All that you need to know of US Passport Fees

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Are you planning a trip? Are you ready to go? I hope you know that the Passport is an important document to carry wherever you fly internationally.

Do you have a passport? Has your passport expired? Is it going to expire? No worries, Click2Visas will help you.

Meantime, lots of questions might come up in your mind like, how to apply or renew your passport? And How Much Does It Cost to Renew a Passport?  We are here to reduce your worries about such details. Check out the information given below.

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Good news! US State standard processing times are longer now. You can expect 18 weeks for regular processing. If you need to rush your passport, you can expedite it. Passport fees depend on how quickly your passport is needed. Expediting processing time is 12 weeks.

US Passport Fees:

Passport Type Standard Fee (18 weeks) Acceptance Agent Fee Total Passport Fees
New Adult Passport USD 110 USD 35 USD 145
Passport Renewal Cost USD 110 NA USD 110
Replacement Passport USD 110 USD 35 USD 145
Child (Minor) Passport USD 80 USD 35 USD 115
Passport Card (Adult) USD 30 USD 35 USD 65
Passport Card (Child) USD 15 USD 35 USD 50
Second Duplicate Passport USD 110 NA USD 110

Expedited US Passport processing is available for travelers with upcoming travel plans. The duration can be expected to be 12 weeks. An additional charge of USD 60 is required to accelerate the process.

How much does it cost to get a US Passport Fee?

Current US Passport Fees Explained:

Acceptance Agent Fee:

The Accepting Agent will verify the applicant’s identity and review the witness signatures and required documents. This is required for all applicants who need to apply for a new adult passport, replacement passport, or child passport. The fee is USD 35 and is paid at the acceptance agency facility, usually at the post office or district clerk.

New Passport Fee (for adults aged 16 and older): 

The application fee is USD 110, and the execution fee is USD 35. The new total Passport fee is USD 145.

Passport Cards (for adults aged 16 and older): 

The application fee is USD 30, and the execution fee is USD 35. The new total passport fee is USD 65. Again, this is only if you need a US Passport card, but you have never had a passport before. If you previously have a passport, use this DS – 82 Form to apply for a US passport card by mail and no execution fee.

Lost, stolen, or damaged passport replacement:

The application fee is USD 110, the execution fee is USD 35, and the new total Passport fee is USD 145.00.

Passports for children (under the age of 16):

The application fee is USD 80.00, and the execution fee is USD 35.00, for a total Passport is USD 115.00.

Passport cards for children (under age of 16): 

The application charge is USD 15, and the execution charge is USD 35. The total Passport fee is USD 50.

Cost to Renew Passport (by mail): 

Suppose you’re renewing by mail, the passport fees USD 110.00. Passport renewals are only provided for adult passports (10 – years validity), less than five years expired, and undamaged.

US Passport Card (by mail): 

The Passport cost remains unchanged at USD 30 since no execution fee is necessary.

Expedited Passport Services:

Can I travel quickly for 1 – 12 weeks? The standard processing time for a quick passport is 12 weeks via the post office. If you need your passport quickly, there are additional options. Accelerated passport services are available but, it will cost an additional USD 60. It includes the price of shipping to and from the passport office overnight.

Payment mode on US Passport Fees:

  • Fresh Passport or Passport Renewal Cost: The passport acceptance facility only accepts checks and money orders. They don’t accept card or cash payments.
  • Execution Fee (USD 35): Money orders are accepted at all locations and must be made payable as directed by the corresponding Acceptance Facility. At such places, personal checks/cash (exact change only) are accepted. All Credit cards are accepted at US postal facilities and a small number of other locations.
  • Passport Renewal and other optional service fees: Checks made payable to “US Department of State” (personal, certified, cashiers, travelers) or Money orders (USPS, international, and currency exchange) made payable to the “US Department of State.”
  • When renewing your passport from Canada via mail, you must pay by check or money order was drawn on a US banking institution in US funds.

What is the Click2Visas Service fee?

To obtain a new passport or renew an existing minor passport, you will need to submit a DS -11 form. Minor applicants aged 15 or over are not eligible to apply for renewal by mail. To renew, they must visit the nearest passport acceptance facility with their parents.

Check with the nearest facility for appointment details. Currently, Click2Visas does not offer a passport renewal service for minor applicants. We will be adding this service soon; keep checking on us for more updates on Minor Passport Renewal Services.

To renew your passport, you need to submit the DS – 82 forms by mail. You can visit the nearest passport acceptance facility for renewal with prior booking. But due to the present pandemic situation, you cannot visit the passport acceptance facility. Next, what are you going to do! No worries! Click2Visas provides a Passport renewal Service. Renew here.

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Renew your passport and enjoy your trip. “Happy Journey in Advance.”

what are the passport services you can avail with Click2visas?

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We offer passport assistance service which provides filling of your passport application forms (either new or re-issuance) without any research from your end.

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