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Important Details about Visas for Lebanon

3 months


Passport Requirements:

All travelers require a passport, except:

1. Travelers with a national identification card, whether they come specifically from Syria, are given to Syria residents.

2. Travelers with a ‘Laissez-Passer’ given by the Government of Lebanon.

3 Travelers released by the United Nations with a ‘Laissez-Passer.’

3.1. For the onward or return journey, travelers must have tickets and other appropriate documentation, including a visa, if needed.

4. According to the London Convention of 1946 and the Geneva Convention of 1951, given to refugees by any nation other than Israel, travelers with travel documents known as ‘Titre de voyage’ They must have approval in advance from the Directorate of Immigration, based in Beirut.

5. Provided to Merchant Seamen by Travelers with a Seaman Book.

6. ‘Kinderausweis’ passengers, a German identification document was given to children.

Lebanon flag against city blurred background at sunrise backlight

Document Validity:

Passports and alternative documents, or all of them, must be valid for at least three months after the scheduled visit to Lebanon.

a. Without restriction, expired passports given to people of Lebanon are recognized.

b. Passports of any country other than Lebanon belonging to the Arab League must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry.

c. With travel documents valid upon arrival, residents of Lebanon can enter.

Additional Information:

1. Travelers with passports containing an Israeli visa, whether valid or expired; used or unused; or any passport-endorsed Israeli stamps are not permitted to enter Lebanon.

2. Residents of the Gaza Strip will be refused entry into Lebanon with a ‘Laissez-Passer’ signed or issued by the Egyptian authorities. For travelers with a visa provided by a Lebanese official abroad, exemptions apply.

3. Travelers with a re-entry permit from the United States (Form no. I-327) issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security are refused entry, except for travelers of Lebanese descent, if they have a valid Lebanese passport or civil document from Lebanon.

4. Entry will be denied to Palestinians from the home territory with a temporary passport stamped by the Amman Passport Office, even if that passport contains an entry visa for Lebanon. This passport is issued by the government of Jordan and does not grant its bearer nationality.

Minors of age: 

Children under 15 years of age traveling on a parent’s passport, apart from their nationality, must be accompanied by the passport holder or have their separate passport.

Visa Issuance:

1. Until arrival: A visa can, if necessary, be issued by: 

– Lebanese representations abroad, with the authorized serial number indicated; or

– The Defense Headquarters Directorate in Beirut. A visa must be available before arrival at the Immigration Department at the airport and must be checked by telex from the carrier concerned.

2. On arrival: for travelers coming for leisure, a visa may be provided if necessary at Beirut International Airport. They must have verified return tickets or onward tickets in Lebanon and have a valid address and phone number.

* Fees for Visa Issuance:

– A three-month single-entry visa: LBP 50,000

– A three-month multiple entry visa: LBP 100,000

– For one month, a single entry visa: free of cost.

– A 48-hour transit visa: free of cost.

2.1 Citizens of Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Barbados, Bhutan, Costa Rica, Denmark, France, Antigua and Barbuda, Greece, Australia, Iceland, Republic of Ireland, Bahamas, Italy, Japan, Belgium, Republic of Korea, Liechtenstein, Belize, Luxemburg, Brazil, Malaysia, Canada, Malta, Sweden, Mexico, China, Monaco, Netherlands, Czech Republic, New Zeeland, Finland, Norway, Panama, Germany, Peru, Chile, Portugal, Cyprus, Romania, Samoa, San Marino, Singapore, Spain, United States of America, St. Kitts-Nevis, Switzerland, Turkey, and Venezuela;

2.2 Even if endorsed by ‘British National (Overseas)’ travelers with British passports. 

3. On arrival: Visas may be given to citizens of Algeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Egypt, the Comoros Islands, Ghana, Iraq, Libya, Mauritania, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, and Yemen, if required, at Beirut International Airport, provided that: 

— Have not been able to apply for a visa before arrival or to receive permission in advance from the Lebanese Embassy or Directorate of Immigration of Lebanon;

– Has cash or traveler’s cheques for USD 2,000; 

– Has a non-refundable return ticket to the country of entry permitted by the traveler and a copy of the hotel booking in Lebanon. 

4. On arrival: A visa can be given to travelers with diplomatic passports at Beirut International Airport if required. On arrival, maids working for travelers accredited to Lebanon may also obtain a visa.

5. On arrival: If required, a three-month multiple entry visa can be obtained at Beirut International Airport, provided that travelers have confirmed return or onward tickets and have a valid address and telephone number in Lebanon, provided that they are Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Dominica, Estonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Republic of Montenegro, Poland, Russia, Republic of Serbia, Georgia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan citizens.

5.1. If they have not previously taken a job as musicians, female travelers can also receive a visa upon arrival; in that latter case, they must obtain permission from Lebanese Immigration in advance. This approval is not, however, necessary for:

a. Wives of people of Lebanon who have evidence of a relationship; 

b. Palestinian refugee wives in Lebanon who have evidence of a relationship;

c. Syrian citizens’ wives, followed by their husbands;

d. Travelers arriving with their parents, siblings, or children provided that they have evidence of the relationship;

6. On arrival: a visa may be granted, if required, to businessmen, managers, company owners, physicians, engineers, and lawyers at Beirut International Airport, except nationality, provided that they have a valid residency permit for any member country of the Gulf Cooperation Council for a duration not exceeding the validity of the passport.

