How to Get a Second Passport?

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Travel is all about creating memories, memories, which will last forever. All journeys end up being experiences for life – which you will never forget and cannot wait to tell your friends!

As you travel abroad, you gain a lot of experiences. The beautiful and unique features keep telling you stories each time you visit. Meeting different types of peoples, learning about their culture, food, etc., motivates the inner self of a person in many ways.

Are you looking forward to an entertaining, memorable, and inspiring journey? Then, why are you late? Get ready!

Prepare yourself to travel abroad! What next! The most important thing for travel is the passport.

Most travelers only need one passport, and the US State Department usually only allows one passport per person. However, there are limited circumstances that allow the State Department to issue a second passport.

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Why you need a Second U.S. Passport?

Good news for you! If you have a valid US passport and meet several additional requirements, you may be eligible for a second US passport renewal. In certain circumstances, we will issue a limited-validity, Second US Passport to you, which will be valid for up to four years.

The second passport can be used for international travel as well as a primary passport.

Examples of cases eligible for a second US passport book are:

  • A foreign country will deny you a visa or entry because your passport has stamps showing travel to certain countries. Example: Israeli entry or exit stamp in some countries in the Middle East.
  • You often need multiple visas due to frequent international travel. Example: You work for an international airplane or a multinational company.
  • You will need a US passport for an emergency international trip, but your application for a foreign visa will be delayed or will not be processed on time for your trip.
  • When you need special verification to travel to a restricted country or region.

Benefits of Second Passport:

What can a second passport and dual citizenship do for you?

  • Visa-free travel for you and your family.
  • Protection from travel and immigration control.
  • Exclude yourself from the effects of foreign policy.
  • Ability to save tens of thousands (or even hundreds) of taxes.
  • Option to relinquish your current citizenship.

How do I apply for a Second Passport Renewal?

Do you need to get a second US passport? Here’s how.

Fill out the DS-82 Form:

In U.S. Government site,

The only form required to apply, renew or change the passport is DS-82.

In most cases, when applying for a second passport, you will need to fill out a renewal application (Form DS-82). If you are able to submit your fully valid ten-year passport, you can apply for a second passport using the DS-82 form and meet other requirements for renewal.

You can renew your second US passport, but you must submit your second passport with your application. We will invalidate it, so it will not be used for international travel. You can use the second U.S. passport after you renew it.

Requirements for Second Passport: Requirements Description
1 Current Passport(s) If the applicant applies for a second passport for the first time, the applicant must submit a ten-year passport that is currently valid. If the applicant applies for an extension or renewal of their current copy passport; The applicant must submit both their current ten-year passport and their current second passport. All submitted passports will be returned.
2 Proof of Identification To apply for a new passport, the applicant must have a driver’s license issued six months ago or an I.D. issued by the government. Official government or military image was identifiable.
3 Passport Photos Applicant must submit two (2) identical, color, passport-style photographs. These can be obtained at many post offices, Kinkos, mailboxes, or similar locations.
4 Proof of Travel The applicant must show a departure from the United States for a computer-generated trip from a travel agency or net booking tool (such as e-confirmation). If traveling in business and no travel plan is available, a letter on the company’s letterhead will indicate the trip’s dates and purpose. Economic “2 weeks” or “4 weeks” passport renewal / second passport processing does not require a “travel certificate.”
5 Letter of Authorization Applicant must submit a “Letter of Authorization.”
6 Statement Regarding Need The applicant must submit a statement regarding the need for a second passport. Sample statement here.
7 Letter of Request For business and tourist travel applicants, the applicant must submit a letter from their company addressed to the US State Department, on company letter-head, supporting the request with the clear indication of travel plans and that the second US passport is required for the applicant to fulfill their job duties signed by a company official.
8 Application Form Applicant must be submit the DS-82 Form.

Calculate Fees:

Make the payment for the Second passport is 110 USD. And, Pay 60 USD if you need more expedited service.

Submit your Form:

If you are eligible to renew your Second passport, mail the completed application and supporting documents.

Click2visas services on Second Passport Renewal?

The procedures are usually long and complicated and creating a lot of stress. Anybody would prefer a stress-free journey, right? No worries! Click2visas helps to renew your second passport.

In Click2visas, the process is very simple and user-friendly. Have a look at the process below,

Sign in Click2Visas, and enter the details, and upload the required documents and submit the Request.

What should be done by you?

Within 2 to 4 days, you will receive a kit from Click2Visas. The Kit from Click2Visas holds:

  • Your passport renewal application form with your photo stapled on it.
  • An envelope addressed to expedited passports via passport facility.

Sign the passport renewal form and make the check or money order ready. Put the form, money orders/checks, and your expired passport in the envelope. Mail it. 

Send the form to the Passport facility via USPS priority mail express. Do not worry about the payment and address. Checks/money order covers your expedited fee. And the envelope is already addressed to the Passport facility. Just post it and wait for the renewed passport. After verifying your application and documents, your passport will be renewed in 12 weeks.

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