Guidelines for how to change passport name

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Passports must always bear your current legal name in mind. When you changed your name because of marriage or other life events, your passport will change. The name on your ticket and passport will suit you to prevent any travel disturbances. So, it is essential to know how to change the passport name. When your passport is less than a year old, you can change your name for free. Complete Form DS-5504 passport application and mail it to the address specified in the form. If you had a passport more than a year earlier, to change your name, you would be required to go and renew your passport. To continue, fill out Form DS-82 for passport renewal. Please submit it to the address indicated in the form.

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What are the documents I need if my passport is less than one year?

Your present US passport is valid. Legal documentation to back up demands for a change of names, such as a copy of your marriage certificate or court order that relates to the change. Submit either the original or a certified copy, and not a photocopy—one photo of a new passport. When you need to change your passport name within one year of issuance, you must apply the ds-5504 form.

What are the documents I need if my passport was issued more than one year?

Your present, undamaged passport. One new photo of your passport. Legal evidence supports your request for a name change, such as a marriage certificate or court order. You are expected to submit the Form DS-82, Passport Renewal Application by mail. This is very similar to the DS-5504, and the questions that are posed in this form are very similar.

What about the fee and processing time for this process?

If you have less passport than a year old, The State Department will gratuitously correct passports that are less than one year old. When you need your new passport within the next six weeks, however, it is a good idea to go ahead and pay the $60 expedite fee. This would reduce the processing time to approximately three weeks if your passport was issued more than one year ago. You must pay $140 of check or money order.

What are the photo requirements for change a name in a US passport?

  • Photography of color 
  • Taken over the last six months 
  • No eyeglasses (If you are required to wear glasses for medical reasons, you will need to submit a signed declaration with your application from a medical professional) 
  • 2 x 2 inches 
  • It is advisable for infants and young children to have someone take a photograph (photo booth photos may not be accepted). Children’s eyes are not required.

What will I do if I cannot prove my name change?

Some people, both US-based and foreign nationals, cannot provide evidence of their name change for various reasons. But on the passport, they will still get their name changed. For this purpose, USCIS has a different form, and that is Form DS-11.

All the details that you will be asked for are the same as in the DS-5504 and DS-82 scenario. But if you explicitly request this form, you will be asked to appear in person at a specified USCIS office to confirm the explanation you cannot prove your change of name.

  • Required DS-11 documents 
  • Passport Book or Passport Card revised. 
  • Passport-size latest photo 
  • At least three government-issued public records with clearly identified date, place of birth, and name. The name would have been in use for a minimum of five years.

How to renew form DS-82 by mail?

To renew your US passport, you must apply DS-82 to that effect. While submitting this form for renewal purposes, select the appropriate boxes in the application. You can run into errors when submitting such forms online, and specific data may not be approved by the portal. If this continues, you can download the form, complete it, and send it offline.

May I post or submit online in my application for children? 

No, applicants under 16 years of age are not eligible for posts in their applications for passports. The State Department also currently does not have the opportunity to send applications for passports online.

If a passport with data error has been given, how do I fix it? 

Whether the passport is still valid, a passport issued with a data error (e.g., name, sex or place of birth), or a printing error (e.g., missing details on the biographical tab, discoloration, distorted printing, etc.) may be corrected at no price. Fill out Form DS-5504. Send your passport, one color photo, and proof of the form by e-mail.

I have a passport, but I have changed the address. Do I need to update my passport? 

No, you do not need a new address to update your current passport. If, however, you have a passport application already underway. 

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What if my child and my last names are different? 

You and your child can have different last names, as long as your full name is mentioned in the parental relation document. If your name on the parental relationship document has changed from that, please submit proof of your change of legal name (e.g., marriage certificate or court order).

My photo is terrible in my passport. May I change it? 

If your picture has a wicked look due to a printing error on our site, you can use Form DS-5504 to reapply to you at no cost. 

If your photo is printed correctly, and you simply dislike your photo, you can reapply using Form DS-82 (if eligible). You have to pay for the usual rates.

What if my application for name change in my passport gets delayed?

In most of the cases, your passport name change, or renewal will be completed, and you will get your passport delivered. If you face any delay in renewing your passport, that may be because of wrong, unclear information and documents submitted. In such cases, contact the issuing authorities to know about the delay in the process.

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