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Details about visa for Singapore

3 months


Passport Requirements:

All travelers except the following require a passport:

1. Travellers with a Seaman Book provided they are traveling on duty.

2. Travellers with ‘Kinderausweis,’ a German identification document given to children less than 16 years of age, so that a picture of the child is included in the document.

3. Travellers with a temporary passport that is issued by the United Arab Emirates.

4. Travelers with a ‘Laissez-Passer’ given by the United Nations provided they are traveling on duty.

5. Travellers with an identity certificate issued by the government of any country to refugees and people without nationality or citizenship.

6. Travellers with identity documents issued by Hong Kong (A Special Administrative Region of China).

7. Travelers with a travel authorization given by Macao (China Special Administrative Region).

8. Travellers with a refugee travel document issued by Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordon, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, The United Arab Emirates, Republic of Yemen.

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Document Validity:

Passports and alternative documents, or one of them, must be valid upon arrival for at least six months.

a. Upon arrival, passports and alternative documents, or either of them, issued to Singaporean citizens must be valid.

b. Singapore residents may enter with travel papers that must be valid upon arrival.


Foreign children aged 15 years old and younger may be dependents in the Passports or alternative papers of one of the parents or a legal guardian so long as that parent or legal guardian accompanies them. If travelers do not abide by these rules, they will be denied entry.

Visa Issuance:

Before arrival: Travellers are kindly requested to contact the nearest representation of Singapore.

Visa Exemptions:

All travelers must hold a visa except the following:

1. Singaporean citizens.

2. Travellers with a business travel card issued by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation for a stay of no more than 60 days so long as it is presented together with a passport. On the reverse of the card, it must be stated that it is valid for travel to Singapore (SGP).

3. Citizens of the People’s Republic of China staying for no more than 30 days as long as they have:

3.1. Service, diplomatic or official passports.;

3.2. passports issued by Hong Kong (A Special Administrative Region of China) and Macao (A Special Administrative Region of China);

3.3. Normal passports that are endorsed ‘For public Affairs’;

3.4. It is possible to extend the validity of the visa against a fee of SGD 40.

4. Travelers with a ‘Laissez-Passer’ given by the United Nations provided they are traveling on duty.

5. Permanent residents of Singapore with a re-entry permit that is issued by Singapore.

6. Travellers with a business travel card issued by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation for a stay of no more than 90 days as long as they are Australian citizens, presented along with a passport. On the reverse of the card, it must be stated that it is valid for travel to Singapore (SGP).

7. Citizens of all countries staying for no more than 30 days. It is possible to extend the validity of the visa against a fee of SGD 40.

7.1. This facility does not apply to citizens of the Commonwealth of Independent States countries, Bangladesh, India, Jordon, Myanmar, Nigeria, and Tunisia with ordinary passports.

7.2. This facility is available to travelers with all types of British passports regardless of endorsement in the passport concerning citizenship.

7.3. This facility does not apply to citizens of Algeria, Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Morocco, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, the Republic of Yemen, and Syria.

TWOV (Transit Without Visa):

1. TWOV is permissible for travelers continuing their trip towards a third country provided:

– they are not allowed to leave the airport transit area;

– they have confirmed onward tickets; and

– they have all the documents needed for their next trip.

Within the Singapore-Changi Airport transit area, hotel accommodation is available.

2. Travellers mentioned below can transit for up to 96 hours without a visa and leave the transit area (Visa Free Transit Facility):

2.1. Citizens of India and People’s Republic of China as long as they have a residence permit or a visa valid for at least one month for Australia, Canada, Germany, Jamaica, New Zealand, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States of America.

2.2. Citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan on condition that they are in transit to or from a third country.

Additional information:

1. Local sponsorship is required for the citizens of Algeria, Afghanistan, Jordan, Libya, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Somalia, the Republic of Yemen, and Tunisia.

2. It does not recognize the Refugee Travel Document (Form No. I-571), issued by the United States of America.

3. Travelers must have an onward or return ticket confirmed and ample money to cover the costs of their visit to Singapore. In addition, for their onward destinations (including visas, if required), they must have valid documentation.

