A few quick tips on Vietnam Visa Photo Size

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Vietnam is often underrated and has a lot to offer, from beach hoppers to cultural buffs. Vibrant cities have charming architecture and colorful villages full of friendly people. There are numerous reasons to fly to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City and travel down or up this incredible country by train, plane, bus, or the preferred mode of transportation could be a motorbike.

Vietnam, located on the Asian continent, is a country of forests and beaches with a distinctive S-shaped shape. Vietnam has famous beaches due to its long coastal line from north to south. Visitors to Vietnam have the opportunity to see incredible things they have never seen before, based on natural scenery and long-standing culture.

A few quick tips on Vietnam Visa Photo Size

It’s easy to see why Vietnam has become so popular with American tourists. It is a low-cost destination that has a lot to offer for an average American traveler. It is a country that provides a variety of options for tourists who wish to visit.

Vietnam has 21 national tourism areas, numerous World Heritage Sites, eight zones designated as World Biosphere Reserves, and 31 national parks, so there is plenty for American visitors to enjoy.

Do I need a Photo for my Vietnam Visa?

Photos are an essential part of preparing for passport or Visa applications. Most government agencies and travel agents will tell you that you need passport-sized photos. This is a puzzling message because different countries have different photo requirements.

Yes. You need a photo for a Vietnam Visa. A highly qualified Visa photo with perfect dimensions is essential for your Vietnam Visa application.

Vietnam Visa photo size and requirements

Each applicant must submit two photographs.

  • Dimensions: Portrait Visa photos should be 4 x 6 cm or 2 x 2 inches in size as per the international and Vietnam photography size standards.
  • Validity: Ensure that the images are taken within the last 6 months.
  • Photo Color:  You need to print the Visa photographs in color on professional picture paper.
  • Photo Background: Keep your face lit up, and the area behind you should be a strong, plain white, shade-less background.
  • Clothing: Prefer regular wear. Let it not be like the one for an occasion. Don’t let the headdress cover your face.
  • Accessories: You must take off your head hat, headgear, veins, scarves, and other items covering your forehead, except for religious attire and consistent objects such as a hearing device. They may accept the prescription of eyeglass for medical reasons. You will also need to wear consistent with the photos on arrival.
  • Facial Expression: Face your camera, maintain your neutral expression, open your eyes, and do not smile.
  • Applicant Hair: Long-haired applicants may wear their hair down as long as it does not hide their faces.
  • Applicant Beard: Applicants with beards should keep them for the Vietnamese Visa photo.

Frequently asked questions about Vietnam Visa photo size.

Is it necessary for children to have a photo for a Vietnam Visa?

Of course. Children, like adults, require their photos to obtain a Visa to Vietnam. It is more challenging to get photographs for children, particularly newborns, infants, and babies, which is why we have some suggestions for you:

  • Parents or anyone else is not permitted to appear in the photograph; there are high chances that the photo might get rejected if there is appearance of another person.
  • Take a picture of just the child’s face, without any other objects such as toys or bottles.
  • When you take the photo, keep their eyes wide open.
  • Infants can be placed on a plain white sheet, while children should sit in a chair.

My husband is a Canadian citizen, and I am a US citizen. Is the criteria and size of the Vietnam Visa photo the same for tourist and business Visas and different citizens?

Yes. It is the same for both types of Visas for Vietnam and all other countries citizens.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival Photo Requirements

Even though it can be a longer and more unpredictable process, many tourists choose to apply for a Vietnam Visa on arrival once they arrive at a Vietnamese point of entry.

If you choose a Visa on arrival, remember to bring two photos with you, as well as your passport, travel documents, and enough cash to pay the applicable Vietnam Visa application fee. The Visa photos need to give to the Vietnamese border control officers and glued to the entry and exit form.

Both the Vietnam eVisa and Visa on arrival have identical photo criteria. Size, lighting, head and facial position, clothes, and accessories, among other things, are all critical considerations.

Make sure to print your images on glossy photo paper because you’ll need to present physical copies of them at the Vietnamese border to get the Visa.

Vietnam Visa photo size validation by Click2Visas

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