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What to know in SAS Baggage Policy?

2 months

Carry-on Baggage:

We can always bring one personal item (laptop or small handbag) and one carry-on bag at a free of cost. Our baggage allowance is purely dependent on the type of ticket we purchase (SAS Go, SAS Plus, and SAS Business). All carry-on baggage must be within the weight and size limits. We need to fit them under the seat in front of us. We need to store jackets and coats in the overhead compartment. Airport purchases and duty- free count as a part of our carry-on. The Baggage allowance on SAS Go is one baggage weighing eight kilograms, SAS Plus is one baggage weighing eight kilograms, SAS Plus (to/from the US and Asia) is two baggage weighing eight kilograms, and SAS Businessis two baggage weighing eight kilograms.

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SAS Baggage Policy:

Weight and Size Limits:

The maximum weight of carry-on baggage should be 8 kilograms. The maximum size of any laptop or handbag should be 40 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm (length x width x depth). The maximum size of any piece of carry-on bag should be 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm (length x width x depth).


Small amounts of liquids such as lotion, toothpaste, perfume, mascara, etc. are allowed to bring in our carry-on. We need to place all the liquids in separate containers of 100 ml or less, where the total amount of liquids should not go beyond one liter. We can bring on-board injections and medicines for personal use, which need to be kept in a separate bag. Traveler can also carry enough baby food and baby milk for our flight.

Fragile and valuable items:

We can pack smaller fragile, and valuable items such as laptops, passports, medication, cameras, jewelry, keys, and money in our carry-on. Larger items such as televisions, computers, or other similar items need to be sent as cargo. 

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Small dogs and cats:

SAS airlines allow our pet to board only when the pet is likely to travel with us in the cabin can stand up and turn around inside the carrier whose maximum size is 40 cm x 25 cm x 23 cm. Small dogs and cats will be allowed to travel with us in the cabin, except in the SAS Business class, where no pets are allowed. All other pets or animals need to be checked in. The number of pets allowed to travel in the aircraft is limited, so we need to contact the customer service team to reserve space for our pets. We need to make this as early as possible, but no later than 24 hours before our departure. When we are called, we need to have the carrier measurements. Before traveling with animals, we need to fill out a document. We require to have printed copies of those documents and present it to SAS airlines airport representative at check-in. Pay a flat rate per carrier/container and direction, inbound (or) outbound, including connections. SAS airlines permit service dogs (when on active duty) to travel at a free of cost. We can take one service animal per passenger. All pet carrier/container will count as our carry-on bag. SAS follows operational guidelines and regulations to keep our animal safe and healthy when traveling in the cabin.

Sports Equipment permissible in SAS Baggage:

Though we can take our sports equipment on SAS, their allocation is limited. We can make our reservations as early as possible, but no later than 24 hours before departure. At a no additional charge, we can take sports equipment to the maximum of 23 kilograms if it fits within our checked baggage allowance included in our ticket (except in SAS Go Light). If our baggage doesn’t fit in our checked baggage allowance, we need to pay extra baggage. Excess Baggage fee will be applicable for sports equipment weighing 23.1 to 32 kilograms. While booking our trip, we can request SAS flights for carrying ski, bike, golf bag, and snowboard. Also, we can make our request at a later time on their website in my bookings section. We need to send SAS airlines a request for other types of special baggage and tickets, including flights with other airlines than SAS.

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