How to Track My US Passport Status?

3 years

Did you know that you could track the process of your passport renewal online? Click2visas offers assistance to track the process. We have a dedicated team to keep our clients notified about the renewal status.

Business travels are slowly increasing in the United States. I hope you have applied for a passport renewal at the right time. The waiting period might make you anxious and eager at the same time.

You might even have many questions regarding the status and expected time of delivery. Like, what is the status now? When will I get my passport? Can I get it as per my schedule? Trust me; I was there too.

US Passport Status

Don’t worry; Here is the answer to the question ‘How to track my passport status?’ Make sure not to miss any point. You can track your passport renewal application status online and plan your business trip accordingly. Checking the status of your passport renewal is simple and easy.

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The 6 Weeks waiting Period to Check Status of Passport:

The status of your passport renewal cannot be tracked immediately. Keep calm and wait for 6 weeks to know your application status. The 6 weeks waiting period is mandatory. Applicants usually tend to forget the 6 weeks waiting period when they are busy finalizing meetings or plans. Make sure to include the waiting period and plan your trip accordingly. 

Are you equipped to check the Passport Status?

Check the passport status; with certain information in your hand. Mention the same details given in the renewal application.

  1. Last Name:
    • Include suffix – Lenin III, Mackson Jr, etc,
    • Hyphens– Jerome-Smith
  2. Date of Birth: In the format MM/DD/YYYY
  3. Last Four Digits of your Social Security Number

Possible ways to track U.S. Passport Renewal Status:

You can check the status in three different ways; check out the details below,

Check the Passport Status Online:

Follow the below steps to check your renewal application status online.

  • Go to the official U.S. department Online Passport Status System portal.
  • Mention the required details in the form and click enter.
  • You will find the status of your passport renewal application.

Please keep in mind. The status will be available only after 6 weeks of the waiting period. It is a little hectic, isn’t it? To visit the portal each time and check the status. You can also register your mail there and receive the automatic status update from the State Department.

Check the Passport Status by phone:

Dial the National Passport information center and ask your passport application status to the customer service representatives over there.

Dial: 1-877-487-2778 or 1-888-874-7793 (TDD/TTY)
Calling hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm E.T.
You will not be able to reach the center during federal holidays.

Know your Passport Status by Chat (Click2visas service):

Click2visas provides a hassle-free service for your passport renewal. We do not stop processing your application, and we keep track of the status of your passport and keep you well informed until you get the copy of the renewed passport in hand. We have run complete research and understood the needs of business travelers. Based on this, we have carefully designed our passport renewal service to meet all your requirements efficiently. Visit here to know more about the services offered by Click2visas.

Everyone prefers different modes of communication. You have the liberty to choose the mode of communication. Your comfort matters the most. We provide a 24X7-chat service. Count on us anytime. We are happy to serve you.

Application Status Descriptions:

We have provided a description below to help you understand what each status means. And, when can you expect each status?

Application Status Description
Not Found You are checking early; check the submission date. Perhaps you are checking the status within 6 weeks Remember the waiting period we have discussed above. Wait for 6 weeks and check again. Yeah, I heard you. Are you wondering what if I got the same status even after 6 weeks? It is probably due to some technical glitch in Online Passport Status System. It will get resolved soon. Visit the portal after some time and check.
In Process It probably means one of the agencies or centers is currently reviewing your application. You may probably wonder how long my application will remain in ‘In Process’. That depends on the service you have opted for and the processing time.
Approved  Congrats! The Difficult part is over. State Department has completed your application verification, and they are going to print your passport.
Mailed  Your passport is Mailed to your address. Note down the tracking number. You will get the other documents like a birth certificate and previous passport in a separate mail.

Recent COVID-19 Updates in Passport Renewal Status:

The state government experiences delays in receiving the applications because Covid-19 has influenced a high volume in the US Postal service. Also, with that on an average 1.7 million, the Passport renewal application is pending with the State Department. You may experience more delays in status updates than usual.

If possible, avoid checking the status by phone. National Passport information center receives high call volumes each day. You might be lead to experience a longer wait time on the phone.

 I hope you have what you want. In business travel, we need to take care of everything from top to bottom. And everything must happen at the perfect time. There is no room for any mistakes. Time is precious. That’s why we are here.

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