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Do I need a visa to go to South Korea?

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South Korea is a diverse country, popular both for urban cities like the capital city of Seoul, traditional temples, and picturesque countryside. Citizens of many countries may need to apply for a South Korean visa to enter the country. Though a large amount is excluded from visa requirements for the short term. Persons wishing to fly to South Korea are issued a regular tourist visa to travel to the Republic of Korea (South Korea) for different purposes. The visa permits a person to enter the country for sightseeing purposes, to visit friends and family, or to attend conferences, cultural, artistic, or religious rituals. The single-entry visa will be used three months or less from the date of issue.

Gyeongbokgung palace

South Korea Visa Information

US people traveling to South Korea for business or tourism are not required to get a visa. U.S. citizens who travel to South Korea for the study will, however, need to apply for a student visa. Most non-Americans. Citizens living in the US may need a business or tourist visa to fly.

To enter the Republic of Korea, you must have a valid passport for US citizens. Although having a visa in advance will ease the entry process as long as you have a valid U.S. passport, you will enter the Republic of Korea for a stay of a maximum of 90 days without obtaining a visa if you are a visitor or on business. Non-U.S. Residents living in the united states may require business travel or tourist visas. Visit our website. We will help you find out your requirements.

How to know that do I need a visa to go to South Korea?

To know your eligibility to apply for a South Korean visa. Use the Click2Visas visa widget is a simple process to know the updated information regarding the visa to South Korea.

How Does our South Korean Visa Service Work?

In Click2Visas, you will be guided through the application process through our website. For this process, Click2visas will support you from start to finish. We can assist you for 24 hours a day. Click2visas meets all country’s visa requirements, including South Korea. Use our visa widget to see your South Korean visit requirements based on your citizenship and state of residence.

How much does it cost to receive the Korea eVisa (Individual)?

The eVisa charges 40 USD. There are, however, countries that have adjusted the fee for visas:

  • Ghana, Russia, Senegal, Azerbaijan, Austria, Uzbekistan, Iran, Tajikistan: 50 USD
  • Vietnam: 30 USD
  • United Kingdom: 130 USD
  • Australia: 80 USD

To know the updated visa fee, check our visa widget, and find the fee based on your nationality and state you belong to.

How long is eVisa (Personal) valid for Korea? 

  • It is a single-entry visa valid for 90 days from the issued date.

How will I apply for a Tourist eVisa to Korea? 

We advise that you can submit your visa application at least 30 days prior to your travel start date.

Should the visa requirements vary for different visa categories? 

Yes, the research, job, business, and tourist visa requirements are different. You must obtain a Visa according to the visit’s purposes.

What if I do not get my visa in the time given? 

If your visa is not issued within the stated period, you can hurry and monitor the status of click2visas. You can also contact the visa experts who can communicate with the said authorities for visa status in South Korea.

Could a third party receive my visa from the Consulate of South Korea? 

The Consulate of South Korea does not allow third-parties to obtain Visas. There are certain restrictions, though, such as an immediate family member such as parents or children or a collective set for the entire party may feel free to visit the office and get their visa completed.

Types of South Korea visas

South Korean visa are separated, based on the length and the number of entries provided to the travelers in the country: 

Type of visa and validity period 

• Single-entry Visa: You can enter only once before the date of expiry 

• Double entry Visa: You can enter twice (6 months) before the expiry date 

• multi-entry Visa: You can enter unlimited times before the expiry date (1 year, three years, 5years).

You will then apply for one of the following visas, depending on why you wish to visit South Korea:

  • South Korea Tourist Visa
  • South Korea Business Visa
  • Family Visit Visa (issued more than 90 days)
  • South Korea Work Visa
  • South Korea Student Visa
  • South Korea Working Holiday Visa

What is South Korea Tourist Visa?

Tourist visas are granted to travelers who actually want to fly for tourist or leisure purposes to South Korea. So, if you are traveling for one of the following reasons, you can get a tourist visa:

  • Tourism
  • Transit
  • To obtain medical treatments in South Korea
  • To visit a family member/friend
  • To attend a religious/cultural/sporting/musical event
  • Another short-term reason

South Korea Tourist visas allow the holders to remain up to 90 days in South Korea. The holder of a tourist visa is not allowed to participate in work or engage in any other renumbered activities.

Cherry blossom in gyeongbokgung palace. seoul, south korea

What is South Korea Business Visa?

You are qualified for a long-term South Korean business visa, if: 

• You are a professional who will work for a Korean public or private organization to restore, mount, or run imported machinery.

• You will be working as a manager or professional in a South Korean business. 

• You are a Transferred Intra-Company.

• You are a director at a South Korean international investment firm.

What is South Korea Work Visa?

If a foreigner wishes to work in South Korea, they must apply for a Work Visa from South Korea. Foreigners qualified for a South Korean Work Visa include scholars, foreign language instructors, researchers, and those engaged in another operation approved by the Minister of Justice via a contract with a South Korean public or private agency or business.

What is South Korea Student Visa

Foreigners entering South Korea to pursue their studies at a Korean educational institution must apply for a Student Visa from South Korea. Will they be: 

• Short-term student visas to attend a fewer than 90-day study course. 

• Long-term student visas, for study courses longer than 90 days, for example, in a university or a language school.

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