USA Passport Renewal vs. New Passport

2 years

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USA Passport Renewal vs. New Passport

Even if you lose your passport or change your name, you will need to change your passport if you want to travel.

But, are you renewing your old passport or getting a new one?

Well, it depends on your passport requirements.

On this page, we will look at two methods in obtaining a new passport. We will highlight the differences and similarities between each application process.

Let’s get started.

USA Passport Renewal vs. New Passport: When to apply:

When to apply for USA Passport Renewal?

If you are subjected to the condition, you may renew your passport,

  • You were 16 years old or older when you first got your passport.
  • It is in your legal name, or you have legal documents to support the name change.
  • Your passport was issued 15 years ago.
  • Your passport is undamaged, and you have it.

Keep in mind that you can’t apply for a passport renewal for any child under the age of 16. These passports are not renewable. Similarly, if your passport has been kept for more than 15 years, it cannot be renewed. At this point, it is legal to change your passport.

When to apply for a New US Passport?

If you meet the requirements below, you can apply for a new passport.

  • If you had never owned a passport.
  • In case your passport is lost or damaged.
  • You got your first passport when you were under 16 years old.
  • If you have kept your passport for more than 15 years.
  • You changed your name but did not have the required supporting documents.
  • You are applying for a child under 16 years of age.

It’s important to remember you can apply for a new passport even if you already have one. If your passport is damaged, stolen, or lost, you will need to use a new passport application. Another common reason you should use the new passport application form if you have a passport is if you change your name but do not have legal proof.

USA Passport Renewal vs. New Passport: Passport Requirements:

The first difference between applying for a new passport and a passport renewal is that you have to fill out different forms.

New passports require a DS-11 form, and passport renewal requires a DS-82 form.

Another big difference between a new passport and a passport renewal is that you must provide documentation for any name changes.

If you have changed your name legally, you will need documentation to prove it. Otherwise, you’ll need to fill out a new passport form if you are unable to provide the correct documents.

Another difference is that you have to submit your old passport with the passport renewal application.

Required Documents for New Passport:

Below are the documents required for a new passport application

  • Form DS – 11.
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship.
  • Photo ID provided by the government.
  • Color passport photo (not more than six months).
  • Payment of fees.

Required Documents for USA Passport Renewal:

Below are the documents required for the passport renewal application:

  • Passport Renewal Application DS-82.
  • Replace name verification documents if necessary.
  • Old passport.
  • Color passport photo (not more than six months).
  • Payment of fees.

USA Passport Renewal vs. New Passport: Submission:

New passports and passport renewals also have different types of submissions.

You can submit the documents for your renewal application anytime, from anywhere. There are minimum restrictions, and you are also allowed to sign the DS – 82 form from home.

This means that your renewal application will be submitted to the U.S. or will be shipped to the US from anywhere in the world.

The new passport application has stricter restrictions than passport updates.

The first difference is that the DS – 11 form required for new passport applications cannot be signed at home. If you sign it at your home, you will need to fill out a new application form.

The application form should be signed in the presence of the authorized agent at the approved submission point.

After signing your application, you will need to submit your application and all required documents. This means that you have to plan and make an appointment at the designated submission point to submit your new passport application.

Passport Renewal vs. New Passport: USA Passport Fee:

The final stage difference between the two applications is the price. The passport renewal application is cheaper than new passport applications.

A new passport application costs USD 110, and the execution fee is USD 35. Passport renewal, on the other hand, is only USD 110. Since there is no connection with the official shipping station, you do not have to pay the execution fee.

Now you should have no worries about getting your new passport at your fingertips.

After this article, you have all the information you need to choose which approach is best for you. Passport renewal is even easier with Click2Visas.

Click2Visas Works:

You’re in for a treat! Adults can renew their passports with Click2Visas. The procedure is short and quick. However, Click2Visas does not currently provide a new passport service. This passport service will be available shortly; stay tuned for additional information on New Passport Services.

Sign in Click2Visas, and enter the details, and upload the required documents and submit the Request.

Within 2 to 4 days, you will receive a kit from Click2Visas. The Kit from Click2Visas holds:

What next?

  • Your passport renewal application form with your photo stapled on it.
  • An envelope addressed to expedited passports via passport facility.

Sign the passport renewal form and make the check or money order ready. Put the form, money orders/checks, and your expired passport in the envelope. Mail it. 

Send the form to the Passport facility via USPS priority mail express. Do not worry about the payment and address. Checks/money order covers your expedited fee. And the envelope is already addressed to the Passport facility. Just post it and wait for the renewed passport. After verifying your application and documents, your passport will be renewed in 12 weeks.

You will receive your passport after being processed. Enjoy your journey.

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