4. Foreign women in an advanced state of pregnancy not coming as tourists and wishing to give birth to their child in Singapore should submit a previous application to the Visitor Services Center, ICA Building, Number 10 Kallang Road, Singapore 208718, telephone number: 0011-6563916100 at (Apply to Visit Pass). The application can be submitted through a local sponsor when the woman is five or more months pregnant for the issuance of a Social Visit Pass for entry and transit. This limitation does not apply to Singaporean citizens or foreign residents of Singapore with a re-entry permit into Singapore. Applications take approximately four weeks to handle.


Suppose travelers do not abide by visa rules. In that case, immigration authorities have the right to deport any traveler who does not respect such rules at the expense of the transporting carrier to their home country.


Import regulations:

1. Travellers aged 18 years old or more are allowed free import of no more than one liter of beer and wine, or 1 liter of wine and 2 liters of beer, or 2 liters of wine and 1 liter of beer.

2. Free import of souvenirs, gifts, and foods for stays outside of Singapore of 48 hours or more: SGD 500; for stays outside Singapore of less than 48 hours: SGD 100.

3. When arriving from Malaysia, free importation of liquor products is not permitted. Passengers coming from a third country transiting through Malaysia who has not entered Malaysia are exempt.

4. As they are subject to tax and duty, all tobacco products must be declared upon arrival. Any chewing gum must also be recorded to ensure that it is licensed by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA). The absence of a declaration can result in a fine or imprisonment.

Export regulations:

Free export of a moderate volume of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.


1.Passengers arriving with pets must obtain the following information before arrival:

– an import license (valid for thirty days) from the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA), as well as a veterinary certificate, comply with the import requirements of the AVA.

– acceptance of Sembawang Animal Quarantine (SAQS) quarantine space for cats/dogs from countries other than Australia, Cayman Island, Denmark, Hong Kong (SAR China), Iceland, Ireland (Rep.), Japan, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, USA (Hawaii and Guam only), and the United Kingdom. Please refer to This list can be updated without notice.

Passengers must also notify AVA’s Changi Animal and Plant Quarantine (CAPQ) of the following information, at least five working days before arrival at Changi International Airport: name of the passenger and local contact number; date and time of arrival; the number of the import permit; whether the pet is traveling in accompanying baggage or manifest cargo.

2. For cats/dogs imported directly from the Cayman Islands, Australia, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland (Rep.), Hong Kong (SAR China), Japan, New Zealand, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States (Hawaii and Guam only), the airline declaration is required, a copy of which must be attached to the container.

3. When transiting pets via Singapore, a transshipment license from AVA must be obtained.

Baggage Clearance regulations:

1. A traveler’s luggage should be cleared at the first airport of entry in Singapore.

2. Luggage clearance for crew members takes place through a special immigration counter.

Airport tax:

All passengers are not entitled to pay any airport tax upon departure from the airport.

Currency Import regulations:

There are no limited imports of local currencies (Singapore Dollar-SGD) and foreign currencies. However, on arrival, amounts equivalent or exceeding SGD 20,000 (including bearer cheque, traveler cheque, promissory note, bill of exchange) should be declared.

Currency Export regulations:

The export of local currency (Singapore Dollar-SGD) and foreign currencies is allowed up to SGD 20,000. It is necessary to declare any higher sums, including promissory notes, traveler’s cheques, bills of exchange, bearer cheques, and the like upon arrival or departure.

Arms and Ammunition regulations:

The importation of explosives or firearms is prohibited unless the traveler is authorized by the Director-General of the Singapore Civil Aviation Authority:

a. When entering, a police permit must be obtained within two weeks before the entry date. An SGD 45 fee is charged for transport per traveler. The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore imposes this fee. The carrier needs to obtain authorization from the Director-General of Civil Aviation Authority to transport firearms on board the plane. Infringement may result in litigation of traveler and carrier;

b. On SQ flight application must be sent to (telex SINKESQ, attention: Duty Officer) two weeks before travel. Infringement may result in litigation of carrier and traveler.

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