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Argentina Visa Requirements

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Argentina is so vast that you can learn to waddle around with penguins in Tierra del Fuego, the Tango in its capital Buenos Aires; you’ll be amazed at what you can do in Argentina. Waiting down to Patagonia, the glaciers and mountainous areas beyond imagination. Argentina also has plenty of scenic and exciting places to explore, from the rough Atlantic coastline to stunning beaches and wildlife like orcas and seals to the magnificent Andes peaks. You could easily schedule a trip to take you from the coast to the Andes Mountains ski resorts. Argentina also has many great cultural centers to visit, from Buenos Aires, the capital, regarded as the “Paris of South America,” to the Mendoza region’s spectacular wine region. Nationals of certain countries who have a visa exemption agreement with Argentina can fly without a visa. All other foreign nationals required an Argentina visa.

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What are the tourist Argentina visa Requirements?

The tourist Argentina visa requirements are mentioned below,

  1. Original passport having six at least months validity.
  2. Properly written visa application form.
  3. Recently taken passport size photos with a light background.
  4. Hotel Confirmation.
  5. Return ticket.
  6. Proof of Financials.
  7. Day to Day itinerary.
  8. Letter of forwarding from any company in which the applicant is currently working.
  9. A notarized invitation letter from Argentina.

What things do I need to mention in my company’s forwarding letter to apply for a visa to Argentina?

Argentina visa requirements need the forwarding letter should have,

  1. Employment proof such as salary slip or employer appointment letter / Employer NOC. 
  2. Property Deed in the applicant’s name Employed.

I am running a business; what is the proof I need to submit for an Argentina visa?

If your self-employed, then you need to submit below documents to apply for an Argentina visa,

  1. Forwarded letter to be on plain paper if the applicant is self-employed or on letterhead if working.
  2. Forwarding letters should be properly notarized. Please note that the translation need not be notarized.
  3. If you own the company, please include a copy of your company’s official registration and the income tax report for the year Previous.

Do I need to submit an airline ticket to apply for an Argentina visa?

Yes, you need to submit a return airline ticket with PNR to apply for an Argentina visa. Please keep in mind that the cover letter, Hotel confirmation, and Airline ticket should match the dates mentioned in the cover letter.

Is personal appearance required to submit an Argentina visa application in the embassy/consulate? 

Personal appearance is required for the Argentina visa interview. But if you can justify the reason for not being able to physically go to the Embassy for an interview (you could arrange an interview over the phone), and only if the Embassy allows.

What are the documents need for Financial Proof as per Argentina visa policy?

As per the Argentina visa policy, for financial proof, you need to submit,

  1. Bank statements with the bank’s telephone and contact person for the last three months shall be printed.
  2. ITR papers for the last three years.
  3. Credit Card copy/Foreign Exchange endorsement/Traveller’s Cheque.

What is an Authorization Letter?

The applicant will have to submit an authorization letter and the Argentina visa application to authorize someone to submit and collect documents from the Argentina embassy/consulate.

What are the procedures to apply for a tourist Argentina visa application?

It is quite simple to complete the request. Please follow the below steps carefully:

  1. Choose the departure and arrival country, select the required visa type, enter your name, and click ‘CLICK TO START.’
  2. Verify the visa fee and terms and conditions on the next page.
  3. On the third page, enter your basic details in the respective field and upload the necessary documents (you can upload the documents in a later stage also).
  4. After that, review and confirm the information you have entered in the form, then proceed with the payment. We support all types of cards for payment.
  5. The applicant will receive the payment invoice and a confirmation mail with a link in your registered email.
  6. Click the link and complete the remaining tourist Argentina visa application form (you can also upload the document in this stage) and submit it for processing.
  7. Once the visa process is completed, click2visas will send your visa related documents to your email. 
  8. Based on your consulate’s application procedure, you can submit and collect the visa application by visit or Mail. The consulate will keep you aware of the decision taken about your Bahama visa application.

Did the Argentina government issue any ETA visa other than a tourist Argentina visa?

The Argentina Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA or AVE, which is Spanish for Viaje Electrónica Authorization) is for citizens of nationals required to show an Argentina visa when they enter Argentina. Now they can process an ETA online instead of getting a traditional paper visa. Citizens wishing to obtain an ETA should also hold either a US B2 visa or a Category C visa from any country in Europe, which is part of the Schengen travel area.

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Who needs an Argentina visa and how to get it?

Now, many nationalities are visa-exempt and can travel to Argentina only with a passport. For example, others, like China, do not need a visa, but they still need to have an ETA. For more information about Argentina visa, keep reading this blog, and find out more about the Argentina visa.

What about those countries that are not Argentina visa-exempt?

Some countries are not required to have an Argentina visa, but they still need to apply for an ETA. You can check your eligibility for this document by using our visa widget.

Which countries are eligible for an ETA Argentina visa?

All countries obliged to disclose a visa to Argentina upon entry in Argentina are entitled to an ETA if they possess a US B2 visa or a Schengen Category “C” visa. Seventy-one countries are eligible for an ETA. Citizens of Kosovo, Sahrawi Democratic Arabian Republic, and Taiwan must process traditional paper visas through the Argentina General Consulate in Toronto.

What are the documents mandatory to apply for ETA Argentina visa?

The applicant will need the following documents to submit your ETA Argentina visa application:

  1. All Passport Pages Scan.
  2. USA visa or Schengen visa.
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