7. Upon arrival: A visa may be given to businessmen, bankers, directors, and investors staying at Beirut International Airport for a duration not exceeding six months if necessary. The issuance of a visa is based on prior approval obtained from the Directorate of Immigration of Lebanon and arranged by a sponsor who has to submit the application directly. Within 48 hours, processing will occur.

8. On arrival: if required, a visa may be issued at Beirut International Airport to tourist groups consisting of no more than eight individuals, given that they are supported for a stay of no more than six months by a registered tour operator in Lebanon. 

9. A visa is valid at Beirut International Airport for travelers who have been cleared by the airline pursuant to a written notice provided by Immigration at Beirut International Airport upon arrival.

Visa Exemptions:

All travelers must carry a visa except for the following:

1. Lebanese people, including wives and children, as long as they have official evidence of their association.

Lebanon’s citizens with a ‘Laissez-Passer’ issued by Lebanon or those deported to Lebanon need Lebanese Immigration’s prior approval. 

2. Travelers who are staying for no more than three months, as they are: 

2.1. Syria’s Citizens;

2.2. Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and UAE citizens.

2.2.1. Family members, servant maids, and private drivers can be included in their employers’ company;

2.3. Entry is permitted for foreign wives of Syrian nationals with a valid Syrian residence permit; 

2.4. Jordanian citizens, but if they have passports without a national serial number, a visa is required before arrival. 

3. Travelers of Lebanese descent who travel with a foreign passport, a valid Lebanese national identification card, an expired Lebanese passport, or a Lebanese civil document. 

4. In Lebanon, travelers with residency permits valid for one year are released.

5. Wives and children under the age of 15, living in Lebanon and business owners with proof of ownership thereof.

6. If they have a legitimate Lebanese travel document known as ‘Titre de Voyage,’ including a wife and children with evidence of their relationship, individuals without nationality or citizenship.

7. Employees of the United Nations have provided diplomats with diplomatic cards issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lebanon.

8. Travelers with diplomatic or service passports issued by the United Nations, who, upon arrival, can obtain a visa-free of charge.

TWOV (Transit Without Visa):

For travelers continuing their journey to a third country on the same day, TWOV is allowed as long as they have onward tickets and all documentation available for their next destination. A night at the airport is not permitted. This does not apply to ‘Laissez-Passer’ travelers.

Additional Information:

1. An entry visa issued by the Lebanese Consulate Abroad must be issued by the following passengers, showing the approval numbers of the Directorate General of Immigration or a copy of the approval issued by Lebanese Immigration:

Citizens of Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burundi, The Republic of Central Africa, Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Bangladesh, Gambia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Republic of Guinea, Cameroon, India, Congo (Kinshasa), Indonesia, El Salvador, Kenya, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Liberia, Eritrea, Madagascar, Fiji, Malawi, Philippines, Mali, Rwanda, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Palau Islands, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Seychelles, Togo, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Zambia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, St. Lucia, Suriname, South Africa, Tanzania, Trinidad & Tobago, Uganda, Zimbabwe, as well as Chinese Taipei Passport passengers.

2. Maids, servants, and workers must have an original residence permit from the Directorate of Immigration or a previously issued authorization.

3. Citizens of Iraq with visas provided by the Lebanese Embassy in Baghdad need the approval of the Directorate of Immigration.


Travelers arriving in Lebanon with faulty or incomplete entry or transit documentation will be refused entry or transit and will be deported at the carrier’s expense. In addition, a fine of LBP 3,000,000 (about USD 2,000) would be payable to the carrier.


Import Regulations:

1. Travellers aged 18 years old are allowed free import (once every six months) of:

a. 1,000 grams of tobacco, or 100 cigarillos, or 50 cigars or 800 cigarettes;

b. Two liters of whisky, cognac, champagne, or equivalent goods, or no more than four liters of other alcoholic drinks;

c. One liter of eau de cologne and 100 grams of perfume;

d. Medicines for personal use only and up to the prescribed dosage.

e. For Jordanian, Lebanese and Syrian nationals, and other travelers arriving from Syria and Jordan: up to LBP 500,000. For all other travelers: up to 2,000,000 LBP

2. Crew and Merchant Seamen are allowed free import of:

a. 20 cigarettes only in open packets(s), but no other tobacco articles;

b. No alcoholic drinks;

c. A moderate amount of perfume.

Travelers aged less than 18 years old are allowed half the quantities mentioned above of all products other than tobacco and alcoholic drinks.

Export regulations:

1. There are no restrictions on exporting tobacco products and alcoholic drinks.

Prohibited: Archaeological pieces and currencies, narcotics.


All live animals must be accompanied by a legitimate health certificate given in their home country by a veterinarian. This certificate must be issued by the appropriate government authority of that country and must be stamped. A vaccination certificate against rabies is a must as well.

Baggage Clearance regulations:

The baggage of a traveler at the first airport of entry in Lebanon should be cleared. 

a. An exemption: 

Luggage for transit passengers whose destination is outside Lebanon, given that the onward flight is on the same day.

Airport Tax:

No airport tax is imposed on travelers at the airport upon leaving port.

Currency Import regulations:

For travelers coming from or traveling to a country, there are no limits on importing local currency (LBP-Lebanese Pound) and foreign currencies, but gold coins must be declared.

Currency Export regulations:

For travelers coming from or traveling to a country, there are no limits on exporting local currency (LBP-Lebanese Pound) and foreign currencies, except for gold coins. However, if an amount of gold or gold coins is declared upon arrival, the same amount may be exported.

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