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Details for how long does it take to get a Brazilian visa

2 months


Many Americans, of course, still search for winter trips to South America. Brazil is a nice escape to spend a few days on business or as a tourist. Brazil, Latin America’s largest country and the world’s fifth-largest, is a land of immense diversity, whether in terms of history, geography, or ecosystems. The nation has it all, from the wilderness of the great Amazon rainforests and the sun-kissed tropical beaches to the celebrations of the Rio Grande Carnival. Visit the colonial-era towns in Minas Gerais state, mingle with Bahia music, or visit Brasilia’s futuristic capital. The country’s multitude of choices encapsulates the tourists in their charms.

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What type of visas available for brazil, Which nationalities are eligible for that?

Since June 17, 2019, Australian, Canadian, Japanese, and US nationals have been excluded from Visit Visas for travel, industry, transportation, and Brazilian sports or art activities. For such purposes, stays in the country are permitted up to 90 days, extendable for the same duration, provided that the tourist does not exceed 180 days of stay in the Brazilian region every 12 months, counted from its day of the first entry.

What are the general requirements for a visa?

You must have the below documents to apply for a Brazilian visa:

  1. Valid passport (With two pages for blank visas)
  2. The confirmation page is printed with the online application form.
  3. 1 Passport photo with size 2 “x 2”.
  4. Printed route (if you haven’t purchased a ticket yet, you can print and submit the route details).
  5. US Postal Money Order to pay a fee (if applicable).

Where can I apply for a Brazilian visa?

You can apply for Brazilian visas in a nearby embassy/consulate in your residence country. In the US, Brazil embassy/consulates are located in most US cities like Washington, D.C, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.

How long does it take to get a Brazilian visa?

Most Brazilian embassies and consulates need at least five business days to process a tourist visa application. There used to be an extra processing period for postal applications, but these are no longer in practice.

What are the rules about visit visas?

  1. NO EMPLOYMENT IN BRAZIL: It is forbidden to the beneficiary of a visit to take up paid employment in Brazil.
  2. SOME TYPES OF PAYMENTS ARE ALLOWED: A visitor’s visa recipient may obtain certain forms of payment from the government, a Brazilian employer, or a private individual, such as travel expense reimbursement (the Consular Authority may check the paperwork of the applicant to decide if the payment obtained by the applicant is consistent with the visitor’s visa). If the applicant receives any kind of payment from Brazilian sources, he/she must provide comprehensive documentation relating to the intended trip. A visit may also be used for travelers to compete for prizes, including money, sports competitions, or artistic or cultural competitions.
  3. STOPOVERS AND Transfer: No visa is needed for stops or connexions at Brazilian airports, as long as the traveler does not leave the transfer area. A visit visa is required if the traveler is to exit the international transit area.
  4. THE SAME VISITOR VISA MAY BE USED FOR DIFFERENT REASONS: A visa may be used for various purposes, on the same trip or different occasions, given that the purposes are protected by the visa rules set out.

Can I, through a third party, apply for a visa?

If you cannot come to the Consulate in person, your application can be sent by either.

  1. An immediate member of the family (only spouse, parents, or children).
  2. A travel partner (only if they apply for themselves as well).
  3. A business representative.
  4. A visa agent.

What are the mandatory requirements for third party applications?

  1. Immediate Member of the Family (spouse, parents, or children only).
  2. Family relationship proof (birth certificate, marriage certificate).
  3. Power of Attorney printed and signed by the applicant [A Notary Public must notarize the signature in our jurisdiction (GA, AL, MS, SC, TN)].
  4. Residence proof (e.g., electric, cable, credit card bills, lease, state ID, driver’s license).
  5. Travel companion (only if they apply on their own).
  6. Travel Itinerary (must be the same for all travelers applying).
  7. Power of Attorney printed and signed by the applicant [A Notary Public must notarize the signature in our jurisdiction (GA, AL, MS, SC, TN)].
  8. Residence proof in GA, AL, MS, SC, TN (e.g., electric, cable, credit card bills, lease, state ID, driver’s license).
  9. Applicant company representative.
  10. Employment proof in the same company (company ID or letter in company letterhead).
  11. Power of Attorney printed and signed by the applicant [A Notary Public must notarize the signature in our jurisdiction (GA, AL, MS, SC, TN)].
  12. Residence proof in GA, AL, MS, SC, TN (e.g., electric, cable, credit card bills, lease, state ID, driver’s license).
  13. Travel and visa agencies
  14. Suppose you do not reside in the states of our jurisdiction (GA, AL, SC, MS, and TN). In that case, you can still apply to the Consulate General of Brazil in Atlanta in person, or you can contact the Consulate with jurisdiction over your territory.
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What are the activities I can do with visit visas?

One of the first things one must note about the general criteria is that it is not just people who go on holiday to Brazil who are considered visitors. Under Brazil’s visa program, persons may apply for a tourist visa in the following categories:

  1. Tourists
  2. Guests visiting families or friends
  3. Attendees to sporting or cultural competitions
  4. Participants in seminars and conferences

The last two groups of people are expected to supply an invitation letter from the sponsoring company or academic institution and other documents.

What are the passport requirements to get a Brazil visa?

As for the passport, which is another necessary prerequisite, you may check its validity until submitting for your visa. This is because it must be valid for at least another six months from the date you leave. Why? The response to that is clear. You are entitled to spend a maximum of 180 days in the course of a year in Brazil. From the start, you will be granted a 90-day visa, but you can apply for an extension while in Brazil. This you can do at Brazil’s Federal Police, but only before your visa expires. Since you may extend your visa for another 90 days, you cannot have a passport until this expires. Otherwise, you need to go back to the United States, get another passport, and apply for another visa, and you can only get back to Brazil afterward. However, if you feel you may need an extension (for example, family emergency), You can prevent all of that by thoroughly testing your passport’s validity before you apply. If it expires in under six months, you can get another one.

Evisa available for Brazil?

The United States is one of four countries whose people may apply for an evisa from Brazil, meaning that if you are a US resident, you no longer have to go to the Brazilian embassy to apply for a consular visa. The method is entirely online, it’s easy, and in about 20 minutes, you should be doing it.

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