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Canada is a vast country, but it has only about 36 million people. Even so, a journey worth your time alone in the forest. You will visit several places like cities that will linger forever in your mind. The chances are that you are going to need some sort of a travel document to enter Canada. Some nationalities are excluded from visas and need an Electronic Travel Authorisation, often known as an ETA, to cross the border. The Government of Canada implemented a new entry provision known as an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) in March 2016. This latest ETA has become a necessity for all residents of visa-exempt countries flying by air to Canada. A Canada eTA is electronically linked to the passport of a traveler. It is valid for up to 5 years after the Canada eTA has been granted, or until the passport expires, whichever comes first. You can fly to Canada with a valid ETA as much as you wish for short stays (up to six months).

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Do I need a Canada eTA?

Suppose you intend to fly to Canada by 2020 or 2021 and do not have the US or Canadian passport, and you are also a citizen of one of the visa-exempt countries. In that case, you are required to apply for a Canada eTA beforehand. Travelers who do not have this travel permit cannot check-in for flights to Canada and are barred from entering the country. Even if Canada’s flight is only meant for transit to another country, A Canada eTA is necessary, even if you stay at the airport during the stopover.

can I able to do in Canada with a Canada eTA visa?

With a Canada eTA visa, you can fly via Canadian airports for vacations, business journeys, research, family visits, and transits. You are excluded from applying for a Canada eTA, only whether you have a Canadian or US passport or a Canadian visa.

Is Canada eTA differ from a Canada visa?

Most travelers choose the Canada eTA because it is cheaper, more comfortable, and faster to apply for than a visa. An appointment to receive a visa must be made at the Canadian embassy, although the Canada eTA can be applied for electronically in a few minutes.

What is Canada eTA meaning?

The abbreviation stands for: “Electronic Travel Authorization.” It is an electronic permit that allows travelers to travel to Canada by plane. The application for an eTA in Canada is provided via an online form, reviewed by the immigration service for any possible safety risks. If the traveler is not suspected of posing a threat to Canada’s safety and law enforcement, the Canada eTA application will be approved. This clearance applies to the passport eTA is acquired by which is promptly shared at departure and arrival airports with the carrier and the authorities. It is, therefore, not necessary you need to carry the print of the eTA confirmation.

What is the validity of the Canada eTA?

A Canada eTA is good for five years the following grant. If the passport for which it has been sought expires early, the validity of Canada eTA shall expire with it. To request a fresh Canada eTA application, you need a fresh valid passport to fly Canada again. During this travel permit’s validity period, you can make an unlimited number of trips to Canada. But you can stay for a maximum of six months only on every trip. Furthermore, your passport must be valid for at least one more day after you leave Canada.

This term could, therefore, end sooner for two possible reasons:

If the passport used to fill in the application form expires, the validity of the Canada eta expires alongside it. If you are planning to apply and get a new passport, you must apply for a new eTA. The Canadian immigration service is authorized to withdraw the validity if it is suspected that you no longer meet the Canada eTA requirements. The immigration service may not need to offer any particular explanation. 

What are the essential requirements to apply a Canada eTA?

The essential requirements to apply for a Canada eTA is,

  1. The Canadian Immigration Service is allowed at all times to revoke or shorten the validity of a visa or Canada eTA if it finds any justification.
  2. You would already have a reservation to a travel or return flight upon arrival in Canada.
  3. The trip must have a business or touristic intent, a transit/change of flights, or a research objective. Visiting friends/family falls under this.
  4. Business trips are allowed, but you cannot enter into employment with a Canadian company with an eTA.
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If I want to apply for Canadian ETA, how long should my passport be valid for?

Your passport should be good for a period of six months from the date you expect to arrive in Canada.

How long would a Canada eTA visa take to get processed?

Typical applications are processed within 72 hours. However, it is advisable to submit the Canada eTA application one or several weeks before departure to Canada. Are you desperately in search of a Canada eTA, maybe because you are already leaving today or tomorrow? On average, these are issued within 18 minutes. However, the Canadian Immigration Service reserves the ability to take some time to review the application in extraordinary situations. This allows it necessary to issue no assurance on the delivery period for Canada eTA, even in urgent applications.

I am flying to the US through Canada. Do I need to apply for both ESTA and Canada eTA?

The Canada eTA is comparable to the ESTA for the US. Are you coming into the US or the other way around via Canada? You would have to request both an ESTA and a Canada eTA. However, whether you are arriving in Canada by sea or by road, an eTA requirement is unnecessary. You are also expected to fill out another form that you will collect at the checkpoint for the Canadian immigration service.

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Apply ETA Visa to Canada
ETA Visa is a valid traveler permit to enter and stay in a Canada for a period of time, which predetermined for Conferences, tourism and Holiday purposes.

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