Guidelines for DS 160 Fee and Requirements

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For temporary traveling to the United States, the DS-160, the Electronic Non-immigrant Visa Application Form, is. Type DS-160 is sent electronically via the Internet to the state department website. Consular Officers use the gathered information on the DS-160 to process the visa application and, together with an individual interview, evaluate an applicant’s eligibility for just non-immigrant visas. For all non-immigrant visa categories, including applicants applying for K visas, visa applicants must request a completed DS-160, Electronic Non-Immigrant Visa Application. Electronically submitting the DS-160 application online is just the first step in the visa application process. You must contact the embassy or consulate where you wish to apply to verify that you need to be examined by a consular officer and to schedule an interview after you have submitted your online DS-160 application by electronic means.

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How much for the DS 160 fee?

The DS 160 fee for the most general non-immigrant visa types is US$160. To know any update on the visa fee, kindly check our click2visa widget.

What document do I need to have with me when I finish the DS-160?

You should have the required documentation available when you complete your DS-160:

  • Passport
  • Travel itinerary, if you just have travel plans already made.
  • Date from your last five U.S. visit or trip, if you have already traveled to the U.S., You might also be questioned about your international travel records for the past five years.
  • Resume / Curriculum Vitae, You may be required to provide your previous and present education and work records and information.
  • Some applicants, based on the intended purpose of travel, may be required to provide additional details while completing the DS-160.
  • Students and Exchange Visitors (F / M and J), You will be asked to include your SEVIS ID, which is listed on your I-20 or DS-2019, so when you complete your DS-160, you should get this form open. You will also be needed to include the address of the student school/program you want to study at. Your I-20 or DS-2019 form must also have this detail.

Can my answers be in my mother tongue?

No. All replies must be in English, using English alphabets only, except when you are asked to include your native language with your full name. You may be refused applications submitted in any language other than English, and you will be asked to submit a new application.

All of the questions on the ds-160 Mandatory?

The majorities of questions are obligatory and must be answered in the spaces given. If the questions are marked “optional,” you can leave spaces empty. When a question doesn’t really apply to you, you may respond to questions with “Does Not Apply,” but all other questions should be answered. With any required questions unanswered, the system does not allow you to submit an application. If you do not fill the mandatory questions, an error message will be shown by the system, and you will be asked to answer the question before proceeding with the application. The system will not approve your application if you ever do not answer questions that refer to your circumstances and/or intention of travel.

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How can I sign the DS-160 Application Form?

By clicking the “Sign Application” key at the end of the application, you can sign your DS-160 electronically. Failure to sign can result in the request being terminated. Your electronic signature specifies that the questions in the application have been read and understood, and the answers are accurate and complete to the best of the belief and knowledge.

But if you are exempted from appearing in person, on the day before your interview, your fingerprints will be digitally scanned. You will once again certify by supplying your fingerprints that you have answered every question on the DS-160 honestly and to the best of your knowledge. However, during your visa interview, you will tell the truth.

Can I get my United States visa online?

No. But don’t worry, by sending your DS-160 application online to the United States government on your behalf, we will help you arrange your U.S. Embassy/consulate appointment. It is best to arrange this at least eight weeks after your expected arrival in the U.S.

Can a third party fill out the application form on my behalf? Which person

Excluded from signing the form?

The applicant must be supported by a third-party if the person is illiterate or unable to submit an application. The third-party should be listed on the application’s ‘Sign and Send’ tab. Although a third party may assist the applicant in completing the application form, it must, by selecting the ‘Sign Application’ button, advise the applicant on how to endorse the application on his or her own behalf.

If the candidate is a child or under the age of sixteen or physically unable to complete an application form, the applicant’s parents or guardian can, on his or her behalf, complete the application and click the ‘Sign Application’ key. If the candidate does not have a parent or legal guardian, then any person who has legal custody or legitimate interest in the candidate can complete the application.

How I save my DS-160 visa application? Can I stop in the middle of the DS-160 visa application and return to it late?

You could save your visa application or restore it to an application that is partially finished.

When you launch a new DS-160, after choosing and answering a security query, you will be issued unique application identification (ID) number. When you have your application Identification number, and a security question has been selected and answered, you can exit and return to the DS-160 visa application later. To go back to your visa application, you should have your application ID. Click the “Next” box at the bottom of any page you finish to save your DS-160 to the Consular Electronic Application Center website. You have one month to go back to the partly finished submission.

Will I carry my whole application to the interview or just the conformation page with me?

You are not allowed to submit the entire submission. You are expected to carry the confirmation page with your visa application ID number on it for your interview so that we can get your DS-160. During all stages of the application process, you must carry the confirmation page with you. Without the confirmation page, we cannot even be able to process your visa.

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