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Liveclipboard.org Domain History 

The Website was founded in May2006.

Live Clipboard is an extent data format and set of User Interface Technic used to support copy and paste operations between web applications in browsers, and in between website and desktop applications. As opposed to the typical copy and paste experience in web browsers, the Live Clipboard never needs to display a security dialog to the end-user, thus delivering a more streamlined user experience well.

Live Clipboard is authorized under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. As of late 2009, the updated specifications, Javascript files, and sample code can be found here:

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Dynamic HTML technical Development

The Live Clipboard DHTML provides copy and paste functionality for data associated with a web page using the Live Clipboard Extensible Markup Language data format. It consists of the following components:

  1. User Interface elements for exhibiting the Live-Clipboard icons
  2.  Javascript objects that are representing the Live-Clipboard object models
  3. Javascript that controls the serialization and de-serialization of the Live Clipboard Extensible Markup Language information
  4. Javascript calls back function registration for retrieving data for copy and pushing data for paste options.
  5. It is invented to use standard Javascript and CSS techniques to “lead the clipboard to the web” and work in as many browsers as possible. Currently, it is verified to work in Internet Explorer 8 and Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2. The control does not depend on the installation of any client-side applications or browser plug-ins

How it works

The control positions a transparent input element in a containing div element with a back .png image of the clipboard icons. When the user selects focus to the input by left and right selecting it, tabbing, etc.., the javascript gets the data that should be copied by calling the “OnGetLiveClipboardData” function. This call-back function is implemented by the page developer or organizer and returns an instance of Live Clipboard Class containing the data that should be copied to the Clipboard. Then, the control script serializes the data to the Live Clipboard Extensible Markup Language format, which it will set as the value of the input elements and select.

At this point, if the user selects a copy command through the context menu, browser edit menu, ctrl-C control, etc., the input’s selected contents are put on the Clipboard. Alternatively, if the user issues a “paste” command, the input value is changed with the current data on the Clipboard. In this case, the Javascript finds that the input value has been changed, de-serializes the value from Live Clipboard XML format to LiveClipboardClass, and passes the value to the OnHandleLiveClipboardData functions.

The “paste callback” function is executed by the page developer team and responds to the pasted data as desired. Individually, it might iterate through the present data formats, apply data in any recognized form to the page, call an “asynchronous call” to the webserver to persist state, set up a new feed subscription, etc. It is also valid to do nothing, for instance, when none of the pasted data formats are correct for the related data.

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