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Core and Clear Information of Air Berlin Baggage Policy

3 months

About Air Berlin Baggage:

Air Berlin Baggage, the second-largest airline in Germany and seventh-largest airlines in Europe, is in the view of passengers. Let us discuss the essential features to know for traveling.

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What is the Air Berlin baggage policy and carry on allowance?

In the travel air berlin policy, the carryon allowance depends on the travel class. At extra to the cabin baggage, travelers are permitted to take into the cabin free of charge only one of the following items: lady’s handbag/purse or gentleman’s handbag and laptop case at a maximum dimension of 40*30*10 and a maximum weight of 2 kg. They can also take in cabin walking aids, wheelchairs, crutches, or doctors’ bags.

In carrying on an allowance, one item of Cabin Baggage. Each of the passengers can bring with him one bag. All carryon bags should be comfortably fit in their overhead bin or under the seat in front of them. And the passenger should tend to lift their carry on into the overhead bin without any other assistance. And the carryon baggage in specific regulations, which are the maximum dimensions of carrying on luggage, are 22in*16*in*18in/55cm*40cm*20cm(length*width*height). The maximum weight of carrying on luggage is 17lbs /8kg. Carry on allowance is 1 item of hand baggage in economy class for all fares and two pieces of hand baggage in the business class.

What about the air berlin baggage policy on checked baggage allowance?

For the Economy class, passengers can check-in one piece of checked baggage weighing up to 50lbs/23kg per person. And the free baggage allowance, which was applied for the children and infants. And for the Business class passengers are allowed two checked bags which is weighing up to 70lbs/32kg each.

In this baggage allowance, one bag is weighing up to 50 lbs/23kg, for the children under two years of age infants. Between the 2 and 11 years, aged children have some baggage allowance like as adults. The baggage, the pushchair, child’s car seat, and travel carry coat can be checked in free of cost. In this, the free waiving for baggage allowance depends upon the travel and fare purchased. In Economy classes the economy light is no free baggage allowance, Economy saver &classic will be one piece of checked baggage is up to 23kg and Economy flex two pieces of checked baggage up to 23 kg each and the business class 2 pieces of checked baggage up to 32 kg each and air berlin will not accept any baggage more than 32 kg (71 lbs). 

Excess Baggage services:

The Excess baggage services which cost as follows

1st piece of checked baggage economy light fare only until 30 hours before departure, Domestic is Euro 13, and for short-haul & medium, the hall will be 35 EUROS. 

If it is from 30 hours before departure, then domestic is 40 EUROS and 60 EUROS for short-haul and the medium-haul. 

If it is about the additional one piece until 30 hours before departure will be 70 EUROS for domestic and 90 EUROS for short-haul and the medium-haul and 150 for the long haul, 

if it from 30 hours before departure, the internal and short-haul will be 95 and 115 consecutively, for the long haul will be 175 EUROS. 

The Overweight pieces are 23 to 32 kg, 50 EUROS for domestic and short-haul, and medium-haul, and 100 for the long haul.

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Baggage Service:

To report the damaged baggage, the passenger first contacts the lost and found desk upon the arrival of the destination airport or can write the complaint within the seven days of the entry. If the baggage is lost or misplaced, the passenger should notify the air berlin immediately and, if it has not been found within five days. Then they should contact the central baggage tracing office to the detailed search or fill the contact form for this purpose.

What is the Air Berlin baggage policy for Sports Equipment?

In the sports equipment, the free baggage allowance, which is stipulated on the booking confirmation, all passengers are allowed one additional sports item up to 66lbs/ 30kg, subjected to the condition set out by the air berlin.

Sports equipment such as golf, ski, surfing, diving, kitesurfing, and wakeboarding, and bicycle allowed. Then the overweight sports equipment which is in between 23 to 32 kg. 

In the Economy flex and Business fares, include a sports baggage allowance of one piece of sports equipment on the condition that the sports equipment is registered more than 30 hours of the departure 
In this, the canoes and kayaks checked as the excess baggage.

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