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Important facts on Brazil Visa for US Citizens

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It’s no wonder every year Brazil receives millions of visitors. It is South America’s largest country, offering visitors a full range of sights and experiences, from outdoor excursions to cultural activities to scientific discovery, and much more. The world-class cities of Brazil include Rio de Janeiro, with its fabulous Ipanema beach and Copacabana, and Sao Paulo, the hub of trade and industry in the region. Recife on the coast is called Brazil’s Venice, while Buzios is known as an international resort with more than 20 beaches. The Imperial Palace Petropolis is an absolute must-see. Every visitor in Brazil has a great deal to offer, regardless of age and interest. All US people who would like to visit Brazil can apply for a Brazil e Visa online now.

Old windmill in nessebar, bulgaria

What is a Brazil visa for US citizens?

A long-awaited Brazil visa for US citizens has been introduced by Brazil, making the visa application process for Brazil very simple and straightforward. It is now easy to obtain a Brazilian visa for US citizens via e-mail; standing in a long line at the nearest Brazilian consulate is a thing of the past.

What are the types of Brazil visa for US citizens?

There are different kinds of visas. Business, student, transit to work, and tourist visa to Brazil are the most popular. Brazil also has research visas, rotary exchanges, technical assistance, transfer of technology, crews, journalism, official travel by the OAS, missionaries, marriage, citizenship, and naturalization, residency, and study.

How long is a Brazil visa for US citizens valid?

A Brazil visa for US citizens allows you to visit the country on a period for a maximum of 90 days and is valid for two years from the date of issue.

How long does it take to receive approval for a Brazil visa for US citizens?

If all required documents are correctly submitted, visas are sent within eight working days. The Brazil e-Visa process is very easy, but if the information you provide is not correct, your request can be rejected.

How does Brazil visa for US citizens is work?

The Brazil e-Visa process is very straightforward. To apply online, you need a valid passport and a credit or debit card. Begin the application process by:

  1. Fill out the Visa Application Form
  2. Upload Photo and Passport Bio Page
  3. Answer a few additional questions
  4. Make an online payment.

Who can submit a Brazil visa application?

If you comply with the following terms, you may apply for an e-Visa:

1. You fly as a tourist to Brazil

2. Your stay in Brazil will not exceed 90 days.

3. You’re keeping a valid passport

Brazil visa for US citizens is multiple entry or single entry?

You can reach Brazil multiple times during the duration of your visa. You may also apply for an extension with the Brazilian Federal Police, but ensure that your application is registered before your current visa expires.

What are the documents required for the Brazil visa for US citizens?

Each passenger has to upload scanned colour copies of:

  1. Passport bio page
  2. An ICAO Standard photograph

What are the requirements of the minor for the Brazil visa for US citizens?

Minors are required to send additional documents. The applicant must choose either a single parent / legal guardian or both. If both parents are picked, it is appropriate to upload the passport bio pages of each parent along with a birth certificate and an authorization letter with the signatures of both parents. Further documentation is required if a single parent or legal guardian is selected, explaining why only a single parent is allowed.

  1. Authorization Letter signed by both parents/legal guardians.
  2. Passport page of Parent 1 or Legal Guardian 1
  3. Passport page of Parent 2 or Legal Guardian 2
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. If only one parent/legal guardian is selected, then the applicant must submit any valid document giving reasoning why both parents’ approval is not given – e.g., death certificate, sole custody document, etc.
Devetashka cave in bulgaria

What are the passport requirements for the Brazil visa for US citizens?

  1. All travelers need to have a valid passport for at least one month from the date of application. If your passport validity is less than one month, you will have to renew or apply for a new passport before applying for an e-Visa.
  2. Usually, a passport is in the form of a photo booklet, with your name, date of birth, gender, and physical description. The passport also carries several blank pages. These pages are blank and carry your visas. A visa is essentially a permit that grants you, the holder of a passport, entry into the country that issued the visa. A visa, in the passport, takes the form of a stamp on a signed and dated document.
  3. Specifications for passport bio page: minimum dimensions 413 x 531 pixels.

What are the photo requirements for the Brazil visa for US citizens?

  1. Minimum photo dimensions: 413 * 531 pixels
  2. File format: jpeg or jpg
  3. The photo must be taken from the front, against a white background
  4. The applicant face and shoulders must be centered, and he/she must be looking into the camera
  5. No reflections, shadows, or glares
  6. The applicant must have a neutral face and eyes must be open and visible
  7. Applicants must have a neutral face and do not smile on the picture
  8. If you wear glasses, the lenses may not reflect the ambient light into the camera. Dark glasses with tinted lenses or heavy frames or non-prescription glasses are not suitable.
  9. Headgear or hats are not acceptable, except for religious purposes. Even then, it has to allow a clear vision of the face
  10. Children do not bear toys, pacifiers, or their guardians’ hands in the photographs.

Can I apply for Brazilian e-Visa while being in Brazil?

No. The Brazil visa for US citizens must be obtained prior to your entry into Brazil.

How much of Brazil’s visa fee for citizens US?

The cost of Brazil’s visa fee for US citizens is $22.95 USD.

How will I receive my e-Visa?

Click2Visas will send you a visa to Brazil via e-mail. When you receive it, you need to print it out and show that onboarding your flight.

Note: Print several copies so that you have at least one extra if you lose one.

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