How to apply for an Esta visa?

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The Esta visa Waiver Program (VWP) allows a person from participating countries to travel to the USA for business, tourism, transit, and medical purposes as non-immigrants. Travelers arriving in the U.S. under the VWP are entitled to stay up to 90 days per visit and are not eligible to obtain any travel documents, such as a U.S. visa. Currently, 39 countries are participating in VWP. Individuals who fly under the VWP tend to waive their review or appeal privileges. Consequently, the acquisition of an authorized Esta visadoes not guarantee traveler entry into the USA.

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What is a Travel Authorization from an Esta visa?

ESTA stands for Travel Authorization Electronic Network. Esta visais an electronic application program developed by the United States Government to pre-screen travelers before being permitted to board an airplane or ship bound for the United States. Any person who enters the united states under the visa waiver system will be required to hold an authorized Esta visa commencing on January 12, 2009. Foreign nationals not qualifying for ESTA or refused an ESTA may need to apply for a U.S. visa.

What is an Esta visa Travel Authorization?

ESTA stands for Network for Electronic Travel Authorization. Esta visa is an online computer system developed by the United States Government to pre-screen travelers before being permitted to board an airplane or ship bound for the United States.

Who can be accepted under the Esta Visa Waiver Program?

You can apply for entry under the Esta Visa Waiver System if.

  1. You expect to reach the United States for service, tourism/pleasure, or transit within 90 days or less. 
  2. You have the right to travel under Travel Authorization of Electronic system.
  3. You arrive from an air or sea carrier signatory to the Visa Waiver program.
  4. You have a Check-in or return ticket.
  5. You do not fly to neighboring territories or islands unless the traveler is a resident of one of those areas.
  6. You are a resident or a national and have a passport from one of the nations under the Visa Waiver System.

Who will apply for travel authorization from the Esta visa?

ESTA aims to allow the U.S. All Visa Waiver Travelers are pre-screened by the Homeland Security Department before leaving their respective countries. Thirty-nine countries nationals can apply for Esta visa online. To know the Esta visa eligible countries, please use the click2visas widget. U.S. bound travelers are advised to request a Travel Authorization at least 72 hours before departure.

How long is my Esta visa good for?

Until withdrawn, Esta visa is valid for two years from the date of issue or until the expiry of your passport, whichever is first. An Esta visacan also be withdrawn or overwritten by the applicant when a new Esta visaapplication is resubmitted, however. Your travel authorization will also immediately terminate when your passport expires unless the travel authorization is issued before the end of the two years.

Can an Esta visa guarantee entry into the USA?

An accepted travel authorization allows you to fly to the U.S. only. It does not guarantee your admission. Admission is decided by a Customs and Border Protection Officer (CBP) who will check your passport and ask you questions about your visit when you arrive in the U.S. The officer will then decide your entry into the U.S.

Can I need to apply for an Esta visa even though I have a normal U.S. visa?

Individuals who hold a valid visa will also be able to fly on that visa to the United States because it has been issued. Individuals traveling on valid U.S. visas do not apply for an ESTA, either. Furthermore, in place of either a non-immigrant or immigrant visa, an ESTA would not be accepted. You can fly to the U.S. if you have a valid visa. There is no need to apply for additional travel authorization under that visa.

What will a traveler do if he or she is not allowed to fly with an Esta visa?

Suppose an Esta visaapplication is rejected, and the traveler wants to continue the journey. In that case, the traveler will be allowed to apply for a non-immigrant visa by filling out a DS-160 form and attending an interview nearby U.S. Consulate or Embassy.


When should I opt for a visa instead of an Esta visa to travel to the U.S.?

  • If your stay period in the United States exceeds 90 days and does not comply with the VWP entry requirements, such as a visit for recreational or business purposes within the 90-day limit.
  • If you are using your air or sea carrier to fly to the U.S., it is not affiliated with the VWP.
  • If you firmly believe that you do not qualify to enter the U.S. under the VWP due to the Immigration and Nationality Act 212(a).

When is the best time to submit an Esta visa application?

A travel authorization application should be submitted weeks or months before the travel date. Applications are accepted at any time before traveling to the U.S., and once approved, a 2-year authorization or passport expiry date, whichever comes first, will last.

How do I patch an error on my Esta visa application?

All applicants were often given a chance to review the information they provide before applying and ensure that it is 100 % correct. You will also be prompted to reconfirm your passport number. You can still make changes before payment is made. This includes all data except the passport number and country issuing the passport, so it is vital to ensure the information’s correctness.

What is an authorization charge for travel?

There is a fee both for the document processing and for the document authorization. Processing charge: A charge is payable upon submission of the processing document. Notice that each new application needs a different fee; however, a single payment can pay more than one charge.

Authorization fee: There is a charge payable upon approval of the application you submitted. When your Esta visa application is approved, you will obtain permission to fly to the U.S., and an additional approval fee will be added to the credit card charge. Please note that this charge is 

payable only if your request is accepted.

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