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Guidelines for St Lucia visa requirements

2 months


A valid St. Lucia visa is required for foreign nationals from some countries who wish to visit Saint Lucia for business, leisure, or research purposes. We recommend you know the St Lucia visa requirements from the country you are applying to. The population of St. Lucia is mainly of African and African-European mixed descent, with significant East Indian and European minorities. English is the primary language even though many St. Lucians speak a patois in French. Ninety percent of the population is Roman Catholic, yet another sign of the island’s early French presence. The population from just above 170,000 is equally split among urban and rural areas, while the capital city, Castries, is home to over one-third of the St Lucia population.

Duomo di santa lucia, siracusa

Are U.S. Citizens need a visa to travel Saint Lucia?

US citizens do not need to obtain a visa to travel to this country for tourism or business. Any U.S. citizen planning to travel to St. Lucia for some reason other than tourism or business negotiations (e.g., employment, adoption, immigration, or stays longer than stated in the entry requirements) should contact the Embassy directly or the nearest consulate.

How long will it take to get the visa to Saint Lucia? 

A visa application will normally take us five (5) business days to process. Within this target period, we do our best to process each visa application but cannot assure that your request will be finished within this time frame. Longer decision times can result from the unique circumstances of each individual case.

How much the Saint Lucia Visa Fee? 

The visa fee for Saint Lucia is as follows

EC$ 125.00 for a single entry (for a three-month period). 

EC$ 190.00 for multiple entries (multiple entries above a one-year period).

To know the exact and updated visa fee, visit 

How do they handle the visa to Saint Lucia? 

Complete the application form and apply it to the Department of Immigration at least two (2) weeks before the date of travel. In certain circumstances, a visa application may be made at the airport upon entry to Saint Lucia (please note the possibility of refusing the visa application).

What are the documents Requirements for a Saint Lucia visa?

The St Lucia visa requirements are,

  • Two photos with authorized passport size 
  • A valid passport not exceeding six months 
  • A ticket back to the original port
  • Travel itinerary copy 
  • Hotel/ private proof of stay 
  • Invitation letter (if accepted by a friend or family with) 
  • United States Proof of Status

It needs a photocopy of the Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) or valid U.S. visa and I-94. Travelers who entered the USA after 26 April 2013 will print the Department of Homeland Security’s electronic I-94 form.

  • Employment Letter

A letter from your employer/school (on company letterhead, with contact details) indicating that you have been given leave of absence and that you will return to your present job. Include a copy of your business license and tax return if you are self-employed. If you are in retirement, please have evidence of your pension plan.

  • Bank Statement

A copy of the most recent monthly bank statement from the claimant. The document will clearly indicate the name of the borrower as the holder of the account, the account balances, and the payment date.

When should I collect the passports after the visa application has been processed?

The processing period starts when the Saint Lucia Consulate General’s office receives your completed application form for a visa with your passport and supporting documents, as well as the relevant fee. The review stops after a decision about the application has been made. Your passport is ready for collection at that time.

What if my visa to Saint Lucia is rejected? 

If it comes to denying a Saint Lucia visa, the Embassy has the final say. Whether the application is denied or approved for a shorter period, the decision of the authorities is final, and no refund of fee will be issued.

Will I need to visit the Consulate / Embassy directly to submit my documents? 

It may differ based on the country and state you are applying for the Saint Lucia visa. Kindly check our website to know the requirements in your state.

Which is the difference between multiple entries and single (1) entry? 

One must take careful note of what form of entry is required. Unless the visa reads a single entry, its holder may only enter and exit Saint Lucia once, while he/she may enter or leave the country several times with multiple entries.

Which are the various forms of visas for Saint Lucia? 

  • Tourist Visa: Visa is given exclusively to individuals intending to enter Saint Lucia for the purposes of tourism, recreation, visits, or service. 
  • Business Visa: Visa is issued for the travelers planning to visit St Lucia to take part in business and relevant activities.
  • Transit Visa: This is a visa that is issued exclusively to individuals planning to travel via Saint Lucia within three to four days.
Saint lucia flag between traveler's accessories on old vintage map.

Which are Saint Lucia Visa Application Image Requirements?

  • Make sure that the picture shows the entire head from the top of the hair to the bottom of the chin 
  • Center the frame head 
  • The photographer should have a neutral expression 
  • face the camera 
  • The photograph must be recently taken in the last six months

The Government of Saint Lucia has extremely stringent visa photo requirements — due to an improperly formatted visa photo, do not allow your application to be postponed.

Will I need to give you my passport to receive a visa to Saint Lucia? 

You must submit your own passport, not a copy thereof. Visa for Saint Lucia is written on your passport and will be one of your passport pages. Visa applications are not processable without the initial passport.

Do I need a vaccination to enter Saint Lucia?

Actually, vaccinations not necessary for all travelers. In some cases, vaccination may be needed to enter the country. For travel to Saint Lucia, you should always check with the CDC on their recommended vaccinations.

How to get a St Lucia visa requirements travel information?

Get Saint Lucia’s most up-to-date details on travel visas for Saint Lucia, visa requirements and applications for Saint Lucia, Embassy and consulate addresses, updates on international affairs, travel advisories, entries, and exits limitations, and travel tips from

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