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A Complete Guide on Turkish costs for planning a trip

3 months

A country strategically positioned where east meets west is Turkey. Tukey’s largest city Istanbul is split by Bosphorus, which divides the continents of Asia and Europe. Turkey is a quite diverse county, as some of its regions have a more Middle Eastern atmosphere while others have more European. The coastal areas of the country are lovely at the edge of the Mediterranean. For sports enthusiasts, they have plenty of sailing and hiking opportunities. There are also camps, resorts, hostels, or hotels for all types. Whatever be our travel style, we should not miss enjoying a Blue Cruise, a popular tourist activity. When compared with the nearby European countries, Turkey is a far less expensive nation. But still, it offers many of the same luxuries and comforts. Though food is quite affordable, even sit down, restaurants provide a nice one. Pastries and cakes are delicious, cheaper, and available everywhere. There are abundant transport options available, but the country’s bigger size tempts us to take a journey, especially when we are running short of time. If we are traveling by land and want to save money, we can choose the overnight buses. They are not only comfortable but also save much of our money and time. Before starting our trip, we need to have an insight into Turkish costs for various expenses. If you are on a tight budget, street food is your best choice. The food is very delicious and typically of good quality. It is also a perfect way of enjoying the country’s more conventional foods. There is an abundance of street stands, particularly in larger cities such as Istanbul.

Orthodox pilgrims visited the aya sophia mosque in christmas

What are the Turkish costs for a vacation trip?

We need to plan to spend around 163 TRY for a day on our Turkey vacation. On average, 31 TRY is the cost of meals, and 12 TRY is the cost of local transportation for a day. The average hotel cost for a couple in Turkey is 204 TRY. So, the weekly trip for a couple costs around 2,285. For an individual, 1,142 TRY is the one-week vacation cost in Turkey. Two people planning for a two-week vacation to Turkey will require 4,570 TRY. The price per person will drastically come down if we travel as a family with three to four people as we could share the hotel rooms, and the kid’s flight tickets are also cheaper. Our daily budget will come down if we travel slower for a longer period. The budget for two persons traveling together for a month in Turkey will be lower than that of one person traveling for a month. 

The average Turkey vacation cost is split into categories here: The average food cost for a day in Turkey is 31 TRY, which might vary. An individual, when dining out in Turkey, need to spend around 12 TRY. Lunch or dinner might cost slightly higher than breakfast prices. In Turkey, the cost of food in dine-in restaurants is higher than that of street food or fast food. In Turkey, public transport costs us a little lower than the cost of a taxi ride. Local transportation like local buses, taxis, subway, etc. in turkey might cost us 12 TRY for a person—accommodation for an individual cost 102 TRY. Accommodation (Double-accompany room) will cost 204 TRY. Bottled water for one day will cost 1.53 TRY. The expenses incurred for entertainment (such as shows, entrance tickets, etc. will cost 49 TRY. Service providers (or) guides for tips and handouts charge us 6.78 TRY. Intercity transportation costs us 52 TRY. Alcohol for a day costs 28 TRY.

The galata tower

The various other expenses are as follows: For enjoying Gorge Walk entry and photo, we need to pay 5.50 TRY. If we love to visit the Underground city, we may incur 8 TRY. Castle entry will cost us 10 TRY. If we would like to explore Goreme open-air museum, it may cost us 20 TRY. It incurs 30 TRY when we choose to enjoy Hagia Sofia entrance. We require 70 TRY for the Turkish Bath. If we love to watch the Belly dancing show, we need to pay 130 TRY. If we want to experience Paragliding in Turkey, then it could cost us 240 TRY. And if we want to enjoy Hot Air Ballooning, we might require paying 405 TRY. Ephesus Entrance Fee will be 20 TRY. If we would like to enjoy the Whirling Dervishes show, we need to pay 100 TRY.  

Disclaimer: All the costs mentioned above are based on past travelers’ expenses, and there might be a slight variation in the actual cost.

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