What is a Vaccine Passport?

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Living in New York, a busy city, you will have to face challenges daily.  There are many daily activities you will have to focus on as a New Yorker. And now, wherever you go, you hear one question, very commonly. “Are you vaccinated” and each time, you will also have to show the proof for it.  Ufff! So tiresome!

Well, you need not carry your vaccination certificate with you while shopping or visiting malls. But if you to attend public events or some social gatherings, you need to show evidence that you are vaccinated.

Things are slowly getting better after a strict lockdown for more than a year with the rollout of vaccination. You can now travel, visit parks, Gym, and many other places.

Hand holding vaccine passports as proof that the holder has been vaccinated against covid-19, requirement for international travel.

Now the question is how to prove that you are vaccinated and make the officials easily understand that you had Covid Vaccine shots. Very curious, right?! Click2Visas is on the go to make you understand what a vaccine passport is, its role, and its uses. Let’s see how this new technology makes life much easier.

Vaccine Passport (meaning)

A vaccine passport, also called a digital certificate of vaccination, is your evidence against Covid. It is valid proof that you have tested Covid negative. It can either be in digital form as a phone App or soft copy like a paper card. You can take it along everywhere to be verified. 

Companies can now open up for business without hesitation with the proof of vaccination. Countries can open up their borders for international travelers without fear and avoid unnecessary quarantines.

New Yorkers wonder why the word “Passport” is attached to it. The term “Passport” is very common. Hence, we can call it “Vaccine Card,” “Vaccine Pass,” or even “Vaccine Certificate.” These are few suitable terms.

Vaccine passport USA challenges

There are various kinds of challenges in vaccine passports. One is a political challenge. Some US states agree with this concept, and some do not. So, the US government cannot take a concrete decision, and they leave it to the private sectors.

Some political groups oppose this because they think it is against personal freedom. People share critical health matters, and they ask questions about how safe it is.

Apart from politics, the most critical challenge is how to standardize this process. The government and private sectors should work together and finalize how it should function and what Apps need to be used.

Some state governors think it will create discrimination between people. Some get the vaccination, and some do not. This is a very bias situation. Privacy advocates believe this vaccine passport should not hold all health information other than Covid. Nobody wants to reveal their health details to all.

App developers should link to State Databases that keep vaccination records. Due to several Apps and lack of standardization, people often get confused about which one to use. Some countries or airlines only accept some Apps. Also, many vaccines are available in the market, choosing the best one is again a big challenge.

Digital health pass Apps

Many organizations are working on different digital health pass applications that will permit the users to show vaccination evidence before entering their business meets or traveling. These play a very important role and help and aid Covid restrictions.

New York is the first US state to introduce a digital health certificate called “Excelsior Pass.” It verifies a person’s negative Covid test result. This App and website are very much free for residents of New York. It provides a QR code that can be scanned or printed out to verify your health data.

Many New Yorkers use this pass to enter Yankee Stadium, Madison Garden, and other public events. In New York, you need your state ID card and Excelsior Pass to avoid potential fraud in the business sector.

These apps play a crucial role in eliminating restrictions. Simultaneously, people think the government needs to set guidelines so Apps are interchangeable and allow the developers to see the concept behind the coding. Then only can they create a more transparent and collaborative process. People think that they should have the freedom to choose what application they want.

Many cruise lines and countries accept this method and even encourage it. So that all can feel safe and protected again.

World Health Organization and the US government still not take any major decisions. But they keenly look into the various possibilities.

Vaccine passport NY uses

  • Vaccine passport uses are extensive. If restaurant or Gym owners know that their customers are being vaccinated, they can return to total capacity without fear and even broaden their business.
  • Promoters of international business conferences, various concerts, or any sports events where thousands of people gathering together know that whoever participates had vaccine shots.
  • Instead of a paper document, it is effortless to check and less prone to forgery.  Schools and workplaces will be largely benefited.
  • It is a significant part of your international travel. New Yorkers just put the Covid pandemic behind them and ready for both domestic and international trips. You cannot take vaccination papers all the time. Digital proof is much easier.
  • This application allows you to verify the destination country entry requirements, based on which you can keep your coronavirus status digitally.

Future of vaccine passport

The US government is significantly exploring the use of vaccine certifications both domestically and internationally.  Currently, private sectors are studying the various forms of Apps and methods.

There are countries like Iceland, which allow vaccinated travelers to skip testing and quarantine requirements. The state of Hawaii also follows the same method as Iceland.

World Health Organization (WHO) is deeply exploring how this Vaccine passport might work. Most Airlines start to check that their passengers are being vaccinated even before border officials do.

It clearly shows that in the future, having a vaccine passport is unavoidable. Remember that you need to wear a mask still and to follow social distancing.

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