How to Book Mexico Visa Appointment in the US?

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Are you a non-Mexican living in the United States? Do you intend to apply for a visa to Mexico? You can apply for a Mexico visa at any 45 Mexican Embassy/consulates located in United States.

To apply for a Mexico visa, you need a prior appointment to visit the Mexican Embassy/Consulate in the US. Click2visas provides a Mexico visa appointment service to non-Mexicans living in the US.

How to Book Mexico Visa Appointment in the US?

Click2Visas appointment process is very simple and easy. You can easily book your appointment from home within few minutes. Save your quality time by raising a request to Click2Visas for your Mexico visa appointment.

Moreover, not all nationals require a visa to visit Mexico from the US. Under bilateral agreements, the Mexican government provides visa-free entry to certain country nationals. Check whether you need a visa to visit Mexico before making travel plans.

Before making plans to visit Mexican Embassy/Consulate, please check to see if you require a Mexico visa. Click2visas also provides visa service to various countries around the world for a less service fee. Click2visa is a one-stop solution for all of your Mexico visa needs.

In this blog, we have covered how to book a Mexico visa appointment if you need a visa to visit Mexico.

Who needs a visa to visit Mexico from the US?

Non-Mexican travelers from the US, except certain nationals, need a visa to visit Mexico for all types of visits. Mexican immigration law specifies the type of visa you must obtain based on the purpose of your trip and the length of your stay. Mexican government issues several types of Mexican visas.

One is a visitor’s visa, which allows travelers to visit Mexico for both business and leisure activities. A visitor visa is a short-term visa that allows you to stay in Mexico for up to 180 days.

Nationals who do not require a Mexico visa: Nationals of certain countries can enter Mexico without a visa under bilateral agreements. Please check whether you require a visa before applying for one in Mexico.

You can check your eligibility in Click2visas, or you can chat with us any time. If you need a Mexico visa, you can apply for one in any Mexico Consulates in the US.

Mexico Visa applying Process:

Click2visas provides Mexico visa services to citizens who need a visa. You can raise a Mexico visa request at any time.

Step by step Process:

  • Fill your Mexico visa application.
  • Get all the documents ready.
  • Book a Mexico visa appointment.
  • Visit the consulate on the appointment date.
  • Review and submit all the documents to the Mexico consulate counter.
  • Pay the visa fee.
  • Collect your Mexico visa.

Visas are typically issued the same day as your appointment. Some visa applications may necessitate additional administrative processing. If additional administrative processing is required, the consular officer at the Mexico consulates will inform the applicant at the end of the interview. The length of the administrative process will vary depending on the specific circumstances in each case.

Mexico Visa Appointment Booking with Click2visas:

Do you find it difficult to book an appointment for a Mexico visa application due to high demand? We are here to help you get a visa appointment in Mexico. Click2Visas is prepared to provide this appointment service for a very low cost.

Booking a Mexico visa appointment through Click2visas is very simple. You need to provide us with some general details to schedule an appointment.

To schedule a Mexico visa appointment in Mexico, you will need the following basic information.

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Postal code of your residence in the US.
  • Your Mobile Number
  • Anticipated appointment date.

Based on the information you have provided, we will schedule your Mexico visa appointment.

Book your Mexican visa appointment with Click2visas:

Within few steps, you can easily book your Mexican visa appointment via Click2visas. The steps to schedule your appointment are given below.

  • Visit the Click2visas Mexican visa appointment page
  • Create your account in Click2visas by providing a valid email address.
  • Enter your basics details on the next page and provide an anticipated appointment date.
  • Pay the Click2visas service fee online and submit the request.

You only need four steps to schedule an appointment with the appropriate Mexican Embassy/Consulate.

We will schedule an appointment at the appropriate Mexican Consulate based on your postal code. We will schedule your appointment with the consulate and send you an appointment confirmation letter to your email address shortly after submitting your request with Click2visas.

Please provide a valid email address when submitting your appointment request to avoid unnecessary delays.

Mexico Visa fee Payment:

After your documents have been verified, you must pay the Mexico visa fee on the day of your appointment. The cost of your Mexico visa varies by visa type and number of entries.

Pay the Mexico visa fee in cash at the Mexican Consulate. All Mexican embassies and consulates in the United States accept cash. Only a few places accept credit cards, and only Visa and MasterCard.

If you bring all of the necessary paperwork, you should find out when your Mexico visa will be ready at your appointment. You may be able to get it on the same day as your appointment.

In certain cases, Mexico consulate officials may demand extra documents for administrative procedures. In that case, follow the officer’s instructions and get your visa done.

COVID-19 Security Procedures to be followed During Your Mexico Visa Appointment at the Mexican Consulate in the United States:

Before you go to your appointment at the Mexican Consulate General, you should be aware of the safety measures put in place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • You must bring your own pen and mask.
  • You must attend your appointment alone.
  • Big bags and Rucksacks are not allowed into any Mexican Consulate in the United States.
  • In all Mexican Consulate entrances, your temperature will be recorded; if you have a fever, you will be asked to return in 15 days.

Remember to carry all of the necessary documentation for the procedure you wish to perform. To obtain a New Mexico visa, process a voting credential, or obtain a consular registration number.

Click2visas has a 24/7 chat service available online. If you have more queries regarding a Mexico visa, please chat with us anytime. Our Customer support executives will provide the solutions in a short time.

Important Information Regarding the Issuance of Mexican Visa:

Mexico government issues the below guidelines regarding Mexico visa issuance.

  • A non-refundable Mexico visa application fee is required from all the applicants. The Mexico visa fee is non-refundable. Mexico visa fee cannot be returned if you fail to demonstrate that you are eligible for the visa.
  • Please be aware that having a Mexico visa allows you to travel to any airport, port of entry, or land border crossing and ask Immigration officers to enter Mexico. While a visa does not guarantee entry into Mexico, it does indicate that a consular officer at a Mexican Embassy or Consulate abroad has determined you are eligible to seek entry for that specific reason. Mexican immigration officers are in charge of admitting visitors to Mexico for a specific status and time period.
  • Your visa must be used only during the visa’s validity period and for the number of entries specified. The visa expiration date, as well as the visa issuance date, is printed on the visa. The period between the issuance of your visa and its expiration date is referred to as your visa validity. The visa validity period is the amount of time you have to travel to a Mexican port of entry.

Minor Applicants:

  • Minors or people under legal guardianship under civil law, the application must be filled out in front of the consular employee by both parents or the person with full custody or legal guardianship.
  • Suppose the mother or father cannot physically attend the consular office at the time of his or her child’s visa application. In that case, one of the parents is required to present a notarized letter from the other parent establishing his or her consent to obtain the Mexican visa.
  • When one of the parents has full custody of the children, he or she must present a certified copy of the official document that established his or her custodianship. If a third country issued the document, it must be apostilled or legalized, depending on the situation, and translated into Spanish.
  • When a minor is applying alone or with a third person, they must present a notarized document or a document issued by an authority granting permission to issue a Mexican visa to both parents.
  • In order to obtain a visa on their own, the spouse/husband, the person in common law or equivalent; minors or persons under judicial custody related to a holder of a valid Mexican visa must demonstrate the family relationship and comply with the requirements.
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