Best way to explore West Regions of the United States

4 years

The states of Washington, California, Utah, Montana, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, Idaho, and Oregon are included in western regions of the United States. We can further break the region into California, the Rocky Mountains, the Southwest, and the Pacific Northwest. Then, the East Coast region of the United States, western regions of the United States, is much larger and covers a vast area. 

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We cannot underestimate the travel distance between various locations. If we wish to explore the entire western regions of the United States, we can travel by flight or require ample time. Due to its presence of vast area, its landscape, culture, and climate are quite diverse. This area offers us(travelers) a lot to visit and experience—this diversity, which in turn attracts numerous travelers. The elevations range from the low elevation of the flatland to the high elevation of the Rocky Mountains. We could find plenty of deserts in the southwest, while Pacific Northwest areas are very lush and green. Northwest region is prone to rain while the southwest region is much dryer.

National parks are the tourist attraction spot; they could be a significant reason for many people visiting the western United States. This region is filled with impressive and most interesting national parks. Though Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Yosemite are some of the famous parks, there are also many unique and impressive others. San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas are all located within this region, which tells us despite the vast open space in the western US, there are also some of the country’s largest and most cosmopolitan cities present here. 

Food and Dining:

Food in the western regions of the United States is good and cheaper too. Restaurants in smaller towns will cost us much lesser than those in cities, but still, budget options are available plenty. We could try Mexican cuisine as it is the favorite throughout the southwest. Also, it is delicious at a cheaper rate.

On the west coast, the regional specialty is seafood. Crab, oysters, and salmon are among the favorites. If we love local specialties, it will be offered by a large number of local restaurants that are available in most cities.

We will only find a limited number of local eateries in remote areas or smaller towns along the interstate. The most common places are the fast food and the chain restaurants where the prices are lower, and the quality will be its equivalent. 


If we have limited funds, traveling around the western regions of the United States could be a difficult one. This region covers a significant area, and the travel time is much longer than we expect.

To experience the visit of the entire places, we need to take several flights. If not, we must have several months. Our option could be renting a car, but if we require this for more than one or two weeks, it will be expensive.

Some people on their arrival choose to buy a car, but the tricky part is its logistics. If this option is in your consideration, we need to have a plan before-hand and do plenty of research about the legal requirements. If we are sure to visit many national parks, it is better to rent a Recreational Vehicle. 

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Driving in western regions of the United States is quite safe, as the roads here are of excellent quality. Gas stations are quite common in most areas, but if we reach remote roads and the rural places, we could at least fill half of the tank.

If we are running short of time, opting for a flight could only be our choice. Even for the regional flights, it is quite expensive in the western regions of the United States.

The only option to get the best prices on flight rates is by booking them in a before-hand. If we are limited to visit the cities, we could board by bus or train.

If we neither have enough time nor a lot of money, we could visit smaller regions of the western United States. This helps us to spend our time efficiently and see specific areas in much more depth in a relaxed way.    

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