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How to apply for the Dominican Republic visa?

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Overall, in the past several years, the nation has gained quite popularity, and it is not for nothing. You get a lot of things to enjoy that you will love. White sandy beaches, good music, and very welcoming people will help you create some memories that are unforgettable. Since the Dominican Republic is a small country, there are a couple of things you should learn before you go. Nothing is out of the ordinary, but every little bit of info helps make your holiday more enjoyable. Having also said, look at the things that concern you. When you are trying to go to the Dominican Republic for the best time, it depends on what you are trying for. The Dominican Republic has a warm climate throughout the years, but the most popular time to go is March through May. Some people are looking for some warm weather from November through December. But the wet season is May through November, and the worst in May. It rains all the time, and goodbye to the beach will kiss your days.

Businessman holding card of dominican republic flag

What is a Dominican Republic Tourist Card? 

The Tourist Card is also an entrance fee charged by the Dominican Republic for those who only visit the country for purposes of tourism. It can be accessed online or directly at the airport and paid in US Dollars. Some tour operators have the tourist card included in their travel packages. Upon entering the Dominican Republic, you must also present a valid passport. We can ease your visa process in Check out our visa widget for the updated information.

Who can enter the Dominican Republic for tourist purposes with only a tourist card? 

Any person who is lawfully permitted to travel or live in Canada, the United States, and the European Union (includes Great Britain) does not need a Dominican Republic visato visit the Dominican Republic for tourist purposes and may enter the Dominican Republic with a Tourist Card and passport.

Describe Dominican Republic Tourist visa?

Visitor visas are issued for tourism and cultural journeys, and for conference or exhibition attendance. Within 60 days of the issue, they are valid for one or several entries. Beneficiaries are not permitted to carry out lucrative activities on Dominican territory.

Multiple entries are provided to tourists coming from cruises or those requiring more than once to enter and leave the country during the visa period.

What is the time duration of the Dominican Republic visa processing?

Actually, it will take between 10 to 15 working days, depending on travel date, previous demands, and availability of personnel.

What is the tourist visa fee for the Dominican Republic visa?

The Dominican Republic visa will cost around US$95.00. to know the updated visa fee, kindly check our website

Describe the Dominican Republic Business visa?

Travelers with business, professional or commercial purposes are issued business visas. They are issued within 60 days of the issue for one (1) entry and may be extended within the duration of validity upon request. A business visa will be provided with multiple entries if the person wants to travel to the country more frequently. This permit is issued for one year, in which applicants are not permitted to remain in the country for no more than two consecutive months.

What is the Business visa fee for the Dominican Republic visa?

  • A Business visa allows multiple entries (one year) costs US$ 125.00
  • A Business visa allows a single (1) entry (60 days) US$115.00

To know the updated visa fee, kindly check our website

How long is the Tourist Card valid? 

The Dominican Tourist Card is valid for 1 Year from the date of approval.

I am going to travel for business purposes; can I get into the Dominican Republic using the Tourist Card? 

No. If you plan to travel for business to the Dominican Republic, then you must apply for a Business visa of the Dominican Republic.

Do minors pay the Dominican Republic visa entrance fee too? 

Yeah, anyone who enters the Dominican Republic, irrespective of age, needs to pay the fee before they arrive. 

How many times will I use your Tourist Card / how many entries do I have? 

Traveler can use the Dominican Republic visa Tourist Card only once (Single Entry).

How do I get my Dominican Republic Tourist Card? 

You will receive the email of your Tourist Card visa, so make sure you check your email account after you have submitted your applications. If you have not received an email, check your spam folder, or contact us for assistance in our online chat.

How long can I stay with a Tourist Card within the Dominican Republic visa? 

You can stay 30 days to a maximum. Extensions are possible once within the country-verify on arrival at the border-by paying a fee.

What are the requirements for the Dominican Republic visa processing?

• Visa Form completed and filled out in form, or clearly written. 

• One (1) front photo 2 x 2 inches, with a white background. 

• The original passport shall be valid for at least the time of the visa required or longer.

Dominican republic flag against city blurred background at sunrise backlight

• In the case of children, parents, or guardian’s authorization if the applicant is not the mother or father. This document should be written and signed, transformed into Spanish, as must both the original and the Apostilled translation. Additionally, if the original document is Apostilled, it can be forwarded by the Consular Section for translation.

• Documents showing financial solvency for the applicant (Bank Letter, Letter of Employment, Property Titles). If a document is granted in the Dominican Republic, it should be granted by a notary public and authorized by the Procuradoría General de la República the Office of the Attorney General.

• A legible photocopy of the National Identification Certificate of the country of origin and a readable photocopy of the Residence Card if living in a second country. 

• A legible photocopy of hotel bookings. 

• A legible photocopy of a flight booked. 

• A legible photocopy of a previous Dominican Republic visa or residency card (if renewed or traveled to the Dominican Republic beforehand).

• Criminal record certificate issued at the time of application by the relevant authorities of the country in which the person is resident. This document should be written and signed, translated into Spanish, as must both the original and the Apostilled translation. Additionally, if the original document is Apostilled, it can be forwarded by the Consular Section for translation.

• Visa application letter must be addressed to the Consular Section by the applicant containing the name, place of residence, nationality, occupation, and the purpose of travel to the Dominican Republic.

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