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Overview of how to renew British passport in USA

2 months


UK passports have long been a document of universal trust. It helps people to show who they are and the right to travel around the world. That’s why the latest UK passport will be one of the most technologically advanced in the world, providing unparalleled protection to holders against even extremely sophisticated attempts at counterfeiting and falsification. Data from the holder will be duplicated to an electronic microprocessor embedded in the paper, featuring a stable operating system (OS). It complies entirely with applicable ICAO (International Organization for Civil Aviation) requirements. UK passports come in two types, accommodating frequent, jumbo, and casual travelers. Jumbo passports are 48 pages long, and regular passports have 32 pages.

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How to renew British Passport in USA?

If you are trying to renew your British passport in USA, it’s important to note that all passports are now being released in the United Kingdom. This means that if you live outside of the United Kingdom, there is no expedited service required to renew a British passport. You have to submit your passport application and all necessary documentation to Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) in the UK. Applications for passports can also be used by the British embassy and the international consulates. This is for special cases only. If you need to have a passport interview, this interview will be administered at those offices.

What do I need to renew a UK passport in the US?

Whichever country your passport is from, they all have identical criteria for what you will apply. Although you had to use the UK embassies and consulate offices in the US at first, you don’t have to apply your details here anymore. The application process for a passport can be done online. In addition to filling out your online passport form, if you have them, you will need to apply passport images, your most recent passport, and any other passports from other countries.

How to renew British passport in USA for my child?

You may apply to renew a British passport for the child. You will need:

  • Old passport for your kid.
  • Any valid passports your child could have from a foreign country.
  • Any court order (for example, specifying the arrangements for parental responsibility or residency).
  • You will need either your child’s digital or printed images, too.

When do I need to renew my UK Passport?

Just like most passports have similar application procedures, they do have similar criteria for deciding whether or not you would need to have it checked. There are three key features to make the right decision on the renewal of your passport.

  1. Of course, the most important to bear in mind is the expiration date. If this date is past, then you will have to go it renewed automatically. Passports shall also be deemed void if they expire early, most of the time, within two months.
  2. Another thing to remember is how many pages of potential visa stamps are left in your passport. There are two-page choices depending on the level of travel you expect when applying for your passport. You must have enough space left in your passport book to keep your passport valid.
  3. The overall state of your passport is this last key feature. In order to be used, it needs to be in good shape. In poor conditions, passports won’t even be approved for renewal. It is necessary to keep your passport in good condition for as long as you have it.

What are the photo conditions when I renew for a UK Passport?

  • If you apply for a passport using a paper form, you’ll need 2 identical printed photos.
  • To apply for a passport online, you need digital photographs.
  • You must have taken your picture in the last month.
  • The size should be 45 millimeters (mm) high by 35 mm wide (the standard size used in UK photo booths) and not a reduced version of a larger image.
  • The accuracy of your printed images should be transparent and concentrated, unmarked on both sides (unless a photo has to be counter-signed) and unchanged by computer software, in color on pure white photographic paper without borders, without any creases or tears.
  • You must always look straight at the camera in your picture, have a clear smile, and your mouth closed, keep your eyes open and visible, have no headcover (except for religious or medical reasons), have no shadows on your face or behind you, and do not wear sunglasses or tinted glasses.
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What is the counter-signatory of a UK passport?

A counter-signatory is someone who signs as a guarantor for your UK Passport application, your passport, and photo. What this means is they check the authenticity and truthfulness of the details you submit on your application. The person acting as your Counter signatory must provide contact details so that if necessary, the Passport Office of Her Majesty can contact them. Please note that your counter-signatory can not be linked to you, can not stay in your house, or be a UK Passport Office employee.

What is the processing time after applying for the renewal of a UK passport?

According to the British government publication, it takes 4 to 12 weeks to process an overseas passport application. The processing time of your passport application is determined by many factors. Usually, a renewal of your passport would take about 4 weeks if the name on your passport has not changed, and your passport really hasn’t expired over 4 years. If you have complex situations and are lacking supporting documentation, the processing period could take 12 weeks or longer. The passport issuing authority can also contact you for an interview. The quality of the application and supporting documentation is a significant factor deciding the time taken to process.

Will my old passport be issued back to me when applying for a UK passport renewal?

Yeah, your old passport will be returned unless the UK Identity & Passport Service (IPS) finds it to have harmed. The passport must clearly imply expiry, and it is important that you advise, before applying for renewal, whether any valid visas remain in the passport.

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