Frequently Asked Questions in US Passport Renewal

3 years

After the vaccination roll-out, travel is increasing worldwide. Many companies in the US began their business travels.

State Government started their passport service operations. Already on an average 1.7 million passport renewal application is already pending with State Government.

Many Americans are looking for suitable solutions to their passport renewal problems. Daily, we are receiving lots of passport renewal-related queries. We have an expert team that is consistently providing the correct answers to those questions in a short time.

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You may also search for answers to one of those questions. So, we have collected those questions with answers and provided them in this blog.

Do I need to send the passport renewal application by mail even though I am applying for the passport renewal online?

Yes, to renew your passport, you need to send your filled and signed application along with the documents via USPS mail.

In Click2visas, once you raised the passport renewal request, we will send you a kit to your address. Inside the kit, you can find your filled and printed passport renewal application. Sign the form, staple your passport photo, and post the application.

My passport is going to expire soon, and it was issued when I was 16 years old. Is the passport renewal process same for all? Does the fact that my current passport was issued when I was a minor would make passport renewal more complicated?

The passport renewal process is the same for all adults, and it is even easier with Click2visas.

You have to fill the basic form, pay the fee online, staple a recent photo to your applications and post it via USPS mail. And this process is common for all adults.

To know more about our process, visit our main page or our blogs, or you can ask us any question regarding passport renewal via chat.

Unfortunately, I lost my passport and need one within three days as I have an urgent international business trip within one week. I am in a desperate situation. How to renew an expired passport within three days?

If your upcoming business travel is urgent, you can apply and get a passport within 72 hours. For this, you need to book an appointment with your nearest passport acceptance facility.

Due to COVID-19, pandemic appointment numbers are restricted by major acceptance facilities. But still, if you can prove the travel purpose, facilities will allot you an appointment date.

First, contact your nearest passport acceptance facility.

Before you begin the process, please relax and calmly search once again in your storage areas or your suitcase, etc.

My dog ripped two visa pages from my passport book and did some damage to my passport. I have an undamaged passport card. Now to renew my damaged passport book, which forms I need DS-11 or DS-82. I tried the State department online form filler. On the first page, it tells me that I need DS-11, but on the next page, the wizards telling me to fill DS-82. I am very confused right now.

If you have a damaged passport book and an undamaged passport card, you need the DS-82 form. You need to submit a DS-82 form to renew your damaged passport.

Based on your input to the questions, State Department online form filler generates different forms. This makes people confuse sometimes.

Use Click2visas to renew your passport. We have a customized and user-friendly passport renewal form. You do not have to confuse between the forms.

I turned in my passport renewal application without a photocopy of the passport. But I have added the original passport to the envelope. Is there any way I can fix this? I need the passport in six weeks, and I am worried that this will cause a delay.

Don’t’ worry. You do not need to submit a photocopy of your passport to renew your passport. Your birth certificate and your latest expired passport is enough. If you paid for an expedited passport renewal service, you would get your passport renewed within 6 to 12 weeks.

Recently I have submitted my passport renewal application DS-82 via mail along with my passport. I missed the condition that I had to be 16 when the first passport was issued. But I got my first passport at the age of 13. Not received any update from the passport office till now. What to do now?

If the passport office ascertains that you cannot do passport renewal via mail, they will return the whole package. If it is not urgent, wait for a few weeks, check your passport renewal application status online, and take the necessary steps. Or if it is urgent contact passport office.

I need to renew my passport, and I have concerns regarding the documents required for renewal. I am a US citizen by a naturalized parent. My birth certificate is from another country and in other languages. My green card also expired six months ago. Now which document I need to submit to prove my citizenship or permanent resident status?

You can submit your green card as proof. In fact you can also submit your expired green card as a proof. The whole point is you need to prove your status as a permanent resident in the US when your parent is naturalized. State Department will accept your green card as proof.

I obtained my US passport in mid-2001, and it is going to expire in mid-2021 and I have an important business trip at the end of 2021. I got my passport in my maiden’s name. Right now, my divorce process is going on, and it will finalize within few weeks. Since my maiden’s name is in my passport, there will not be any name change in my passport after divorce.  But do I need to submit my divorce paper while applying for passport renewal?

No need. If you use your maiden name after your divorce, you do not have to submit the divorce papers. State Department required name change proof only if there is a name change in the passport. If you are not going to make any changes in the name, then no need to submit the divorce papers.

Send your DS-82 form along with your birth certificate and your passport that is going to expired soon.

Click2Visas provides a hassle-free passport renewal service at a very low cost. You can raise the passport renewal request, upload the documents, and pay the online fee, and the rest we will take care.

I received an email stating passport was printed and mailed on Apr 6th. After few days, I tracked my passport, and it shows passport was delivered on Apr 10th, but I did not receive any mail. I have checked everywhere and enquired with my neighbors also but no information about my passport. I do not know what to do and whom I need to contact now? Both my passport and citizenship certificate are lost.

If the tracking status shows delivered, but you still did not receive it, file a claim at the post office within two days. So that they can check for any chance to recover your passport.

You can also submit a claim at USPS regarding your lost passport and get a replacement. This will cost you an additional $150 since your citizenship certificate is not there to submit.

Do I need to put a separate check for the passport renewal fee and expedited service fee?

No, single check for application and expedited services. But you need to pay the acceptance fee or execution fee separately when you are applying at the acceptance facilities.

In Click2Visas, you can do the passport renewal from home. Once you filled and submitted your passport renewal request in Click2Visas, we will send an envelope. You can find the printed and filled DS-82 application form in that envelope and a check stated to State Department.

You sign the form, put your passport in the envelope along with the fee and post it via USPS express service.

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