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Want to explore Turkey? Turkey Gulet will be the best way to do so

2 months

Wooden Schooners were used for fishing and sponging around the Mediterranean for many years are the Gulets, which is pronounced as goo-lets. Gulets had become a popular way to ferry tourists around the bays of the Aegean region from Bodrum and Marmaris since the 1970s. These days, some gulets are fitted for liveaboard-cruising, with private, en-suite cabins and sometimes luxurious amenities. The only way to experience the stylish, romantic, and wonderfully relaxing Turkish coast is through the gulet. Diesel engines now power most of us for cost, but some do still sail when the wind is right.

Scenic of sunrise over the ocean in istanbul turkey

What is the right place to take gulet in Turkey?

Some of the most popular trips in Turkey through Gulets are as follows.

  1. Gocek – Gulf of Fethiye – Gocek
  2. Bodrum – Gokova – Bodrum
  3. Gocek – Kekova – Gocek

Once we are comfortably settled aboard, days are spent traveling calmly along the coast or between islands. And in the evening, you can moor up in either an increasingly busy harbor where you can go out to eat in a nearby restaurant or in a peaceful bay. Which perhaps your captain is one of the few people to know. As gulets are small, usually allowing not more than 17 passengers, it could take us to places that big cruise ships cannot do. 

The practicability of Turkey Gulet:

If you want to experience a wow travel with the gullet cruise, you should get away with swimsuit and sunscreen, as many boats provide everything starting from a towel to snorkeling equipment. In addition to this, we must have suitable footwear for shore excursions, and that might be much helpful. Gulet travels for around 3 to 5 hours daily. During summer, strong winds can blow up from anywhere that will be useful for sailors, but the same can result in rougher conditions. In general, Gulets stay close to the coast and find shelter when necessary, but the sea rarely gets so choppy that it becomes essential. Where there is no wind, boats with sails also have diesel engines fitted.

Colorful hot air balloons before launch in goreme national park, cappadocia, turkey

Turkey’s gulet generally lasts up to 8 days or fewer if added to the end of a walking and cultural tour. As there are small group tours, they travel on fixed dates between April and October, with the busiest summer months. Onboard professional chefs are available on many boats to prepare meals, and most dietary requirements will also be catered for if the operator is informed well in advance. In all likelihood, we will spend most of our time on deck in the company of other passengers. If the climate is warm enough, we can even sleep there as well. 

Cruising with Family and Relations

Gulet cruise ships are a perfect idea for a family holiday; actually, there are several tours explicitly tailored for families with a minimum age of seven. Friendships with other children on board grow quickly, and while most gulets have electricity to power devices, they are sometimes ignored in favor of activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking. Most of the visitors using gullet are planned to spend some time with their families. Children may even be able to help the crew with their daily routine tasks. Itineraries are planned in advance, but as with many small group trips, there is a possibility for versatility and free time between you.

Cruise and walking holidays

Since the gulet can anchor so easily, there are practically limitless chances for a little hiking and walking, with some of the best beings on the coast of Lycia. Classic paths take you through such a scented pine forest, through winding paths in small coastal towns, or to abandoned hilltop settlements of their mythological origins offering stunning sea views. Don’t you want to fancy walk one day? Then, just sit on the boat, catch up with your reading, and take a nap under the canopy after lunch.

Hope by reading this; your inner mind wants you to grab to a Turkey Gulet and why still to think, plan for your trip today!! The crew is looking forward to welcoming everyone on board what is likely to be the highlights of the time in Turkey! And what are you looking for? Go forward and schedule the Blue Voyage now!

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