Enhance your US Passport Photo with these tips

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Clicking pictures is always fun and exciting. Wherever we go, we try to freeze our memories. Have you had a portfolio shoot with different costumes and hairdo? Or maybe that’s normal for you…We normally use varied backgrounds and flatter the pictures with angles with no rules to follow.


It is not the same with passport photos. You got to follow many rules. If you fail even in one criterion, it will lead to passport application rejection. Every single step must be restarted. You will have to re-apply your passport request and also should pay the required government fee again. Oops! That’s Scary!

Getting a passport approved from the US State Department isn’t unreasonably simple. There are strict guidelines you need to follow to get your passport. We want you to know the number of passport applications the State Department dismisses only because of photograph errors.

Enhance your US Passport Photo with these tips

In the year 2019 alone, there were over half a million 1,000,000 dismissed applications. These dismissals are because of inaccurate passport photographs.

No more stress with passport photos. Click2Visas is here with US passport photo tips and the common mistakes.

What are US passport photo requirements?

The State Department has the following rules,

  • Full-color photos only.
  • US passport photo exact size is 2″ x 2″ with a head measuring between 1″ and 1 3/8″ from chin bottom to head top.
  • Recent (6 months) photo with high resolution.
  • White or off-white background and use matte or glossy quality paper.
  • Direct camera facing full-face view. No face coverings or mask. You may wear them due to Covid. But those should not block portions of your face. Hence, remove them when taking pictures.
  • Neutral facial expression with open eyes and natural smile.
  • No head coverings or any hats. If you wear them for religious reasons, you need to provide a signed statement that confirms it’s necessary for traditional or religious reasons. Remember to attach a doctor’s report with your application if you need to wear a head covering for clinical purposes.

Nonetheless, a head covering can’t obscure or cover any part of the face, including the hairline. It likewise can’t make shadows on your face or the background. This implies that some conventional clothing won’t be permitted, even after you give a valid explanation.

More Requirements

  • No facial shadows.
  • No uniforms.
  • Strictly no eyeglasses. But if you wear it for medical reasons, you need to submit a signed note from your doctor along with your passport application.
  • No holes, creases, or smudges and should be undamaged.
  • No selfies.
  • Should not have any headphones or any hand-free devices.
  • If you wear any jewelry or facial piercings, that should not hide your face.
  • Any digital alteration is not allowed. Since Passport photographs are machine-readable and an exact portrayal of what you resemble, you totally can’t make any computerized adjustments to them. As such, you can’t eliminate pimples, scars, or wrinkles with photo manipulation Apps or change the shading or concealing of your hair, skin, and garments.  You likewise can’t utilize filters or some other photograph improvements.
  • State Department encourages not wearing make-up in your passport photograph. You can wear light make-up if you wish. You can wear minimal, natural make-up, as your photograph should be a precise portrayal of what you look like. Try to keep away from extreme shaping or, in any case, adjusting your appearance with make-up.

Why do passport photos get rejected?

There are several reasons that your passport photos get rejected. It is essential to understand the above said regulations. If there is a delay in your passport application request because of inappropriate images, after 3 weeks only, you get a notification through mail. It is challenging for you to submit a new photo again. Remember your scheduled trip. You cannot afford to make any small mistake in your passport photo.

Kindly go through the below common mistakes in passport photo:

  1. US Passport Photo time: – It is very tempting to submit an old photo from your previous passport or some old photos your keep in your home. You need to remember that passport photos need to be taken within 6 months. State Department verifies that the picture you submit should look like you.
  2. Overexposed or underexposed photos: – The lighting should be perfect. Over lighting should not give any shadows on your face. Your clear facial image should reflect on your photo. You should not use any photo filters.
  3. US PassportPhoto Size: – Don’t get excited and take selfies when it comes to a passport photo. Your photos should not be too close or too long. Please make sure with the correct position. Size should as mentioned above.
  4. Poor quality image or paper: – Photos should be with high resolution. It should not be blurry, grainy, or pixelated. You need to use high-quality paper.
  5. Eye Glasses in photo: – People who wear eyeglasses regularly unexpectedly forget to remove them when taking pictures. Keep in mind you should not have them.

All the above said common mistakes should pop up on your mind when you take your passport photo. You can take passport photographs at a nearby Wal-Shop or a neighborhood pharmacy chain like CVS, Walgreens, or Rite Aid.  It usually costs about $7 to $8. Some nearby post offices additionally offer passport photograph services priced at about $15.

If you’re more worried about having a good photograph, you can likewise choose an expert photographic artist to take the pictures. The professional photographs will cost much more. Also, ensure that the photographer knows about every guideline of the photographs.

Take the stress out Of US PASSPORT PHOTO with Click2Visas.

During this Covid time, it is a high risk to visit a post office or any nearby places for your passport photos. You can easily take an online passport photo with Click2Visas. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on your customized photo requirements. It is a challenge for people with disabilities to take a passport photo. Click2Visas can help them to meet the photo requirements successfully.

Our service charges are significantly less. All you have to do is,

  • Upload your recent picture.
  • Select document type as “US Passport.”
  • Give your e-mail address and submit it.

You can collect your passport photo with assured acceptance for your passport application.

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