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What are the key things to note in the Asiana Airlines Baggage policy?

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Checked Baggage Allowance on Asiana Airlines:

All the passengers traveling to/from Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, US, US territories, South, and Central America are permitted with two pieces of baggage allowance. The maximum dimensions of this baggage should be 157 centimeters (or) 62 linear inches (length + width + height). Twenty-three kilograms (or) 53 pounds is the maximum weight permissible for Economy Class passengers, whereas 32 kilograms (or) 70 pounds is the maximum weight for Business and First-Class passengers. Passengers traveling to/ from many other destinations are also permitted with two pieces of baggage. Twenty kilograms (or) 44 pounds as a total is the maximum weight permissible for Economy Class passengers. Thirty kilograms (or) 66 pounds as a total is the maximum weight permitted for Business Class passengers. Forty kilograms (or) 88 pounds as a total is the maximum weight allowed for First Class passengers. 

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Note: On the basis of our originating city and destination, there might be exceptions to the above-said information. It is advisable to contact the Asiana Airlines Reservations desk or check with their website if we have any questions or for detailed information.

Carry-on Allowance on Asiana Airlines:

Passengers are allowed with carry-on bags in addition to the personal items (purse, laptop, and overcoat) only if the total of carry-on items not exceeding 45 inches (or) 115 centimeters with a maximum weight of 22 pounds (or) 10 kilograms.

Note: Bulkhead seats do not have under-seat storing, so we need to keep all our carry-on baggage in overhead bin both at the time of take-off and landing. 

Excess, Oversize, and Overweight Baggage Fees charged by Asiana Airlines:

We will be charged with additional fees if we possess more bags than the permitted allowance (or) our bags exceeding the linear restrictions or permitted weight. Additional charges might vary based on our destination and departing airport, so it is better to get in touch with Asiana airlines directly for additional information. 

Sports Equipment:

Due to the fragility, size, or other handling requirements, some sports equipment will be charged an excess fee even if we replace the equipment with one of our allowed baggage pieces. 

CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) Devices:

If traveler require CPAP for sleep apnea syndrome, we need to inform the Asiana airline staff at the time of reservation. There might be a requirement of a doctor’s note for air travel for medical conditions other than sleep apnea syndrome. For safety reasons, the equipment needs to be battery operated. (Power should not be consumed in the cabin. Considering the transit time, we need to make sure that the battery life lasts around 150% of the total flight time. The battery capacity must be less than or equal to 160 Wh(watt-hour).

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Restricted Transport Items:

For security purposes, certain items are strictly prohibited or restricted in the Asiana Airlines’ Cabin. So, we need to make sure to read the Asiana Airlines Baggage policy before we onboard. 

The following are some of the restricted items in Asiana Airlines: all Lithium battery exceeding 160 Wh, all lithium battery-operated vehicles such as solo wheels, hoverboards, electric bicycles/electric scooters, air wheels, mini segways, electric kickboards, etc., whereas electric wheelchairs for elderly and handicapped are exempted. All flammable, toxic, and explosive substances like tear gas, fire extinguishers, alcoholic beverages with 70% or higher alcohol content, poisonous substances, oxidizing agents, mercury, bleaching agents, fireworks, dynamite, grenades—containers with flammable, high-pressure gas such as Butane gas, personal oxygen tanks, etc. For personal oxygen tanks, we need to use the oxygen tank given by the company that we receive on making reservations in advance. 

Checked baggage that might not be carried into the cabin:

Knives, Swords, and other sword items; dumbbells, golf clubs, baseball bats, and, other sporting goods; nails, hammer, drills, and other tools; pistols, rifles, bullets, taser guns, and other guns(airline approval required); liquids exceeding 100 ml (for international routes); self-defense gadgets such as combat weapons, handcuffs, nunchaku, etc.; toiletry articles including aerosols should not exceed 2 Liters, and the net quantity of every single article should not exceed half liter

Carry-on baggage that might not be checked: 

One match and one lighter, it is even banned on flights leaving from China; spare lithium batteries less than 160 Wh (watt-hour) and other batteries for transportable electronic devices; Electric Cigarettes; Fragile objects for damage or decomposition, securities, money, expensive items, valuables, ornaments.

I hope Asiana Airlines Baggage might be informative.

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