Do Australians Need a Visa for Canada

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For dramatically different temperatures and seasons and its beautiful views, so many Australians visit Canada in one country. It can be very easy to travel across Canada, and this is made even simpler because Canadians and Australians alike speak English widely. However, it could be slightly harder to ensure that you have all the international documentation needed to get into the country. To learn how click2visas makes it a breeze to fly, read on. We encourage you to consider an existing online visa processing service, such as click2visas, to direct you through the entire phase of your visa application to make the most of your trip to Canada.

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Do Australians Need a Visa for Canada to have a trip from Australia to Canada?

Unlike several nations, Australian citizens are not allowed to show a travel visa upon entry to Canada. However, as of March 15, 2016, upon arrival in the country, individuals from Australia are required to have a TA (travel authorization).

Australian passport holders can check their requirements for (eTA) using the click2visas application. If anyone from Australia does not require an eTA, the only explanation is that they already have a valid visa, in which case the visa will have to be submitted upon arrival in Canada.

Be aware that immigration, but only temporary visits, are not approved by the eTA.

To apply for a Canadian ETA, what are the procedures I have to take?

If you’re using a service like click2visas, the application process for an eTA is quite simple. Your Australian passport and a few other pieces of information are basically all you need to get your travel plans underway. Just complete the clear online form, pay online, and submit your request. From there, click2visas will rush to the Canadian Embassy with your submission, and your eTA will be emailed to you upon acceptance.

What is the visa cost of Canadian ETA?

The overall cost all depends on the service you are using for online processing. For Australian people applying for click2visas, the cost of processing is USD 12.28. At the time of the submission, you pay electronically using a legitimate debit or credit card. Instead, for our customers, payment through a PayPal account is now possible.

Is the process of ETA application safe and secure?

There is often a slight risk involved when applying online. However, you can rest assured that the highest protection standards available secure your information if you apply via click2visas.

To ensure that your data and user account information stays confidential and safe, we spend a lot of resources so that you can apply with full confidence and peace of mind. When you know you are prepared to leave Australia as soon as possible, traveling is a lot more enjoyable.

You can chat our hotline staffed by immigration experts if you have any questions. While click2visas does not offer immigration visas, we have our expertise to make your travel plans run more smoothly.

What is the receiving time of my ETA?

  • You can get your eTA in a very short time period with click2visas. You will receive an email from click2visas within one business day containing your officially accepted document after applying for your Canadian eTA.
  • Before taking your trip to Canada, make sure you cover all your travel bases with regard to specifications for foreign documentation. Always order your eTA through click2visas to ensure that you have the right travel authorization.

What are the Canada visas you can apply with Click2Visas?

Apply ETA Visa to Canada
ETA Visa is a valid traveler permit to enter and stay in a Canada for a period of time, which predetermined for Conferences, tourism and Holiday purposes.

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