Can I renew Passport During Covid?

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Healthcare industry demands a lot of travelling. Most of the frequent travelers are doctors, physicians, and other healthcare service providers. Passport is generally a symbol of your ability to move worldwide to attend duties and all international healthcare conferences. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic put a huge pause to the global travel. After a huge struggle now, the Covid-19 vaccination is rolled out, and the U.S government is taking many safety precautions.

The travel bans are now being released. Are you ready for your trip? Ohh! By the way, did you check your passport expiration date? Has your passport expired during Covid, or does it have a less validity period to travel? The good news is that U.S passport operations are almost back to normal. Yet, there sure will be delays in processing. We suggest you to apply for a renewal well ahead of time. 

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Did you know! According to the statistics, you are one of the nearly one million Americans, waiting for a passport renewal. You might feel annoyed knowing this. But, currently, the passport renewal requests are very high because of Covid-19 impacts. A small and unnoticeable error can lead to passport application rejection.

Hence, Click2visas strongly suggests that renewing your passport is very important even in Covid time. Click2visas is aware of the current situation and provides speedy and quality service on passport renewal. We can sanguinely say that you will get your new passport before you travel if you apply at the right time.

How long does it take to renew US passport during Covid?

The U.S State Department has announced that they can get your passport processed in 18 weeks (includes up to 12 weeks processing and 6 weeks mailing on front and back end) — more than four months approximately. In pre-pandemic time, the processing time was about eight weeks (and often much less). The delay is because of the backlog of numerous passports held for renewal.

You can choose an expedited service that is available. It reduces your wait time from four to six weeks.

Can I expedite my passport renewal after applying?

Yes. You can boost your application up to expedited status after applying. You can call the National Passport Office at 1-877-487-2778 and change your passport application to expedited processing. Have your credit card in hand; you will have to pay extra for that service. Is it not a good boost up in these dark pandemic days!

When will passport services return to normal?

The Covid pandemic posed an unprecedented challenge to passport operations. The U.S Department of State announced that they are gradually preparing to resume passport services in various phases. In the Fiscal year of 2020, US government issued 11,711,945 passports.

To continue services suspended since March 2020 is not an easy job for the government. Let us make sure to adhere to the rules of the government and make things easy.

You can now apply for a passport renewal by mail; it is a safe and contactless option for passport renewal services. There is no real need to be present directly in person. If you wish to expedite your passport application to attend your upcoming travel conference plans, we recommend sending your application using USPS Priority Mail Express.

What are vaccine passports?

Healthcare professionals are to leave the country, for various reasons. They have to consider everything from available flights to pre-or-post-travel testing requirements. But as vaccines begin to roll out in the USA, you may think about what will be required to travel in the future? Many industry experts have pointed to the concept of a “Vaccine Passport.”

Vaccine passports are mainly in the form of free mobile apps in which international travelers upload evidence of vaccination and any required coronavirus test results or other health exemptions. The aim is to convert paper vaccination certificates from individual countries into internationally recognized travel passes.

Airline and business groups are urging the White House to take the lead in establishing health pass standards. However, the current administration claims that it is up to the private sector and non-profits to determine how Americans can prove they have been vaccinated or tested.

Is it safe to travel internationally during Covid?

This year may not have brought an immediate end to the coronavirus pandemic, but it did provide renewed hope due to vaccine availability. Many American healthcare professionals have started planning their next trips. Since Covid-19 put the world on hold last year, the number of healthcare professionals who want to add another stamp to their passport has rapidly increased.

We still have a while to go before we can eliminate COVID-19 impacts behind us. But many countries are accepting American travelers now. The rules for each country differs, and it’s good to check destination-wise laws. Refer to this link:

Click2visas service on renew US passport during Covid

COVID-19 has changed the process of U.S passport renewal in lot of ways. Currently, there is a significant backlog at the US Department of State, travelers who want to renew will have to allow more processing time than usual. Click2visas keenly observe the current situation and offer the right solution to your passport needs. 

Click2visas is in the industry for more than 5 years, our service charges are much lower than other passport agents.Click2visas offers professional assistance for U.S passport renewal. Our passport instructions are reader-friendly and easy to follow. We are ready to answer all your questions regarding any service we offer. In case of emergency, we happily stay beyond our regular working hours to assist you. Your need is our priority. Have a safe travel!

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