How to get Nigerian Visa in Houston Texas

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Do you need a Nigerian visa? Nigeria is a beautiful country with a growing inbound tourism and business travel base. Nigeria requires a visa for US citizens to enter, which Click2visas can help you with.

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How to get Nigerian Visa in Houston Texas

Nigeria has its consulate in Houston. Texas residents can apply for Nigeria visa in the Houston consulate. We have set up a dedicated page for travelers that shows how to get a Nigerian visa quickly. 

Nigerian Visa requirements in Houston are not rocket science. But they do include several minor details. Brace yourself and write down all the essential items so that you can fill out your Nigerian visa application without any error.

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What is a Nigerian visa?

All travelers who wish to enter Nigeria need a visa. Nigeria government issues some unique sorts of Nigerian visas based on the purposes. The particular classes of Nigerian visas will vary from country to country. You need to apply for the correct visa to enter Nigeria in Houston. Click2visas will help you with that. Raise a request and book your visa in Houston.

What are the different types of Nigerian visas?

Based on your visit purpose, you can apply for a Nigeria visa if you are visiting Nigeria for any reason, either as a visitor, business, job, or perpetual stay. For tourist purposes, you can apply for a visit visa.

Nationals from few countries do not require a visa to enter Nigeria. You can check your eligibility in our visa checker. For example, the Nationals of Economic of West African States (ECOWAS) can enter Nigeria without any visa. They are exempted from visas.

You need to apply prior visa to enter Nigeria. Visas are issued at the nearest Nigerian Mission-Embassy, High Commission, or Consulate. You can’t get a Nigerian visa on arrival.

The types of visa are mentioned below,

Visit visa: A traveler can apply for a visit visa for touristic purposes. This visa is a short-term visa, available for a limited period.

Business visa: You can apply for a business visa for short-term business activities in Nigeria.

Temporary Work Permit (TWP): This visa type is for professionals or experts. You can apply if you want to enter Nigeria to do a particular job for a limited period. It will last for three months. You need to apply TWP before travel. And it is only for unique jobs and only for jobs where a worker in Nigeria lacks and is missing.

STR Visa To Nigeria: This is a unique type of visa called STR Visa, which means subject-to-regulation. This is the kind of visa that individuals traveling to Nigeria need on the off chance of landing a job offer and trying to work in Nigeria if the operation has ever been given to them by the organization.

How to get Nigerian Visa in Houston, Texas?

Applying for a Nigerian visa in Houston is very simple; follow the below steps.

  1. Fill the Nigerian visa application form online with Click2visas.
  2. Upload the required documents and pay the visa fee online.
  3. Review your form and click submit.
  4. Once your request is raised, we will process your request within a short time.
  5. You will receive a mail from Click2visas that contains your filled application and the documents list.
  6. Print your form and collect the required document list.
  7. Visit Nigerian Consulates in Houston and submit your visa application.
  8. Houston consulate will inform you when to collect your Nigeria visa.

How to get a Nigerian visa in Houston, Texas, for Minors?

If you are going to apply for a visa to a minor, i.e., a child (under 16), you must attach a letter of consent and certificate of birth. Please submit these along with the Nigeria form.

Both parents should sign the consent letter. Bear in mind that the signatures on the document should be the same as on the parent’s passport. If a single parent raises a child, the other parent still has to sign the legal papers supporting the child’s custody.

What are the documents required for the Nigerian visa?

The list summarizes all the things you need to apply for a Nigerian Visa:

  1. A Passport that is valid at least until six months after your stay.
  2. Submission of Application form and fee.
  3. Two Passport size photos.
  4. Invitation Letter from Host.
  5. Proof of Departure: Flight Itinerary.
  6. Hotel Reservation Details (if applicable).
  7. Certificate of vaccination against yellow fever.
  8. Latest account statement.

Factors You Should Know Before Traveling to Nigeria:

  1. The Goliath of Africa is regularly skipped on movement pail records. However, Nigeria is an exciting nation and will likely be the most noteworthy nation you visit.
  2. Well, numerous individuals talk familiar English, yet everybody speaks Pidgin English. Pidgin is a neighborhood variant. It is a one-of-a-kind language on its own that consolidates nearby vernaculars, slang, and some English words.
  3. Nigeria is commonly warm. The climate shifts from spot to put. For example, Jos is a usually cool climate, and Borno is regularly hot in climate. In Harmattan, the cooler season keeps running from late November till February or early March. During the night, the temperature drops slightly.
  4. In natural urban communities like Lagos and Abuja, you’ll locate each sort of sustenance you are searching for in Nigeria. You can also meet Indian, Japanese, American, French, Chinese, and even Ethiopian. If you are visiting Lagos, you’ll have to look for traffic.

Guidelines for USA Citizens to Enter Nigeria:

  1. All US travelers need an ID card to cross the border. You need to carry your US citizenship proof with you all the time. Keep your US passport during your stay in Nigeria.
  2. Any person traveling to Nigeria should have a significant international ID.
  3. Please report it to the nearest US Embassy or Nigerian police in case of lost or stolen US ID.
  4. You should report the misfortune/robbery quickly to the nearby police headquarters.
  5. Take the duplicate of the police answer to the closest US Embassy. And get your emergency travel document to travel back.
  6. US nationals can apply and get a work visa in Nigerian Embassy/Consulates. Don’t apply for a visit visa to work in Nigeria. This may cause security problems at a later stage.
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