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The United States is a republic of North America which covers the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. United States geography varies with mountains to the west, flat central plain, and low mountains to the east. The United States has an advanced mixed economy with a variety of private freedoms, combined with centralized economic planning and government regulation. The places of interest in the US are unlimited; the country boasts something for everyone. New York is the hub of power for banking, fashion, entertainment, and the arts. The USA boasts several more human-made splendors, such as The Golden Gate Bridge, Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Disneyland, Adventure Islands, and Hollywood Universal Studios, which attract millions of visitors from around the world. B1/B2 Visa (10-year multiple entry visa the USA) is a non-immigrant visa type for persons wishing to reach the united states temporarily for business (B1 visa category), tourism (B2 visa category), or a combination of the two reasons (B1/B2); in general, B1/B2 visas are provided by the United States Government rather than either B1 or B2 visas.

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What is a 10-year multiple entry visa USA (B1/B2 visa)?

A 10-year multiple entry visa USA (B1/B2 visa) is a traditional visa that is affixed to a visa page on your passport. It is a temporary, non-immigrant visa which allows the holder to travel to the US for the purposes of tourism, medical, or business.

How long is the 10-year multiple entry visa USA (B1/B2 visa) valid?

The 10-year multiple entry visa USA (B1/B2 visa) is valid for ten years from the approval date.    

How long can I have a 10-year multiple entry visa USA (B1/B2 visa) stay in the US?

Visitors holding a 10-year multiple entry visa USA (B1/B2 visa) may enter the country for up to 180 days per entry. All visits are exclusively restricted to business or tourism, so you can’t look for paid work or employment.

What are the documents required for the 10-year multiple entry visa USA (B1/B2 visa)?

There is a short list of documents that you need to gather to apply a 10-year multiple entry visa USA (B1/B2 visa). It is probable that you already have everything you need:

  • Your passport
  • Digital photograph
  • Travel itinerary, if travel plans have already been made.
  • Dates of the last five visits or trips to the US, whether you’ve been there before. You may also be asked about your past five years of international travel history.
  • Résumé or Curriculum Vitae. You may be required to provide information about your current and preceding history of education and work.
  • Other Information – some applicants will be asked to provide additional details after completing the online application, depending on the intended intent of the voyage.

What are the passport requirements for the 10-year multiple entry visa USA (B1/B2 visa)?

The applicant’s passport should have at least six months’ validity from the time of entry into the United States and have at least two blank pages.

How many times can I enter the US with a 10-year multiple entry visa USA (B1/B2 visa)?

The 10-year multiple entry visa USA (B1/B2 visa) allows Multiple Entry.

Do I need a 10-year multiple entry visa USA for my children too?

Yes. All foreign nationals, including children, who wish to travel to the US, need a visa.

How do I find if my visa is accepted?

You’ll be informed by email as soon as your visa is accepted by the US government.

My 10-year multiple entry visa USA (B1/B2 visa) is still valid, but my passport has expired. Do I have to obtain a new visa?

It is not necessarily. In this case, along with your new valid passport, you must bear your expired passport with a valid US Visa. Your personal details (name, gender, birth date, and nationality) on both passports must, however, be the same. If you have made any changes to your personal data for any reason (e.g., change of name due to marriage), then you will have to obtain a new visa.

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Is it possible for me to extend my stay in the US?

If you need to extend your stay, it is possible for you to get an extension of your 10-year multiple entry visa USA (B1/B2 visa), but there is a rule that your stay in the USA cannot exceed a year. So if you are granted a six-month duration, you can extend it by just another six months. You need to get a very good reason for the extension, though. You’ll need to prove you need to stay for longer.

What if I have more than a year to stay in the US?

You may be tempted to change your visa status if this is the case. However, if this is your intention from the beginning, then you need to mention that to the consular officer during your interview. But if you never wanted to change your visa status, you need to be able to show that when you were still in the USA, the reason you need the extension happened.

How long would it take after completing my 10-year multiple entry visa USA (B1/B2 visa) to arrange my interview appointment for a US B1/B2 visa?

Getting your US tourist (B1/B2) visa will take at least five weeks from the date of your application with Click2visas. We suggest you submit your US tourist visa applications as far in advance as possible. The time it takes to schedule your interview at the US embassy/consulate depends on the processing time and total application flow of that particular embassy/consulate. After your interview, your 10-year multiple entry visa USA (B1/B2 visa) will be processed and approved within five business days.

How does the 10-year multiple entry visa USA (B1/B2 visa) Work?

  • You fill out our simple online form, upload your documents, and pay with the information you provide. Click2visas will submit the DS-160 form on your behalf to the US government.
  • Where applicable, click2visas handles payment of the consular fee. Unfortunately, payment can only be made in person by the applicant in certain application countries (India, Bhutan via India, Nigeria, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam).
  • Coordinating with you the best time and date, click2visas schedules your interview appointment at your chosen US embassy/consulate.
  • You attend your interview, ace it, and leave your passport with the US embassy/consulate to issue the visa.
  • You collect your passport with your US B1/B2 visa in it.
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