How Long Does Passport Renewal Take?

5 months

Are you a frequent business traveler? As per a recent travel survey, most of the business travels are arranged in a short time. Particularly business meet at client place, equipment service/installation trips are arranged in a short span.

Many countries have already revoked the travel restrictions, business travels are booming. So, State Department provides different passport renewal processing times based on your needs. There is room for everyone.

Due to pandemic and high volume of application the processing time are quite high than normal. You can opt for a standard processing time, which takes 18 weeks to renew the passport. In case of urgent business trip, you can apply for 72 hours processing time.

How Long Does Passport Renewal Take?

To know more about how long does it take to renew a Passport? Read further.

US passport Renewal Time:

The following processing time is applicable to all locations and types of passport services.

US Passport Processing Time:

Standard passport service: 18 weeks
Expedited Passport service: 12 weeks
Expedited passport service at the agency: 3 working days

The three working day passport renewal option does not apply to all. You can apply if you have an international trip within 72 hours. Please note only limited appointments are available for this service.

Routine passport service: In standard service, you can send off your renewal application by USPS to the nearest passport office. The standard process normally takes 18 weeks to process your application.

Expedited Passport service: If you have an international trip in the next 12 weeks, choose this option. You need to send your passport application by USPS’ Priority Mail Express.

Expedited passport service at the agency: You can choose this option if you have international travel within three business days. You need to book an appointment with the Passport service agency to process your passport within 72 hours. Only limited appointments will be available.

Each service has a different processing fee. Processing time and cost are indirectly proportional. Choose the suitable service, pay the respective fee, and get your renewed passport on time.

These are the State department processing times to renew your passport.

Click2Visas passport service time:

Once you have raised the passport renewal request with us within 2-4 days, your application will reach you by post.

Most online application service providers charge you $60 to $70 and send your application within 2-4 days. While you are raising a request with them, they will offer you different shipping times with different pay. If you want shipping time to be minimum, they will demand more amount.

In Click2visas, we do not charge an extra penny. Our important goal is to provide service at a minimum cost. We only charge a very minimum amount as a service fee compared to other providers, and your application will reach you within 2-4 days. You don’t have to pay extra for the shipping time.

Our passport service team is happy to assist you in getting your passport fast. You can chat with us and clarify your queries any time. We are happy to serve you.

I need a passport urgently; I need to fly for a life-or-death situation. So, what do I do now?

You can book an appointment with the passport facility center by explaining your situation. And get your passport within three business days.

Please keep in mind that USPS passport appointment is minimal, and they provide you an appointment if you fall under the below,

Suppose your immediate family member has died or seriously ill or wounded while abroad. And you need to fly outside the US within 72 hours. Immediate family members are Parents, legal guardians, infants, partners, siblings, and grandparents.  

My passport was mailed to me, but I have not received it till now. So, what do I do now?

The National Passport Information Center is the place to go if you have not received your passport. The Customer Service Representative will confirm the date, the address it was mailed to, and, if necessary, assist you in filing a missing passport report.

You have 90 days from the date your passport was released to file a missing passport report. You will be forced to re-apply and pay the total passport fee if you do not disclose it within 90 days.

what are the passport services you can avail with Click2visas?

Chargeless USA and Nigeria Passport Services
We offer passport assistance service which provides filling of your passport application forms (either new or re-issuance) without any research from your end.

Picture Customization Service
Don’t spend money for your customized photo requirements for various passports, visa forms and government ids. Collect your visa and passport photo with assured acceptance.

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