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During my trip, does my baby need a visa to travel to Nigeria?

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There are plenty of travel plans in the works for this coming festive season, and so, if you are still preparing yours, the sooner you start, the better. This is especially about early bookings, often offering you cheaper travel options compared to booking your flight on the big day. It can be a huge nightmare to fly with young ones such as babies or children under the age of five. Typically, there are significant logistical problems when it comes to traveling with a baby, such as deciding whether to go for a family-wide flight package and what kind of visa your child will require.

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During my trip, does my baby need a visa to travel to Nigeria? There is a Nigerian infant visa, too, and where do you get it?

Infant visa processing follows virtually the same protocols as for adult visas. Typically, though, there are a few variants. First, locate your baby’s visa is usually viewed as a special case and, as such, handled with care. You must have solid evidence that your baby is indeed the one you want to fly with.

With cases of child trafficking frequently being rampant during festive seasons, the noose is typically tightened around rules and regulations surrounding Visa processing for children. It is just one of the Immigration offices take security problems seriously. The next issue surrounding a baby visa is where to go if you need one. Ok, if you are living in Houston, Texas, and planning a trip with your baby to Nigeria, you can seek help from immigration office experts in the USA.

The good news is that, due to the advent of the internet, these resources can now be accessed online, which has made it easier and faster to travel. If not immigration, the issue of where you can get your baby’s Nigerian visa should see you visit the US consular offices in Nigeria.

Please note that most of the documentation can be done online, and if both your baby’s and your physical presence are required, which is usually the case as you have to bring supporting documents in person, Nigerian Consular Offices are still open Monday through Thursday.

The question of whether infants need Visa to Nigeria is a positive one in this respect. The next problem any parent traveling to Nigeria with a child needs to distinguish with this demystified is what it takes to get a newborn visa. In other words, what do you have to show at the Nigerian consular offices before your baby travel visa application can be approved? Yeah, that’s where logistical challenges usually set themselves up.

What are the fundamentals of Nigerian infant visas?

Ok, here are the things you need to do to get a newborn visa to Nigeria.

  • You will need to receive your baby’s signed and initial passport. The passport must be valid for at least six months or more than the period of stay you and your baby will be in Nigeria. You must make sure the passport has at least one blank tab since the official Nigerian Visa stamp will be put there.
  • Two versions of the application form for a visa for infants should also be used. Notice that the Nigerian embassy also accepts visa applications for infants online. However, even if you apply online, two printed copies will still be needed.
  • You also will be expected to request a letter of consent that both parents must sign. The signature from both parents on the consent letters should match those appended to the passports. Even the signatures must match the signatures of the parent on the birth certificate of the child. However, in a situation where the child’s custody is in one parent’s possession, a legal document must be issued, which confirms this. In this case, a single parent’s consent letter is required.
  • The embassy will also ask you to use the infant’s birth certificate. This paper can be physically present at the Nigerian embassy or uploaded to the website of the embassy’s visa application.

What are the other things to note about visa application for Nigerian infants’ visas?

  • You can pick a consulate to submit the application papers. Typically, this is the position that you have chosen on the application form for a visa for infants.
  • Please be sure to connect Google Payment Receipt to your application form if you plan to pay a visa processing fee using a credit card. You will be allowed to confirm this by adding a copy of the same, in case you have made payment using a money order.
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What are the Other requirements include for Nigerian Infants Visas?

  • When applying for a Nigerian infant visa, two latest and colored passport size photographs of your baby will be required. Passport-sized photographs must be captured on a light background, which shows the baby’s front view.
  • Notice that you will also be expected to send an invitation letter to Nigeria. That may have been from a supporter or relative. The document also should suggest the duration of service you will be in Nigeria, the place you will be moving to, and contact information. Copies of the same will be needed when booking hotels.
  • You will also be required to send soft copies of your travel documents, and an air ticket for the baby is a must.

Why are we Nigeria’s Best Child Visa Provider?

We believe that being happy is still better than being sorry, so speak to the experts. Often, we get airport calls from people finding out at the last minute that they cannot fly with Babies who do not have Nigerian visas stamped on their passport. When you’re wondering about the beautiful weather in Nigeria and what to bring, it’s good to ask your family and friends, but when it comes to international travel and visa issues, you’re talking to Nigerian Visa Services experts in this field who can support you and send you the most up-to-date information.

Contrary to the idea that babies can fly without a visa if they are with their parents, the fact is that even a one-day baby needs a Nigerian visa to be obtained and that it cannot be obtained at the airport.

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