Need to know Kenya Visa Validity

11 months

Handling a Kenya visa without the need to visit the embassy, not having to go through the complicated process of obtaining a regular visa, and any additional documents to collect are now not possible for the Republic of Kenya with an E visa.

Need to know Kenya Visa Validity

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Do you want a Business E-Visa to Kenya? And do you know about its Validity? & you want to Check Kenya Visa Validity right now; Some FAQs are given below:

How long is the Kenya Visa valid for? 

Kenya Visa Validity is 90 from the day of electronic Visa approval. Kenya Visa holders may Travel and enter Kenya single entry, with a stay of up to 90 days for business purposes.

How long can you stay in Kenya on a Kenya Business e Visa?

It’s important to note that although your Kenya Visa Validity is 90 days, the length of stay must not be longer than 90 days.

Is the Kenya Visa is a single entry or multiple entries?

The Kenya Visa allows for Single-Entry, with a maximum stay of 90 days in total.

Is the Kenya Visa valid for travel on cruises?

No, the Kenya Visa is not valid for travel on cruises or Ship travels as it can be stamped on the Travel document/passport at specific international airports in Kenya. So if you plan to enter Kenya via sea, you require to getting a traditional Visa stamped in your passport/Travel document.

Can travelers extend their Kenya e-Business Visa or apply for a new one after entering Kenya?

Kenya Visa will allow the Travel document/passport holders from all nationalities to apply for the Business Visa. However, according to the most recent travel updates in Kenya Visa regulation, there’s no way for travelers to extend the period/duration of their Kenya e Visa.

This includes all foreign holders of e Visas. So the only option is to apply for a new Visa from the Kenyan embassy, or you can leave Kenya, and obtain a new electronic visa, and re-enter Kenya.

For Ex: you could cross the border into Ethiopia or Tanzania and apply for Visa from there and re-enter the Republic of Kenya.

What is the difference between the Validity of the Visa and the duration of stay?

Duration of Stay – It is the maximum number of days travelers are permitted to stay in the Republic of Kenya. For example, Kenya is counted as “Day 1” the first day you enter, even if you enter just a few minutes before midnight. Likewise, the “Last Day” is counted as the day you leave Kenya, even if it is just a few minutes after midnight.

Visa Validity – on the other hand, Visa validity is the duration of time from which a traveler can use your Visa to enter and stay in the Republic of Kenya.

What is the processing time it takes to get a Kenya Visa?

The processing time takes anywhere from 2 days to get your Kenya E-Business Visa approved. Give all the Information/data and supporting documents you furnished are correct, and the Kenyan Embassy does not ask you for any other additional documents.

How long before I should apply for a Kenya Visa?  

For Kenya E-Business Visa, Applicants of the eligible nationals/territories may apply an online minimum of 3 days before the date of arrival.

What should travelers check before traveling to Kenya Visa?

The travelers who travel to Kenya kindly check your Travel document is Valid for at least six months at the time of your entry and require a Pre-arranged Kenya Visa based on your citizenship.

The Republic of Kenya has advised that travelers departing the Kenya airport after the 10 pm curfew must retain their boarding pass/Air ticket as proof of their arrival time, allowing for movement to their accommodation. Same time, evidence of air travelers arriving after 22.00 Hours will enable access for drivers coming to collect travelers from the airports during curfew hours.

Why should I check my Kenya Visa Validity?

The Visa of few residents got expired in the pandemic period. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic situation, so it’s mandatory to check the Visa validity. UAE Immigration Officers may also advise you to have a minimum validity of three months before traveling to Kenya.

Can I convert my Kenya e-Visa to any other Visa?

No, Kenyan e-Visa is non-convertible.

I got a new travel document, but my Kenya e Visa was on the old travel document, and it is still valid. So how can I proceed now?

You may be allowed entry into Kenya on the new travel document even if an e Visa has been issued on the old Travel document/passport with the condition that you must carry the new Travel document/passport and old passport on which e Visa was issued.

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