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How Many Photos are Required for Indian Passport?

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For those who travel abroad for education, pilgrimages, leisure, business, healthcare, and family trips, a passport is an essential travel document. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs issues an Indian passport to Indian citizens for international travel. Under the Passports Act 1967, the Indian Government issues various types of passports and travel documents, such as ordinary passports, diplomatic passports, official passports, emergency certificates, and identity certificates. A passport photo with unique measurements and other significant requirements is required for an Indian passport to be considered legally valid. If you need to know how many photos are required for an Indian passport, please read further.

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What are the photo specifications to apply for an Indian passport?

The specifications of the photo that is required to apply for an Indian passport is,

  1. Photo Size: The photo size should be 51mm x 51mm or 2×2 inches.
  2. Colour Photo: Natural color photo and skin tone is visible.
  3. Head size and correct position in the photo: Your head needs to be center position and looking directly at the camera. The head size should be 35mm to 40mm.
  4. Recently taken photo: Taken in the last six months.
  5. Background of the Photo: Photo should be in plain white and solid design.
  6. Expression: Smiles are not allowed. The expression should be neutral.
  7. Eyes Movement: Open and looking directly at the camera.
  8. Eye Glasses: Only doctor prescription glasses are allowed.
  9. Wearing Headgear: For Religious purposes, only allowed and cannot block face.
  10. Dimensions and size (pixels) of the Photo: 10KB to 300KB. For pixels: 350×350 minimum and 1000×1000 maximum.
  11. Dress code: Professional or Casual dress code is preferred.
  12. Beard: Optional.

How many photos are required for an Indian passport?

Before knowing the answer to the question” How many photos are required for an Indian passport,” one should know the Indian passport requirements and specifications. To apply for an Indian passport, you need to have two photos with the specific requirements.

Photo and visa Indian Passport criteria, guidelines, specifications, and rules:

Following these steps and quick facts will help you ensure a faster process and get where you want to go. The following is a detailed and more detailed description of what you can expect when reading these visas or passport photos:

  1. Each application must have two photos per person, whether a passport or a visa.
  2. No black or white, filtered, or old photographs allowed. Please be sure that the pictures are printed on high-quality paper and not crinkled, torn, or creased. Keep it clear from scratches or dust. -Any color or design backgrounds, such as the scenery or shapes, are not accepted.
  3. Leave the prescription sunglasses or tinted lenses off the picture.
  4. If you have thick-framed glasses that obstruct your eyes, remove them for the photo. Be aware of the glare, as every reflection is rejected.
  5. No hats or other headwear should it not be allowed for religious purposes. Medical device specifications were not stated. Double-check with your organization. -Shadows caused by hair, glass, or flash photography will cause a photograph to be rejected.
  6. Eviting red eye. If it does happen, digital alterations can’t fix it. Retake until the red-eye fails. -You can be the only one in the photo: no other objects or people.
  7. Keep your hair drawn back or off your face. None of this should hide your face from the camera.
  8. Clarity, decent illumination, and focus are crucial. Any photograph that is blurred, stretched, overexposed, or underexposed will be turned away.
  9. Clothing is not specified but is kept suitable to avoid possible denials.

Passport and Visa photo rules and requirements for babies, infants, and new-borns:

It could be a bit difficult to photograph children, and especially infants. India allows exceptions and relaxed standards with that knowledge. Keep in mind the details of the quality of the photo, as shown above. Every child in your family who receives a visa passport must have his / her photo done. Here are recommendations for taking pictures of children, infants, and the remaining compliant:

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  1. Children below the age of 12 months need not have their eyes open. If you can get a shot with your eyes open, that is also acceptable.
  2. Children needn’t be completely centered on the photo.
  3. No object or hands can be visible when holding or sitting an infant. Use a white sheet to block those objects when necessary. Neither toys nor pacifiers.
  4. Children under ten years old and over must have their eyes open.
  5. No object or hands can be visible when holding or sitting an infant.

What is the cost of getting a passport or visa photo?

The way to go these days is to get a visa or passport photo online. Cost and time increase contribute to faster and cheaper alternatives. Depending on how many rupees you plan on spending, the difference could be between money spent on a holiday or official documents. At a government agency such as a post office, the average cost can be between 500 and 700 rupees each.

Which are the photos being not acceptable for Indian passport?

Along with the answer to the question “how many photos are required for an Indian passport,” you should know what things need to avoid while taking the photo. Else, your Indian passport application will get rejected,

  1. Do not paste black and white photographs.
  2. The dimensions of the photograph should not be smaller than the box provided in the application form ( i.e., 4.5 cm long x 3.5 cm wide).
  3. It is not allowed to photograph with a dark background or in uniform, or with eyes hidden under colored or dark glasses.
  4. Photographs in computer print will not be accepted.
  5. The photograph is NOT to be signed.
  6. There should be no distraction of shadows on the face or the background.
  • They must not cover their eyes with hair. Glare on eyepieces should be avoided with a slight tilt of the head upwards or downwards.
  • Photographs, for example, should not be damaged: torn, creased, or marked.
  • Head coverage is not allowed, except for religious reasons, but facial features must be visible Visible from the chin bottom up to the top of the chin forehead and from both edges of the face.
  • Photographs taken from group photos are unacceptable.
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