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Outline of Visas to Argentina and Reciprocity Fee

2 months


Argentina is the eighth-largest country in the world, situated on the continent South-West Coast; it shares borders with Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Brazil. It is also the world’s largest Spanish speaking nation. Moving down to Patagonia, glaciers and mountainous areas are beyond the imagination. Argentina also has plenty of scenic and exciting places to explore, from the rugged Atlantic coastline to stunning beaches and animals like orcas and seals to the magnificent Andes peaks. When you travel to Argentina with a US passport, a business reciprocity fee visa, and a tourist reciprocity fee visa is not required. The Embassy/consulate in your home countries issues various types of visas to Argentina.

The perito moreno glacier

What is Reciprocity Fee in visas to Argentina?

All visas to Argentina process have a reciprocity fee. Citizens from certain countries must pay a reciprocity charge before arriving in Argentina; hopefully, you will be told when you buy your ticket to the aircraft. This fee is equivalent to what is paid to Argentines for visas to visit those countries. You can pay this fee online via credit card.

Do all the visas to Argentina have a reciprocity fee?

Yes, irrespective of the type, all the visas to Argentina have reciprocity fees. Argentina issues business reciprocity fee visas for business travel and tourist reciprocity fee visas for Tourist Travel, Cruise Ships, and Sightseeing.

Is there any exemption in the reciprocity fee to enter Argentina?

As of 23 August 2016, American nationals, Australian citizens, and Canadians who arrive in Argentina via Jorge Newbery and Ezeiza Airports may no longer be obliged to pay a reciprocity fee to enter and depart Argentina. This applies to all types of visas to Argentina.

Can we pay the reciprocity fee online?

Instead of paying the Argentina reciprocity fee at the border point and to avoid potential troublesome delays, Argentina’s government has started accepting electronic payments of the Argentina reciprocity fee. The method is straight forward. You will pay the reciprocity charge online on Argentina. You will receive an Argentina reciprocity fee receipt, which you can then print and bring with you when you reach the country. An officer will check your receipt, and then you will be free to travel all over Argentina, just as you would be on ordinary visas to Argentina.

May I get the Reciprocity Charge from the airport or the entry point?

No. You are not permitted to receive the Reciprocity Fee from an Argentinian airport as of January 2013. You have to pay online.

May I have Reciprocity Payments refunded?

Yes, Yet only when the Argentine Reciprocity Charge is not processed. Please keep in mind that the Service Fee is non-refundable. You will return to Argentina at any point in the future, as long as your Argentina Reciprocity fee is valid. 

Can I display a copy of the Argentina Reciprocity Fee at the border from my phone?

Some entry points allow travelers to show the Argentina Reciprocity Fee in electronic form from their mobile or tablet devices. However, major airports may not entertain soft copies, which applies to all points of land entry. Please bring a printed copy of the Argentina Reciprocity Fee with you for a safer side.

Does US passport holders required to apply for all types of visas to Argentina?

No, the holder of a US passport is not required to apply for all types of visas to Argentina. For the stay up to 90 days in Argentina, no visa is required. A Passport valid six months beyond the intended stay is required. However, US passport holders required a student visa for study purposes in Argentina.

How do I check If I had paid any Argentina Reciprocity Fee in my previous travel to Argentina?

If you went to Argentina before 2010, you could not have paid the Argentina Reciprocity Charge since it was introduced that year. If you went to Argentina before 2013, you might check your passport for the Argentina Reciprocity Fee stamp. After 2013, you may ask the government or us for the documentation. As long as you have a valid Argentina Reciprocity fee, you can fly to Argentina during the term of validity.

Do US passport holders need a student visa to study in Argentina?

Yes, all students who wish to study in Argentina need to apply for a student visa. To apply for an Argentina student visa, personal appearance is required.

How to get Official or Diplomatic visas to Argentina?

All nationals who wish to enter Argentina for Official or Diplomatic Government travel purposes need to apply for official or diplomatic visas to Argentina. 

What are the conditions are suitable for US nationals appealing for Official or Diplomatic visas to Argentina?

The requirements for US Citizens applying for Official or Diplomatic visas to Argentina,

  1. Passport.
  2. Photo.
  3. Diplomat Letter or Note.
  4. Official or Diplomatic visa application form.
Los glaciares national park, santa cruz province, patagonia, argentina, fitz roy mount.

What are the details a Diplomat letter or note should contain?

Letter from your Government Department or Agency and addressed to ” Embassy of Argentina, Visa Section, in your home country with the below details,

  1. Applicant’s name and occupation.
  2. Purpose of the trip.
  3. Dates of the trip.
  4. Contact person in Argentina.

How long do an Official or Diplomatic visas to Argentina valid for?

Usually, this visa is valid for 90 days from the date of issue for a stay not to exceed 30 days. Your application will usually be processed in 2-3 business days.

Do I need to register my travel with the embassy in Argentina?

Travel Registration with the embassy in Argentina is a government service. This program helps you submit details regarding your forthcoming travel abroad to the State Department so that it can be accessed to support you in an emergency. Persons living overseas can often collect daily details from their closest embassy or consulate, whether they are registered.

What are the details I need to register with the embassy in Argentina?

You need to register the below details with the embassy,

  1. Your contact details.
  2. Your civil status during your stay.
  3. Your departure details from Argentina.
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