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Easy ways to get Oman eVisa for US Citizens and Places to Visit

9 months
City of muscat in oman


The second-largest country on the Arabian Peninsula, Oman have a distinctive social culture and remarkable landscapes. Its vast array of natural sights ranges from rugged mountain to deserts, and untouched seashores and maze-like markets.  Known for its traditional and warm hospitality, Oman makes you feel right at home as your country. The local Oman people are amiable and always willing to help. English is widely spoken, although sometimes in a basic form. Oman has the most developing tourism industry and related activities in the Gulf states, and more and more people are looking to visit Oman. With the new provision and holiday centers in development, it is a perfect time to reserve the visit to Oman; With warm temperatures, shining ocean waters, and richness of accommodation, an Oman travel is undoubtedly a good one. The country is receiving population greets over 2.5 million travelers per annum.

Getting Oman E-visa for US Citizens

On 21st Mar 2018, it became possible to apply online for an Oman e-Visa; Nationals of member nations of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) may travel to Oman without visas. Citizens of seventy-one other countries and territories can apply for visas on the online portal, which are valid for 30 days. All visitors must hold a valid travel document for six months.

Now, sitting in the home, the US Citizens can apply for an Oman visa from the world’s best online visa service platform, which is effortless to use.

  1. Raise the Request
  2. Pay the Relevant fee
  3. Get the Visa in Email

Benefits of having US Passport

The United States passport ranks among the best passports to own. Few countries require a visa. Almost 156 states that do not require a permit from US citizens holding USA passport to their countries and more countries offering Visa on arrival, all of Europe and South America allow for completely visa-free access. To know about which country offers a Visa-free visit and Visa on arrival, kindly check our widget. 

Qaboos mosque in muscat

Prerequisite to Apply Oman e-Visa for US Citizens

  1. The applicant must stay outside Oman at the time of application submission.
  2. This Oman Electronic Visa does not require a sponsor in Oman
  3. The applicant must not have any other valid Oman visa.

Types of visa that US Citizens can Apply

36B Visit Visa Multi-Entry 1 year

US Citizens can apply this visa for the purpose of Tourism for multiple entries into Oman, and it has the validity of one year as well as the applicant can stay up to 30 days for each visit to Oman, to apply this visa US Citizens not need any sponsors

26A Tourist Visit Visa – 30 Days

US passport Holders can apply this visa for the purpose of Tourism, and it has the validity of 10 days as well as the applicant can stay up to 10 days for each visit to Oman, the can be extended for one time, to apply this visa US Citizens do not need a sponsor

26B Tourist Visit Visa – 30 Days

US passport Holders can apply this visa for the purpose of Tourism, and it has the validity of 30 days as well as the applicant can stay up to 30 days for each visit to Oman, the can be extended for one time for 30 days, to apply this visa US Citizens do not need a sponsor

Documents Required from US Citizens to Apply Oman E-visa

The following documents are required by US passport holder to apply for the visa online.

  1. Applicant Photograph – digital
  2. Passport with validity of six months – scan copy
  3. Accommodation proof
  4. Airline confirmation for confirming the visit

Visa Fees

The Visa fee charges between $28 and $145 depending on your visa types

Getting to Oman

Sunset over muscat, oman

There are many ways to reach Oman with easy access.

Airports in Oman

  1. Muscat International Airport
  2. Khasab Airport
  3. Salalah Airport

Airlines Providing Direct Air access to the Muscat

Besides from Oman Air, the following airlines are providing direct access to Muscat, Oman

 Air Arabiya, British Airways, Egypt Air, Emirates Airline, Etihad Airways, Fly Dubai, KLM, Kuwait Airways, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian, Saudi Arabian Airline, Sri Lankan Airlines, Thai Airways, Turkish Airline

Border Check post in Oman

  1. Alwajajah is the land border with the Emirate of Dubai in The United Arab Emirates
  2. Wadi Al Jizi is the land border with the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (Al Ain) in The United Arab Emirates
  3. Hafit is the land border with the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (Al Ain) in The United Arab Emirates
  1. Khatmat Milaha is the land border with the Emirate of Sharjah in The United Arab Emirates
  2. Tibat is the land border between Musandam Governorate and the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah in The United Arab Emirates
  3. AL Mazunah is the land border with the Arab Republic of Yemen

Sea Port in Oman

  1. AD Duqum Port
  2. Khasab Port
  3. Salalah Port
  4. Sohar Port
  5. Sultan Qaboos Port

Getting around Oman

Port of muscat in oman

Places to Visit in Oman

Muscat, Nizwa, Wahina Sands, Musandam Fjords, Ras al Jinz, Jebel Akhdar, Salalah, Bahla, Masirah Island, Misfat al Abryeen, Wadi Darbat, Sohar, Sur, khasab, Barka, Ibri, Al Suwaiq, Al Hoota Caves

For more information about Place to visit:

Transport in Oman

  1. Travelling by Airplane
  2. Traveling by Ferry/boats
  3. Travelling by Bus
  4. Travelling by taxi
  5. Renting a car

Traveling by Airplane

T is possible to fly from Muscat to Salalah in the south or from Muscat to Khasab (Musandam) in the north. A flight used to operate for a short period between Muscat and Sohar, but this flight is currently suspended. Oman Air and tickets operate all these flights for them could be purchased from Oman Air’s website

Traveling by Ferry/ Boats

Formal sea transportation within the country is operated by the National Ferries Company, which runs trips between Muscat and Khasab, Shinas and Khasab, Khasab, and Lima, as well as Shannah and Masirah. More recently, NFC has started running trips from Khasab to many ports in Iran.

Traveling by Bus

The National Transportation Company (Mwasalat) operates public transportation buses within the capital. The timing and routes of these buses can be seen on Mwasalat’s website. This service is relatively new, and we do not have details about their prices or the method of payment, but the buses are brand new, and the service appears to be reliable.

Traveling by taxi

Traveling by taxi in Oman is not the most straight forward thing because taxis are not metered. There are usually taxi parking spaces near roundabouts, outside hotels, and outside shopping malls and markets. Because the cab is not metered, it is best to negotiate the price of your trip before you get in. If you do not settle in advance, that might signal to the driver that you are a gullible tourist, and you might be charged an arbitrary, expensive rate at the end of your journey. 

Renting a Car

Hiring a Rental car is the most convenient way to travel in Oman, especially if you plan on doing a lot of things outside the capital. Even with the increasing petrol prices, this remains the most economical way to travel. Cars are driven on the right side of the road in Oman. Most vehicles in Oman are new and in good condition. Navigation systems are available from many car rentals companies, and they can be useful for traveling around the country. The price of renting a car depends on the size of the vehicle, brand, etc. and could range between 20 to 80 rials per day. 

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