Things to do! If your Passport damaged, lost, or stolen

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Are you ready to go to a tourist place? Travel look is very different right now, depending on where you are from and where you’re going. Wherever you go, you need a passport

Do you have a U.S. Passport? If your Passport damaged, lost, or stolen. Or it’s getting expired. Don’t stress on it. You can renew your passport via Click2Visas anytime.

The process to replace a stolen, last, or damaged passport is like what is needed to apply for a new passport. Applying for a U.S. passport can be a daunting task, but no worries. Here explain the procedures, continue reading.

Things to do! If your Passport damaged, lost, or stolen

Replacing a Stolen / Lost US Passport:

Things to do! If your passport damaged, lost, or stolen. Losing or having your US passport stolen can be a terrifying and unfortunate experience that will result in more energy, time, and money in the process. When you realize that your passport has been lost or stolen, the first thing to do is not find it.

While abroad, stolen passports must be reported to the nearest police station to be reported. Once the report has been submitting, visit the nearest U.S. Embassy or Embassy before returning to the United States.

The best way to report a stolen passport is to call the toll-free number 1-877-487-2778 at the National Passport Information Center. You only need to file a report of your stolen passport if it has not yet expired. You must provide as much detail as possible about the passport. To some, calling may seem more practical in two ways; Going over the phone is often challenging.

Other way to report a Stolen or Lost US passport is to fill out Form DS-64, a statement regarding a lost or stolen passport. Answer as many questions as you can about how your passport is missing. If you file a police report regarding a lost or stolen passport, attach a copy to the form. After completing the new application form, send it to the address below:

U.S. Department of State

Passport Services

Consular Lost or Stolen Passport Section,

1111 19th St, NW, Suite – 500,


DC – 20036.

A lost or stolen passport cannot be re-verified. If you happen to find your passport after claiming it has been lost or stolen, send it to the address listed above.

Replacing a Damaged Passport:

If you have some significant wear on your passport, tear it up, and you should make it a priority to replace it. If your passport does not have pages or shows excessive use, it will prevent you from traveling foreign.

To replace a damaged passport, users follow the same procedure used to obtain a new passport. Using the DS-11 form, you will be redirected to the process. Do not forget to collect the necessary documents to prove your US citizenship. You will need to submit the damaged passport along with the application form and supporting documents.

If you aren’t in a hurry to travel, make an appointment at the passport office. The will review your application details, make sure it is completed, check your documents and keep the affidavit. Be prepared to write down how your passport was destroyed. Be as detailed as possible and give the statement with you when you apply for a replacement.

How to apply for US Passport Replacement?

After reporting your US passport missing, reapply for a replacement passport. You will need to proceed with the same documents you did when you first applied. This includes

  • Your Birth Certificate or Certificate Naturalization or Citizenship,
  • Government-issued photo ID,
  • New Passport size photograph,
  • DS -11 form (application for a new US passport).

If you are abroad, it is understandable that you do not have your birth certificate. If you do not have enough documents to prove your US citizenship, the embassy will issue you a limited passport. This document allows you to return to the USA.

You should not travel to any other country with a limited passport. Once you get home, you cannot go abroad again without going through the full application process for a replacement passport. You are willing to pay the standard fee for a new passport when ordering an alternative.

However, in few circumstances, you may not be able to pay the fee if you are the victim of a violent crime abroad.

Once you have the relevant documents, go to one of the US application acceptance facilities near you. Bring the new application form and supporting documents to the authorizing agent.

Passport offices are often located at post offices, district and municipal government offices, and public libraries. Some facilities offer on-site photography services. Many facilities may require an appointment. Usually, you can expect to receive your US Passport in the mail.

If you are abroad, find the nearest US Embassy / Embassy and ask to speak to someone at the embassy. Say you are an American citizen and have lost your passport. Tell the embassy agent what happened. If you plan to leave the country soon, let the agent know to expedite your replacement passport.

How to apply for US Passport Renewal?

Our service is very simple and easy. Until your passport service request is fulfilled, we will always be ready to accommodate further queries or a request from your end. We are available in all forms of communication to achieve your goal, i.e., email, chat, and call.  

We maintain complete transparency in all our communications. We use experienced passport experts who will provide a quick solution to all your questions. 

Apply Now: 

Select your Nationality and Citizenship from the widget and click on “Apply Now” to proceed further. 

Fill in basic details using our online form: 

Sign in Click2Visas, and enter the details, and upload the required documents and submit the request. 

Receive a physical docket at your doorway: 

Within 2 to 4 days, you will receive a kit from Click2Visas. The Kit from Click2Visas holds:

  • Your passport renewal application form with your photo stapled on it.
  • An envelope addressed to expedited passports via passport facility.

Sign the passport renewal form and make the check or money order ready. Put the form, money orders/checks, and your expired passport in the envelope. Mail it.

Send your request to the State Department: 

You have to post it in the nearby USPS mailbox. The process depends on the US government guidelines, and the process usually takes 18 weeks. You can make an extra payment to receive your passport earlier, between 12 weeks. 

You will receive your passport soon. So you can make a stress-free journey. 

The Travel of a thousand miles starts with a Single Step. So get ready, happy and safe journey! 

Do you have any experience with international travel; share your experience in the comment box below.

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