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What are the regulations and restrictions of Volaris Baggage?

3 months

Volaris Baggage Policy:

At a time of travel, its necessary to validate and know the actual fees of baggage and its limitations. There may be some confusion that we had paid excess fees or not and suddenly paying excess costs for the unregulated size and weight of the baggage. For these issues, here there the precise details of Volaris baggage. In this Volaris baggage, it is mentioned as one bag, and one person for carrying on allowance which did not weigh than 15 lb (6.8 kg) and the outer dimensions (H+L+W) will not exceed 41.2 in (104.6 cm).

The Personal items include one of the following items, such as a purse, backpack, briefcase, or laptop case1 personal item is free, and one standard carry on bag is open.

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Carry on the allowance of Volaris:

Carry on benefit depends on the reservation, for Vuela Basic is one personal item and it measures a maximum of size and weight restrictions (Combined for Both)

Vuela Basic-1 individual item measuring a maximum 14*18*8in.

Vuela Classic-1 personal item with a maximum of 14 * 18 * 8 in and one carryon bag with a maximum of 22 * 16 * 10 in.

Vuela Plus-1 personal item measuring a maximum of 14*18*8 in and two carries on bag measuring a maximum of 22*16*10in.

Personal Items:

Personal items in Polaris baggage such as fit below the seat in front of the passenger example backpack, laptop bag, and portfolio. If your details are not compact below the places, it will travel as carryon baggage with an additional charge. Carry on which was an example for a backpack

Checked Baggage:  

Checked bags are the things that were placed in the plane’s cargo area. That can take a total of up to 5 checked bags of a maximum of 55 lb or 62 linear. If it exceeds 55 lb and 62 undeviating in, overweight charges will apply.99 lb is the maximum Overweight. One baggage for checked baggage allowance, Passengers can bring one bag, weighing up to 55lb(24.9 kg) with maximum dimensions total 62. 

What were the Sports Equipment which is applicable for travel?

If that travels with sports equipment, that should know the costs and regulations of sports equipment, that things were weighing a maximum of 55 lb, and the sum of its width, length, and height must not exceed 98. If the equipment crosses the average permitted weight or dimensions, additional fees will apply. Measurement more than 110 total in total or weighs more than 99 lb. Football equipment includes a set of pads, a pair of cleats, football, and a helmet. Skateboards and Scooters must be packed to protect from damages.

Restricted Items in-flight travel:

In-flight travel the general items which were restricted are Sharp Objects, which are pointy, sharp or penetrating, Maintaining ice picks, ice breakers, axes, knives, and combat knives, tactical knives, daggers kitchen knives, letter openers, cutters, scalpels, swords, foils, and machetes, Knitting needles.

Metal scissors with shorter sides and blades lengthier than 2.3 inches), single or double-edged, flat razors, and similar objects are used. The maximum size and weight of 16.9 fl oz and 1.1 pounds are the aerosol restrictions. The total breadth and weight must not exceed 67.6 fl oz and 4.4 pounds—batteries in which dry batteries are installed in wheelchairs.

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Musical Instruments: 

Musical Instruments measure a maximum of 22*16*10 that can take it as carryon baggage. If you are traveling with checked bags and you exceed 55 lb, additional charges will be applied Fees for oversized luggage if the instrument exceeds 62 in (W+L+H) and the permitted size for checked devices are 78.7 in (W+L+H)

Overweight and Over-Sized Baggage:

Overweight and Oversized Baggage fees charge costs each extra pound. Each additional pound will be charged up to 99 lbs if it exceeds the permitted weight according to the acquired rate. And for Over-Sized and sporting equipment, the maximum dimensions are 62 in. (158cm) which will charge plus overweight charges? Before an hour’s flight departure, the passenger should arrive at the airport to have enough time to document and for them to be able to pass the different security filters.

What is the baggage warranty?

The baggage warranty is applicable if the checked baggage does not arrive on the same flight. This Volaris operated all routes baggage warranty is valid. The guarantee shall apply in respect of one condition, under which the customer has two delayed bags, and only one baggage guarantee shall be given. For the purchase and travel within 30 (thirty) days, the electronic credit is valid. In electronic credit restrictions, it can be used once. Once it has been applied, the contracted air transport service may not be canceled or changed, and credits may be accumulated, then it cannot be used with the other promotions.

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