What are the requirements to get a Canada tourist visa from USA?

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Canada is one of the world’s most famous countries, full of spectacular forest areas, mountain views, making it a fantastic place to camp, walk or just wander around and admire. U.S. residents have the easiest entry into Canada, and they don’t require anything but a passport to enter. Citizens of Great Britain, Western Europe, and a few other countries must receive an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). Residents of countries not included by the ETA system are only permitted to enter Canada after obtaining a Canada tourist visa from USA.

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Do American citizens need a visa for entry into Canada?

American citizens, including American-Canadian citizens, must be properly identified and must satisfy the basic requirements for entry into Canada. If you fly with a valid United States passport, you don’t need a Canadian passport, a Canadian visa, or an eTA to enter Canada.

What is a Canadian e-Travel Authorization?

An Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is a requirement for entry of visa-exempt foreign nationals who travel by air to Canada. An eTA is linked electronically with the passport of a traveler. This is valid for a period of up to five years or before the passport expires, whichever comes first. If you are getting a new passport, you’ll need a new eTA.You can fly to Canada with a valid eTA as much as you wish for short stays (generally for up to six months at a time). To travel within Canada, you don’t need an eTA.

Who qualifies for eTA to Canada? 

Nationals from the following 57 countries do not require a visa for Canada but need to apply for an ETA, and all other nationals must apply for a traditional stamped visa before arriving in Canada by air. 

The Republic of Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Kingdom of Belgium, British Citizens, British Overseas Citizens, Anguilla, Islands of Bermuda, Virgin Islands (UK), Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Montserrat, Pitcairn Island, Saint Helena, Turks and Caicos Islands, Brunei, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Kingdom of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Federal Republic of Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Kingdom of Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Poland, Portugal, Samoa, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, the kingdom of Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

Do we need to provide Biometric details for Canada Tourist visa from USA?

They refer to your fingerprints and photo as biometrics. In all Canada Visa Application Centers (CVAC) in the United States, a prior appointment is required for biometric enrolment as of November 03, 2018. Perhaps you need to give biometrics depending on your nationality. If you are between the ages of 14 and 79, you possibly need to send your fingerprints and photographs (biometrics). You only need to include your biometrics once every ten years to allow return trips to Canada.

What documents are needed for a Canada Tourist visa from USA application?

  • Passport – A photocopy of your current passport details page or travel documents that includes: 1. The number of passports. 2. Passport Issue Date. 3. Passport Expiry Date. 4.Photo, name of the applicant, date of birth, and place of birth.
  • Photo – Two photographs which must meet the below requirements,
  1. Photographs shall be printed on photographic quality paper. The photographs have to be the same and taken within the last six months. The applicant photo can be black and white or colored.
  2. The photos must be accurate, well defined, and taken against a backdrop that is plain white or light-colored. If the images are digital, they should not be changed in any way.
  3. Your expression must be neutrally presented square to the camera, neither smiling nor frowning and with your mouth closed. You can wear prescription non-tinted glasses as long as your eyes are clearly visible. Be sure the picture isn’t hiding any portion of your eyes. Sunglasses are unacceptable.
  4. It is acceptable to have a hairpiece or other cosmetic accessory unless it disguises your normal look. If you have to wear a headcover for religious purposes, make sure that you do not hide your full facial features.
  5. The size of the frame must be at least 35 mm x 45 mm (1 3/8 “x 1 3/4”). The images must represent the entire front of the eyes, with the face in the middle of the photo, and include the top of the shoulders. 
  • Immigration Status in the USA – You must offer proof of temporary legal status in the U.S. If you have temporary status in the United States, please provide:
  1. Your US Non-Immigrant Visa (whether in your current passport or a passport that has expired) Original I-94 card issued by the US authorities when you enter the USA.
  2. If you do have B1 / B2 status in the United States, please provide:- proof of connections to your country of habitual residency, proof of intent to return to that country (e.g., plane tickets, travel itineraries), proof of jobs (e.g., employer’s letter, latest pay stubs, tax returns), proof of study (transcripts, school document). When you meet a member of your family in the US, you should also provide evidence of the legal status of that family member in the US.
  3. If you have F-1 or M-1 status in the United States, please provide:- Your original SEVIS I-20 form, which has been approved by your student advisor for re-entering the United States within the past three months, and Evidence of registration for the current term. If you’re in the practical training phase now, you should also submit your Employment Authorization Document and your employer’s letter or other evidence of current employment.
  4. If you have H-1 status in the United States, please provide: – Your original I-797 approval notice form and Your boss’s letter or other real evidence of current employment.
  5. If you have J-1 status in the United States, please list: Your original DS-2019
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When you are in the United States, and the holder of a US Refugee Travel Certificate marked in blue, please provide:- 

  1. A letter from your employer or other documentation of current employment or, whether you’re a student, originals of your latest transcript, and proof of current enrolment.
  • Detailed proof of departure – Please send a copy of your airline tickets for the round trip, or itinerary or e-ticket, or confirmation letter from a travel agent. The itinerary must show the name of the applicant, the date of arrival and departure from the country, and the information regarding flight. The Embassy is not suggesting that you buy your ticket before issuing a visa.
  • Use of a Representative (IMM 5476) form – If you want an agent to be able to conduct business on behalf of you, you must provide us with their email and mailing addresses and fill out the Use of a Representative form.
  • Family Information Form – When you are 18 years of age and expect to study, work, or visit Canada on a temporary basis, the Family Information Form must be completed.
  • Consent Form – It requires two completed Consent Forms.
  • Checklist Form – If you are outside Canada, use the Document Checklist to help you collect the documents you need to submit your application.
  • Common-Law Union Form – If you are in a common-law union, you will have to fill out the Common-law Union Statutory Declaration form and submit it with your submission. If you are married, you must send your application with a photocopy of your marriage license or certificate.
  • Bank Statements – Proof of the funds available to support yourself and if any dependants during your stay in Canada, such as a bank statement, pay stubs, or proof of employment or traveler checks.
  • Host Invitation – When you are visiting friends or relatives in Canada, please request an invitation from your Canadian hosts along with a copy of their Canadian legal status (Canadian passport, resident card, valid Canadian visa), etc.

How can a Non-US citizen apply for a Canada Tourist visa from USA?

It is quite simple to complete the request. Please follow the below steps carefully:

  1. Choose the departure and arrival country, select the required visa type, enter your name, and click ‘CLICK TO START.’
  2. Verify the visa fee and terms and conditions on the next page.
  3. On the third page, enter your basic details in the respective field and upload the necessary documents (you can upload the documents in a later stage also).
  4. After that, review, confirm the information of your form, then proceed with the payment. We support all types of cards for payment.
  5. You will receive the invoice and a confirmation mail with a link in your registered email id.
  6. Click the link and complete the remaining Canada Tourist visa from USA form (you can also upload the document in this stage) and submit it for processing.
  7. Once the visa process is completed, click2visas will send your visa related documents and appointment details to your email.
  8. Visit the Canada Embassy/consulate/center on the appointment date for biometric submission.

What are the Canada visas you can apply with Click2Visas?

Apply ETA Visa to Canada
ETA Visa is a valid traveler permit to enter and stay in a Canada for a period of time, which predetermined for Conferences, tourism and Holiday purposes.

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