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People write passport details in application form

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Click2Visas will guide you on which US passport application you will need.

Application for US Passport:

To apply or renew for a passport, you need a valid passport application. Below is an overview of the available forms.

DS – 11 Passport Application Form:

The DS – 11 application form for a new passport is a passport application used when applying for a new US passport or when replacing a damaged passport, lost or stolen passport, or Child passport, or a passport that expired five years ago. Child Passport must meet the below requirements:

  • Your child is below the age of sixteen years.
  • Your child’s previous US passport.
  • A child whose passports have expired or are about to expire must appear with both parents at a passport acceptance facility. 

DS – 82 Passport Renewal Form:

Passport Renewal Form DS – 82 Application Form is used for passport renewals in the United States. When filling out the DS – 82 forms for applying for a passport renewal, you must also include a passport photo. 

This is the same format used for second passports. If you need to renew your passport urgently, you can expedite passport renewal within 12 weeks. Passport renewal requirements:

  • You must have your present passport.
  • Your passport must be in good condition.
  • If you have an expired passport, it is acceptable if the issuance is within the last fifteen years.
  • Your present name should be on your present passport.
  • Your present passport must be at or after the age of 16.

DS – 5504 Application Form:

The DS – 5504 Form application is used to change the name on the passport, extend the validity of the defined passport, or correct a printing error. Use the form within the first two years of the issuance of the passport.

DS – 64 Passport Application Form:

If you cannot locate your passport, and fear it may have been lost or stolen. You should report the missing passport immediately to the US State Department. 

This is important because of identity theft protection – No one would like the wrong person using your lost or stolen passport, right? Once a DS – 64 application is submitted, the passport is invalid and notified worldwide. 

If you submit the form and find your passport, still your passport is no longer valid and cannot be used. You may keep it as a memory or return it to the US State Department.

DS – 3053 Passport Application Form:

Form DS – 3053, Approved Report or Special Circumstances for a Minor Passport, is used if a parent applies for a passport for a child without the other parent. Form DS – 3053 is not required if a parent or guardian is in the same custody. 

The signature of the DS – 3053 application form must be witnessed and notified. This passport form helps parents protect themselves from child abduction. 

DS – 60 Passport Application Form: 

Form DS – 60, the affidavit relating to the name change, is submitted with the application for a US passport renewing; the name used by the applicant is significantly different from that shown in the proof of citizenship or was accepted without proper court action and was not obtained by marriage.

DS – 71 Passport Application Form:

Form DS – 71, Affidavits relating to the name change, along with the passport application form DS-60, certifies that the applicant is known by birth name from at least two persons and that the applicant is using the new name for all the purposes. For at least 5 years. 

If the applicant is unable to obtain the third document, this form may be provided in place of one of the required public documents from the passport application form DS – 60.

DS – 5525 Form – Special Family Circumstances:

If the notary of the parent or legal guardian in the custody of the minor applicant is unable to obtain written consent, you must complete and submit DS – 5525. 

You must include the reason for not obtaining a notarized consent statement and justify emergency or special family circumstances that make parental/guardian consent inaccessible.

DS – 86 Forms – Did Not Receive Your US Passport:

You have (Ninety – 90) days from the date of issue of your passport to report that you haven’t received it in the mail yet. If you do not report that your US Passport Document (s) was not received within the specified window, you will need to reapply and reimburse the Passport Fee. 

Submit Second Evidence of Identification Form: DS –71 (Available at your local acceptance facility or passport agency.) If you cannot present the primary identity, you must submit a combination of documents that can be used to verify your ID or present a document. The person can swear to your identity. 

If you choose to present identifying witnesses, you will need to fill out a DS-71 form. Witness 

  • Must be present at the application time, 
  • Must have known you for at least (two) years,
  • The U.S. Must be a citizen or permanent resident, 
  • Must have a valid primary ID.

How Click2Visas ease on US Passport application?

  • A surprise for you! Click2Visas provides a Passport renewing service for adults. The process is very simple and easy. Currently, Click2Visas does not offer a new passport service. We will be adding this passport service soon; check with us for more updates on New Passport Services.
  • How do we work?: Sign in Click2Visas, and enter the details, and upload the required documents and submit the Request. Within 2 to 4 days, you will receive a kit from Click2Visas. The Kit from Click2Visas holds:
  • Your passport renewal application form with your photo stapled on it.
  • An envelope addressed to expedited passports via passport facility.
  • Sign the passport renewal form and make the check or money order ready. Put the form, money orders/checks, and your expired passport in the envelope. Mail it. 
  • Send the form to the Passport facility via USPS priority mail express. Do not worry about the payment and address. Checks/money order covers your expedited fee. And the envelope is already addressed to the Passport facility. Just post it and wait for the renewed passport. After verifying your application and documents, your passport will be renewed in 12 weeks.
  • You will receive a renewed passport soon.
  • Please contact us at any time if you have any questions about the Click2Visas process or other information. We have an excellent chat service available 24 / 7, and we will respond to you right away.

Click2Visas always welcomes you to renew your passport quickly and “Enjoy your Stress-Free trip.”

what are the passport services you can avail with Click2visas?

Apply Chargeless USA and Nigeria Passport Services
We offer passport assistance service which provides filling of your passport application forms (either new or re-issuance) without any research from your end.

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