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A Perfect Guideline and how to get visas for morocco

2 months


A Visa is a permit granted for a particular reason by a sovereign nation to a traveler authorizing entry into that country. Moroccan visas are stamped with the passport of the traveler. For the specific purposes of tourist activities, business operation, or attending a sports event, the most common visas types are given. An Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) has recently been implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Morocco. This visas for morocco allows visitors from Mali, Congo, and Guinea to enter the country for up to 90 days of stay per entry in Morocco. The Government is evident on the criteria for photographs; please ensure that your pictures are as per the requirements.

Camel caravan at sunset in the sahara desert.

More Information about Morocco

 Several different versions of the continent can appear when visitors think of traveling to Africa in our minds. The alleyways and souks of North Africa, and more especially of Morocco towns, are one of the most common. In North Africa, Morocco is geographically located in the Maghreb region. This vibrant city is ideal for presenting Morocco to a Western tourist for the first time, right next to the majestic Atlas Mountain range. Jemaa el-Fnaa Square, as it is locally known, in its historic center, and the adjacent market places called Souks, are the best place to enjoy authentic souvenirs from this beautiful area.With a splash of spices, sand, and sacred architecture, travelers should expect to experience a magnificent landscape and beautiful towns. Visitors can visit as many places as possible in Morocco when they have the time to do so, but not everyone does so, and no trip to Morocco is complete without mentioning Marrakech to start things off.

What are the various visa types available for morocco?

Moroccan tourist visas given to individuals for tourism purposes such as leisure, sightseeing, casual visits to meet friends and relatives, etc. for travel to Morocco Moroccan Business Visas are given on behalf of a company outside Morocco to individuals for attending business meetings with companies in Morocco, selling or exhibiting. Other forms of Moroccan visas are granted for jobs, family reunification, studies, ETA, etc.

How shortly will I be able to apply visas for morocco?

The earliest time you will apply for a Moroccan visa is one month earlier to your scheduled travel date to Morocco. However, you should apply sooner in the event of extenuating circumstances.

How long would it take to get visas for morocco?

Usually, approving an application for a Morocco visa takes 3 to 5 business days.

What type of entry will I get in visas for morocco?

Single entry is given in most cases. If you need to visit Morocco regularly, you may also apply for multiple entry visas.

Do I have to show my passport together with my application?

Yes, the Moroccan visa is a vignette or stamp on an empty passport tab. Therefore, it includes an initial passport with two consecutive empty pages.

Is the Moroccan visa valid for the whole country?

Yes, the visa is valid for traveling all over Morocco.

Do I need medical insurance to travel to Morocco?

To cover your medical costs in Morocco, it is advisable to buy a medical insurance plan.

How to get ETA visas for morocco?

An online method of applying for visas from everywhere in the world is the ETA scheme. Any benefits of this method for the traveler are that at any time, from any place, visas can be applied for easily over the internet. That payment has been made electronically at the time of the application. The user will receive a landing permit after the application has been submitted and approved, which must be presented to the immigration officers upon arrival.

What’s ETA for Morocco?

The ETA of Morocco is an official document authorized tourist from such nationalities to enter and travel within Morocco.

Which official documents do I need to apply for the Morocco ETA?

  1. Applicant Photograph
  2. Personal page of the applicant’s passport (scanned).

How long is My Morocco ETA visa valid for?

This ETA allows visitors for up to 90 days of stay per entry in Morocco.

The validity of both the Morocco Tourist Visa and the long-term visa is just the same. Still, the latter requires the holder to apply for a residency card after entering Morocco, while the visitor visa is not. You have to return after three months, even though you have a long-term visa if you do not prolong your stay and get a residency card.

Four camels in a row walking in a dune with a sunrise light in the back

Passport-size pictures Specification

The Government is evident on the criteria for photographs; please make sure that your pictures are as per the requirements

  1. Photograph dimension: 35mm x 45mm (2 Latest Applicant photographs)
  2. Photograph Background: Colored Light Grey or Light Blue
  3. The photos must be printed with high-quality picture paper
  4. Photographs of applicants no older than six months old

What countries are eligible for the Morocco ETA application?

Citizens of the following Nations can only obtain a Morocco Electronic Travel Authorization.

  1. Republic of the Congo
  2. Guinea
  3. Mali

You can receive an electronic authorization entirely online if you are from one of the countries mentioned earlier. You have to print and show it at the point of entry in Morocco and when you depart after your application is processed and approved.

On arriving in Morocco, what document do I need to present?

You need to present your passport together with your Morocco ETA, which can be printed or viewed from a mobile, upon arrival in Morocco. While you are leaving Morocco, you will also have to show your visas for morocco.

May I apply On Arrival Visa for Morocco?

No, you’re not going to. Morocco does not have a visa valid on arrival. Unless you are excluded from the visa requirements, all visas for Morocco must be obtained before leaving. Only visa-exempt nations are eligible to fly without obtaining a visa from Morocco in advance.

Do students have specific Morocco Visa application visa restrictions?

Students who are going for examination or research in Morocco are expected to display relevant documentation and information on where they will be studying or testing. ‘NOC letter and photo identification (Pan Card / Passport) for parents/guardians, and student ID cards must be carried out by students. If the student travels for college, the visa will be valid until completing the education period.

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