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What could be the Trip to China Cost?

2 months

Exploring China on a Budget:

As China is crowded, it is diverse. It is a fast-changing and a vast country. It is filled with village communities and rural agriculture in its county-side that follow the same tradition that their ancestors have followed. Some of the cosmopolitan and world’s most rapidly evolving cities are found in China. We can explore the vibrant Shanghai and feast its famous dumplings. Seeing Shanghai lighted up at night and shopping in this city highlights us as the world’s fashion capital. We can reach Beijing, to see new and the old sit next to each other. We can visit some modern and new shopping centers or wander through the meandering hutongs that date back centuries. We can head to the open and empty Inner Mongolia in the north or the stunning Tiger Leaping Gorge in the south. While stepping out of Beijing to its right, we could find the Great Wall. We can either visit it by public transit or on tour, and we could see crowded sections that are essentially deserted. If we plan to visit the Great Wall, it is farnearlyplan to reach there early in the morning. Many visitors spend weeks, some even months in China, as it has too much to offer them. Though if we do not understand their language, the people of this county like to chat with us. China is a welcoming country where we can feel overwhelmed initially, and then it gives us the comfort of being at home.

Church in the hancu monastery, republic moldova

It is far better to avail Hosteling International Card if we are planning to stay in the hostel. To the holder of the membership card, many hotels offer discounts, and they are spread across the larger cities being members of the organization. We can take advantage of the street foods available in cities, instead of eating all our meals in dine-in restaurants. Street Foods gives us the chance to try authentic Chinese food.

Are any restaurants available in China at a reasonable price?

They are more affordable than dine-in restaurants. Making our reservations well in advance could far better if we choose to travel by bus or train as affordable seats will be filled up faster. When we decide to go all over the country and running short of time, it is far better to take a flight journey whose cost will be reasonable.

Trip to China cost:

Before reaching China, we need to aware of what could be the Trip to China cost:

  • A trip to china cost around 465 yuan for an individual per day based on the previous travelers’ expenses.
  • The average cost of meals for a day is 129 yuan, and China’s local transportation costs around 105 yuan.
  • For couples, the average hotel cost in China is 419 yuan. So, the weekly hotel cost for a couple is 6505 yuan.
  • A weekly trip to China cost around 3252 yuan for an individual. At the same time, the two-week trip to China costs 13,010 for a couple.
  • The cost per person will come down if we are traveling as a family with three to four persons, because flight tickets for kids will be lower, and we could share the rooms.
  •  The cost of two persons traveling together for a month in China will reduce the daily budget comparatively than an individual traveling for a week alone. 
Aerial view of medieval fort in soroca, republic of moldova.

What are the various types of expenses that an individual incur in China?

  • Meal prices for a day in China will cost around 129 yuan, and it may vary. For an individual, it costs around 51 yuan when dining out in China.
  • For couples, 105 yuan is an individual’s local transportation cost in China for a day. Alcohol for a day costs around 40 yuan.
  • Intercity Transportation costs 243 yuan. Tips and handout expenses charged by guides or service providers are 38 yuan.
  • Metro costs us 4 yuan. Auto Guides at Forbidden City costs 80 yuan. Forbidden City tickets will come up to 120 yuan.
  • The expenses for the Local bus is 2 yuan. For two persons, it costs 120 yuan in China. Traditional Chinese Candy will cost around 13 yuan.
  •  Metro passes for two persons costs 16 yuan. Bottled water for a day will cost us 5.74 yuan.
  •  Entertainment expenses like shows, entrance tickets, etc., will cost us 71 yuan. An individual’s hostel or hotel charge will cost around 209 yuan.
  • Accommodation for two (or) double- occupancy room costs around 419 yuan. 
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