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A Complete Guide on UAE Visa Apply

3 months


If you are a visa-exempt resident, you’ll need to obtain a UAE visa before you fly. To visit a typical holiday destination like Dubai, you’ll need a tourist visa valid for a specific period. By submitting your primary travel documents and details, you can obtain the Dubai Visa in the form of an electronic authorization (E-visa). We have simplified the application process for your visa in Dubai. If you are eligible countries to apply for a UAE visa, apply online, you can use Click2visas services. You can use our click2visas widget to check if you are qualified for a UAE E-visa, place it in your country of origin and select the UAE as your destination.

Woman with traditional dress inside sheikh zayed mosque. abu dhabi, united arab emirates.

What is UAE Visa’s validity?

You may be issued a visa with a validity of 14, 30, or 90 days, depending on the intention of your visit to the UAE.

When should I apply for a visa in UAE?

You can apply for a United Arab Emirates visa anytime between 58 and 5 working days before your date of travel.

Is there an age limit for applying for a visa to UAE?

Yes, there they are, females under the age of 25 and males under the age of 21 are eligible for UAE visa to apply online. And they can able to apply for a United Arab Emirates along with their father, mother, or husband, to prevent the risk of refusal.

My passport is about to expire. Can I still get a visa for UAE?

All visitors should be issued a passport valid for at least six months from the arrival date in UAE. If your passport is valid for less than six months, you will need to renew your passport before the UAE visa apply.

How do I get my UAE Visa?

Your UAE visa will be sent to you at the email address you have provided in the application form.

Would my UAE visa be valid for the whole UAE?

Yes. Your United Arab Emirates visa is valid for all of the UAE. With a valid UAE visa, you can travel to any of the seven Emirates – Abu Dhabi, UAE, Fujairah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaima, Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah.

May I have the UAE visa extended until it expires?

Yes. Please visit any of our branches in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and, Ras Al Khaima to extend your United Arab Emirates visa. However, your United Arab Emirates visa extension will depend on the form of visa and the Consulate extension law.

If I have a valid UAE visa, can I fly to the other Emirates?

Yes, you can fly to any Emirates within the UAE once you have a valid United Arab Emirates visa.

Is there a provision for passport validity for a UAE Visa apply?

Yes, to apply for a tourist visa, your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of travel.

Do I need to get a UAE visa for my children if they are traveling with me?

Yes. All foreign citizens who wish to travel to the UAE, including children, need a United Arab Emirates visa. Parents can apply along with their applications for their children’s visas also.

How do can I apply for a UAE visa for my Family/Friends?

You can apply for friends/family by first ensuring you have all the necessary documentation (you can see in this article above). If you’re applying for only one friend/family member, send your data here. If you need to apply for more than one user, you can click the ‘Add new applicant’ button in the application form and fill out the necessary details.

What documents are needed to get a Dubai visa for 90 days?

The traveler needs the documents mentioned below to a UAE visa apply for:

  1. Valid passport – all applicants must have a passport which is valid for at least another six months from the date of arrival in the UAE. If the validity of your passport expires earlier than that, then you need it to renew it. Otherwise, you won’t get your visa from the UAE.
  2. Passport picture – Photograph must follow a passport photo’s requirements. Make sure it’s shot against a white backdrop, and look at the camera right away. Don’t wear glasses, and headwear is not required except for religious purposes.
  3. Confirmed flight ticket to Dubai,
  4. Passport copies of Dubai resident friends/family,
  5. Evidence of residence of friends/relatives residing in Dubai;
  6. Letter of invitation from friends/relatives residing in Dubai;
  7. Alternate local contact information of 2 Dubai resident friends/relatives;

Additional Documents required for Multiple-Entry UAE visa apply:

  1. An Official tour such as meetings/ seminars/exhibitions: passenger passport copy, Emirates confirmation ticket, hotel confirmation, letter-covering business, host or host resident permit invitation letter along with passport copy.
  2. Personal/family visit: a copy of the passport, confirmation of the host’s Emirates ticket, passport and visa copy, guarantee letter from the host, and proof of relationship.
  3. Tourism or property: a copy of the passport, confirmation of the Emirates ticket, confirmation of the hotel reservation or the land tenancy contract, and the papers on the land.

How to UAE Visa Apply?

It is quite simple to complete the request. Please follow the below steps carefully:

  1. Choose the departure and arrival country, select the required visa type, enter your name, and click ‘CLICK TO START.’
  2. Verify the visa fee and terms and conditions on the next page.
  3. On the third page, enter your basic details in the respective field and upload the necessary documents (you can upload the documents in a later stage also).
  4. After that, review and confirm the information of your form, then proceed with the payment. We support all types of cards for payment.
  5. You will receive the invoice and a confirmation mail with a link in your registered email id.
  6. Click the link and complete the remaining form (you can also upload the document in this stage) and submit it for processing.
  7. Once the e-visa is approved, click2visas will send your visa to your email in PDF format.

Is it safe to use Click2visas to get my UAE visas?

Click2visas provides maximum safety for your data, confidentiality, and we invest a lot in our database’s security. Don’t feel worried about it, trust us, and if you still have doubts, you can visit our page and read our data protection policy.

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