to have my passport earlier?

Passport applications sent to the post office are still going through the mail, and it is one of the slowest ways to obtain a new or renewed US passport. At the same time, overnight delivery envelopes are available, as is expedited processing. If you are desperate to get your application approved within the same business day, officially approved passport agencies across the USA will do this as soon as possible. Visit the nearest passport agencies or make the appointment through the National Passport Information Center for the details procedure to speed up the passport application. You can book an appointment by either calling the automated appointment system or via the USA online passport appointment system.

How do I pay passport fees at a local Post Office facility?

  • Double separate payments for passport services are required. One is an application fee provided to the State Department; the second is an acceptance fee payable directly to the Postal Service:
  • The filing fee and any other charges payable to the “US State Department.”
    • Checks (personal, licensed, cashier, traveler’s), and orders for money.
    • Credit cards and debit cards NOT acceptable.
  • $35 Entry fee Payable separately to “Postmaster.”
    • Money orders.
    • Personal checks.
    • Debit or credit cards.

How can I find lost passport details, mistakes, fees, expedited processing, and refunds?

  • Report immediately a stolen or lost passport to protect yourself from identity theft.
  • Specific information about how to alter or correct passport details can be accessed during a visit to the State Department website.
  • Expedited processing
    • For more information on Having a Passport in a Rush, find a Regional Passport Agency or contact the National Passport Information Centre.
    • Service Commitment- If you pay for Expedited Service and do not obtain your passport within 2-3 weeks of applying (assuming two-way Priority Mail Express ® service is selected), you can send a request for a refund to the United States Department on Expedited Service Bill.

Will I receive my new passport and documents back in one envelope?

  • Non-Refundable Fees

The processing fee for a passport and the execution fee is non-refundable. They are legally obtained and kept even though a passport is not issued.

  • Service Commitment
  • Whether you pay with Expedited Service and do not receive your passport within 2-3 weeks of applying (assuming two-way Priority Mail Express ® service is selected), you may apply for a refund with the United States Department on the bill for accelerated service.
  • Mailing Requirements 

Every Acceptance Facilities shall use USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate (EP14F) OR USPS Priority Mail Express Flat Rate (EP13F) envelopes when sending passport applications to the State Department. No other type of trackable mail will be permitted for applications to post passports.

How do I apply for a new US passport with USPS?

At Post Office locations around the US, you may apply for a first-time passport.


To identify a Post Office service in which you can apply for a passport or take a photo of your passport at an additional charge.


You need to have several documents, including Passport Application Form DS-11, to apply for a first-time passport.

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How much at USPS is a passport photo?

The USPS passport photo cost is $15, but if you print it in Walgreens, Costco, Rite Aid, or Walmart as a 4×6 inch photo, you will get it for less than $0.35

May I get a picture of my passport at USPS?

Yeah, at a USPS office, you can get a passport photo. Still, it’ll be a better option to get the passport photo template online and then only have it printed as a 4×6 inch photo at a local photocopying facility.

How to get a photo of your passport at USPS?

You can go to the USPS office to get a $15 passport photo, or you can save some money by taking a digital passport photo and then print it out for less than $0.35 in Walmart, Costco, Walgreens, or Rite Aid.

How much on USPS is a 2×2 photo?

US passport photo at USPS costs $15. Still, with a better photo editing app, you can save money on getting the passport photo in digital format and then easily print it as a 4×6 inch photo for less than 35 cents in, for example, Walmart, Walgreens, or Costco Rite Aid

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